Question from Kaoru00

How do I use the EX attacks/specials?

please help, I don't know what I gotta do to make it work...i press Down Front Down Front Strong attack and it don't work D:

Accepted Answer

Destiny42S answered:

Do the ff. to use EX Attacks (It's not as easy as you think):
1 - The Holy Grail Meter (the "chalice" under the timer) must be FULL
2 - Make sure you have 3 bars of Mana
3 - Deal damage to your opponent while the Holy Grail is full to get your life bar flashing
4 - Go into EX Mode/Overdrive/whatever you want to call it by pressing the three attack buttons together (and while you still have 3 bars full of Mana)
5 - Input the commands for the EX Attack.
6 - Make sure your attack actually HITS.
7 - Enjoy the EX Attack animation.

Try it out in Practice Mode first to get an idea.
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