FAQ/Walkthrough by Sethan

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  Ys I & II Chronicles
     A Walkthrough
       by Sethan

#-# Table of Contents #-------------------------------------------------------#

  - 1. Introduction
  - 2. Ys I - Controls
  - 3. Ys I - Equipment
  - 4. Ys I Walkthrough
  - 5. Ys I Bestiary
  - 6. Ys I People
  - 7. Ys I Experience Progression
  - 8. Ys II Controls
  - 9. Ys II Items
  - 10. Ys II Walkthrough
  - 11. Ys II Bestiary
  - 12. Ys II People
  - 13. Ys II Experience Progression
  - 14. Ys II Extra Material
  - 15. Credits 

  If you need a particular heading, you may use Ctrl-F for "#-#" to quickly
move through the headers.

#-# 1. Introduction #---------------------------------------------------------#

  Welcome to my walkthrough for Ys I & II Chronicles! In this document I intend
to help you get through these two games. Yes, two! It's time for a small bit
of history which you may or may not care about! Once upon a time, there were
smaller games released on cartridges or floppy diskettes. Nowadays with the
data capacity of optical-read mediums (CDs, DVDs, dual-layer DVDs, Blu-Ray
DVDs, UMDsm et cetera), older games actually take up a miniscule amount of 
space available. This is why you see "collections" of old arcade or 8-bit
system games.

  In this case, the two Ys games were always meant to be played back-to-back as
a complete story. Ys I & II Complete was released over in Japan in 2001 for the
PC, but that game never made it to the North American market. The closest
thing the North American market got was "Ys I & II" on the Turbo Duo. I've
played that game, along with the first game alone (which was an NES version).
I think the presence of two games on the same game disk is a wonderful thing,
and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

  Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished is about the adventurer Adol Christin, and this is
his first adventure in the world. Having heard about potential adventure, he set
off to Esteria. As he learned more about the mysteries plaguing the land, he
also learned about the ancient land of Ys which had disappeared long ago. After
searching for the Six Books of Ys, he climbed to the top of Darm Tower and
vanished in a burst of light.

  Ys II: The Final Chapter picks up with Adol awakening in a bed, in the land
of Ys. Now he finds it a place besieged by evil and under the threat of being
snuffed out for all time. He must return the Six Books to the shrines of each
sage and learn the truths about Ys and what happened. And, if possible, Adol
must destroy the evil stirring in the heart of this ancient ruin.

  The PSP re-release brings a graphical and musical update, but allows you to
listen to one of three soundtracks as you play: the original PC88 soundtrack,
the 2001 release (Japan only), or a brand new orchestrated soundtrack solely
for the PSP version. You can also use either new character portraits or ones
from the 2001 release. 

#-# 2. Ys I - Controls #------------------------------------------------------#

D-Pad or Analog Stick: This moves Adol around the screen. You can choose to
toggle between eight direction and four direction moving.

Triangle: This will use an equipped item, if it has such a use. You cannot use
items during boss battles, but any other time they are available.

R Shoulder: This cycles through your available beneficial rings; remember this
because it can help you outside of boss battles. 

Square Button: This is a shortcut to the Item menu to equip items.

Circle Button: Toggles between run and walk, whichever you have set up in the
options. You will use this sometimes to help guide Adol in combat, as it is
rather useful to make quick turns if he walks.

Select Button: This button turns off the overlay which shows Adol's stats,
after you find a certain key item.

Start Button: This brings up the game menu and allows you to equip Adol, check
your item inventory, or fiddle with the settings. 

  An important thing to note, is the lack of an "attack" button. In Ys 1 and 2
Adol will damage enemies by contact. This is undoubtedly a silly thing to some
people, but it was a real saver on code back in ancient times when floppies
ruled the world. And it wouldn't be the same with such a function, and the
"collision to damage" wouldn't be as abuse-able if it was a weapon slash

  Abuse? Well here's how, and it's simple. The concept of the collision damage
system is that only the front side of a monster can hurt you. Sometimes there
is a difference, such as projectiles or large frontal areas on bosses, but for
the most part, if you hit from the sides or the back Adol will not take damage.
This can be further compounded by slightly off-setting his stance so he is not
squarely running into the target. Master this, and the only time you will be
hurt is when an enemy is fast enough to turn into your strikes or too strong
to be hurt by your weapons.

  This does not make the game easy. No, truth be told, it merely reduces the
difficulty from "soul-crushingly malicious" to "will annoy you to no end". Why
is that? Because the bosses don't follow the same rules as basic monsters, and
you will need to handle each one slightly differently. The first boss is what
can be called the 'wake-up call', telling you these games structure the boss
fights quite differently than normal battles. And by the time you reach the
final dungeon, the normal monsters will be quick and/or durable enough to be a
royal pain. 

  All that said, if you can master this collision-style combat, you will have
a good time. IF you can't wrap your head around it . . . play with it for a
bit. Trust me, it is easier to do for yourself than say in text.

#-# 3. Ys I - Equipment #-----------------------------------------------------#

Short Sword - +5 STR. A small, cheap sword. More useful for daily tasks than
combat. Rosetty's Weaponry sells it for 500 gold.

Long Sword - +15 STR. A steel long sword. Fairly heavy, but gets the job done
nicely. Rosetty's Weaponry carries this for 2000 gold.

Talwar - +25 STR. A sword from the far east. Its curved blade slices like a
dream. Adol will be given this by Slaff if you return to the Milita HQ to
check up after working through some of the Shrine.

Silver Sword - +40 STR. An ornately decorated long sword. Its silver glow
can destroy evil. This is the most important weapon you can find, because
it is the only one effective against the final boss.

Flame Sword - +55 STR. An unmatchably strong, fiery blade. Nothing can stand
against it. Adol finds this sword in the top floors of Darm Tower, and it may
be even stronger than the statistic I listed here. Since the STR and DEF
both cap out at 255 (thanks to leftover coding from the PC88 or Famicom
versions), it's really hard to tell.

Small Shield - +5 DEF. A small buckler of reinforced hardwood. Cheap, but 
unreliable. Adol must purchase this for 700 gold from Dios' Armory; it's
needed to get it to begin the quest.

Middle Shield - +15 DEF. A leather-lined shield of medium size. Light,
durable, and firm. Adol can purchase this for 2000 gold from Dios' Armory.

Large Shield - +25 DEF. A large steel shield. Heavy and bulky, but offers
great defense. Adik can purchase this for 6000 gold, well worth every coin.

Silver Shield - +35 DEF. A breathtaking silver shield inscribed with
protective blessings. This shield is very useful when Adol gets it, since
it is likely he will not have the Large Shield at the time.

Battle Shield - +50 DEF. A shield imbued with fiery zeal. Deflects almost all
attacks. By the time Adol finds this shield, he will not have long to enjoy
it, since it comes far late in the game.

Chain Mail - +5 DEF. Finely woven chainmail. Easy to move in, but rather weak.
Adol can purchase this for 400 gold, and need it to begin your quest.

Plate Armor - +15 DEF. Made of steel plating. Reliable, but requires high
stamina. Adol can purchase this for 2000 gold.

Reflex Armor - +25 DEF. Strengthened with a particular resin that makes it
very flexible. Adol can purchase this for a whopping 5000 gold from Dios. It
is worth every bit.

Silver Armor - +35 DEF. Beautifully-made armor of silver. Shields its wearer
with holy magic. Adol can find this in the Abandoned Mines, and it is a
very good addition to the arsenal.

Battle Armor - +50 DEF. Armor imbued with the power of flame. Can withstand
any attack. Together with the Battle Shield, Adol will be more than prepared
for the lesser demons in Darm Tower.

Power Ring - Bronze ring that fully doubles the wearer's strength. Adol will
be given this ring by the mayor of Zepik Village for returning the Silver

Shield Ring - Magical brass ring. Reduces all damage by 1/2. Finding this
in the Shrine is an important thing, because Adol will need this ring to
survive difficult boss battles.

Timer Ring - A ring of coral. Slows enemy movement to half normal speed.
The Timer Ring is a hard item to judge, since the Shield or Power Rings are
both useful in their own ways. I found in the late game, slowed enemies
were better off doing less damage or dying faster.

Heal Ring - A holy ring. Purifies and restores the body to bring peace. Adol
will slowly heal when standing still anywhere while wearing this ring. This
makes it very valuable late in the game.

Evil Ring - Bloody-patterned ring that taints and slowly kills its wearer.
There is no slowly about it; if he puts this on, Adol will die. Only by
combining it with another item can the ring be worn safely.

Book of Ys - A leather bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable
language. This book is discovered in the lowest reaches of the Shrine.
It is the volume "Hadal".

Book of Ys - A leather bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable
language. This book is given to Adol by Franz after clearing the Shrine.
This is the volume "Tovah".

Book of Ys - A leather bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable
language. Adol will recover this book from the depths of the mines. It
is the volume "Dabbie".

Book of Ys - A leather bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable
language. Adol receives this book after Pictimos is destroyed. This is
the volume "Mesa".

Book of Ys - A leather bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable
language. Khonsclard protects this book within Darm Tower. Reading this
reveals it is the volume "Gemma". 

Book of Ys - A leather bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable
language. This is the final volume, found when Dark Fact is defeated. It
is appropriately the volume "Fact".

Treasure Box Key - A master key made of bronze. Will open any treasure
chest. This is what Adol needs to open many of the chests outside of the
Shrine. Do not miss it.

Prison Key - A poorly-made rusty iron key. Opens the prison gates. This
will allow Adol to rescue Feena, which is also part of finding the Mask of
Eyes you need.

Shrine Key - A gorgeous key made of crafted ruby and gold, with a complex
design. This is one of two items Adol needs to proceed into the depths of
the Shrine.

Ivory Key - A fine ivory key fashioned from tiny, interlocking shapes. Yet
another required key to proceed, unlocking the way to the Book of Ys.

Marble Key - A key of brilliantly designed green marble. Shaped like a
trident. A second key which unlocks the way to the second boss of the

Darm Key - A key of shining blue crystal, bearing a familiar-looking
crest. This key is needed to progress to reach the boss of the abandoned

Sara's Crystal - A luminous crystal with an exotic base. Sparkles in the
light. This is the first 'key' Adol needs to access the Shrine's interior
chambers. It's also proof of his mission for her.

Roda Tree Seed - Seed of an ancient tree, with a flavor said to rival all
else. In order to talk to the Roda Trees, Adol needs this seed.

Silver Bell - Relic said to have guarded Zepik Village. Its sound is
calming. Return this to the rightful owner to get a nice bit of reward.

Silver Harmonica - A silver harmonica with a vibrant sound. Sparkles
majestically. This belongs to Reah, the wandering poet. Returning it to her
allows events to proceed.

Idol - Statue of an ancient dragon. Grants its bearer peace of mind. Adol
is given this while within Darm Tower, and it is traded for an exceedingly
useful item.

Rod - A short magic wand. Has a design similar to Sara's Crystal. With this
Rod Adol can proceed through mirrors as easily as he could use the Goddess
statues before.

Monocle - An ancient monocle. The lens seems to be in perfect condition.
Adol will be given this once he has reached a point where he needs to be
able to read the Books of Ys. That is the only function of the Monocle.

Blue Amulet - Heirloom of the Gemma family. Shines with a pale and frigid
light. Adol needs this to push through the final barrier to reach the peak
of Darm Tower.

Ruby - A ruby set in gold. Its condition is virtual flawless. Pim will buy
it off Adol for up to 1320 gold.

Sapphire Ring - Sapphire-encrusted ring inscribed with a message from its
giver. This belongs to someone else, who dearly wants it returned.

Necklace - Gold necklace adorned with countless small rubies and patterns.
Pim will buy it for a small 550 gold at most. 

Golden Vase - Beautiful golden vase. Has a hole for some variety of ornament.
Pim buys this vase for 2000 gold, but he can be talked up to 2200 gold with
enough prodding.

Heal Potion - Medicine made from the Red Digitalis plant. Heals mind and
body. This potion is invaluable, allowing Adol to heal up while unable to
heal naturally.

Wing - Magic wing. Warps the user to Minea. Some areas seal its power. This
is a token to return Adol to Minea, but you will not be able to use it once
you enter the final dungeon.

Hammer - Ordinary iron hammer. Fairly heavy. Could be used to break stone.
Once more, Adol will need this to progress late in the game. 

Mirror - Mirror that can freeze a single moment. Will break with overuse. I
have not used this item too much, in any form of the game, but I think you
might find uses for it.

Mask of Eyes - Stone mask with inset jade. Hides enemies, but reveals
secrets. This is a crucial bit of item you need for finding hidden doors.

Blue Necklace - Necklace of luminous blue crystal. Able to nullify evil
traps. Only while wearing this can you proceed deeper within the final

Bestiary Potion - Potion blessed by a priest. Gives insight on defeated
enemies. Nearly every current Ys game has an item which must be consumed to
activate the bestiary in the game, and this is the one for this game. With it,
as Adol defeats a species of creature he will gain more knowledge about it.

Piece of Paper - Paper with several lines of an unreadable language written
on it. You might find a use for it later.

#-# 4. Ys I Walkthrough #-----------------------------------------------------#

--- Barbado Port ---

  Adol wakes up in a clinic, and is introduced to Doctor Bludo and his nurse,
Ayla. They fuss over him, saying he is the first person to make it through the
Stormwall around the island. Slaff the militia leader wants to talk to him
but is chased off by the nurse. After a little longer, Adol is ready to go out
and meet the people. Everyone has something to say about what is going on,
especially about how threatening the monsters are. After talking with everyone
Adol may receive a [Short Sword] from Slaff as a means of protecting himself
on the road.

--- The Road to Minea ---

  The road is rather short, but it's rife with monsters. You'll find creatures
made of wood and a blue-headed demon wandering around; don't attack either head
on yet, just try to hit them in the back. Focus on getting to the north-west
exit and you'll reach the Minea gate. If you try to push on, Justin will rush
out to stop you; you can't proceed until you talk around Minea.

--- Minea ---

  Around town the people can talk about a variety of subjects, all of them
quite useful information for later. Truthfully, very little of it is not
important. Listen to how Pim found a [Sapphire Ring] and put it up for sale,
and in the tavern you can meet a man who lost such a ring. Armed with this,
go see Pim and ask him about the ring. He wants 1000 gold for it, but if you
keep refusing the price he will drop it to 900 gold. Take it back to Donal
and he will reward you with 1500 gold and some experience (a 600 gold 

  After that, Sara recognizes Adol and wants him to see her once he "gets his
equipment in order". This means getting a sword, shield, and armor equipped,
so it's time to go shopping. You already have the Short Sword from Barbado,
and the reward from the ring should allow you to purchase a [Small Shield]
and [Chain Mail].

  Once you have your equipment on, Sara will tell you about the Books of Ys,
and explain that one rests within the Mountain Shrine. To help you find it,
she gives you [Sara's Crystal] and more experience. After that, you are free
to navigate the Minea Fields.

--- Minea Fields ---

  First thing is first, out here there are a lot of monsters and you can get
disoriented fast with the constant screen switching. But take some time to
familiarize yourself with the area (and to kill for experience). You can find
some important items around the fields; follow the signs to reach Zepik
Village, but head south instead to find a pond. Along the east edge is a
[Golden Vase] which Pim will buy from you; there is no other use for it, so
use it to fund an equipment upgrade early. From there, head to the south to
find a Roda Tree; you can't do anything with it but you should mark where it
is because a chest nearby requires a key to unlock. If you travel slightly
north from there you can discover the very useful [Bestiary Potion]. This will
allow you to see your statistics and those of the monsters you fight; and it
also show you how much experience you have gained. When you are ready to go
onwards, purchasing something with the money from the vase, head to the east
and you reach Zepik Village. 

--- Zepik Village ---

  Wandering around the village, Adol can hear lots of information on the
thieves guild and something bothering the mayor. You can meanwhile find Jeba
in a house, and she will see Sara's Crystal. She hands over the [Shrine Key],
and calls the shrine the Solomon Shrine. The Book of Ys would be in the lowest
chamber, which is a very dangerous place.

  Adol also hears about how a man named Luta has gotten lost somewhere and
needs to be found. A talk with the mayor also reveals the prized Silver Bell
of the village has gone missing, and he thinks the thieves took it. Since the
Bell is the protection of the village, he is desperate to have it returned.
Thus he asks Adol to go negotiate with the thieves' leader and offers any
price he asks.

--- Mountain Path ---

  If you haven't been building your level, this place will surely spell out
just how much you should be working on it. Fight your way past the Shrine
entrance and cross a bridge to the east; the Thieves' Den is here. Talk to 
Goban about the accusations and he comments the silver thefts aren't his doing
and he would never order the bell stolen. The other thing he notes is the
thieves have had their own silver stolen. Once you have satisfied your
curiosity, it's time to enter the Shrine in search of answers.

--- Shrine of Solomon ---

  Once inside, stop to admire the wonderful music and look for a special
statue in the lobby. Touching it with Sara's Crystal will allow Adol to
proceed deeper into the shrine, where the monsters do not roam yet. But you
can still find a chest in the eastern side of the chambers which holds a
[Ruby]. Once more you can sell this to Pim to fund equipment upgrades, and
you can sell it for 1320 gold. (I was unable to get him to haggle this time,
and the math worked out; the Ruby selling for 1200 gold and getting an extra
10% from haggling is 1320.) The other chest is locked, requiring a key.

  Beyond the door unlocked by the Shrine Key, you face the first boss of the
game. Understand, this is your acid test for whether or not you are pacing
the leveling up correctly! If the boss is too hard, it means you need to go
get more levels or collect gold to fund an upgrade.

*** BOSS: Jenocres ***
HP: 100, STR: 90, DEF: 76, EXP: 500, GOLD: 0

  Jenocres is a pain, if only because he teleports around while sending jets of
fire out from the walls. The jets ebb and swell in an almost random pattern,
but with some patience you can catch the robed thing in the middle and strike
hard. At level 5, with the Long Sword, it took three hits to take him down. A
small note - the fire still hurts badly.

--- Lower Shrine ---

  Now the monsters come out to play, and they're tough. Fight your way down
the left side of the area and down some stairs, then loop around to the north
to locate the [Prison Key]. Also in the same area is the [Treasure Box Key],
which will allow you to open those nice locked boxes around! In face, just
around the corner is a chest containing the [Silver Bell]. Now that you found
them, it's time to finish the job down here looting the chests. In Shrine B1
you can find a chest in the southeast corner containing a [Necklace] which
Pim will buy, and in the northeast is a prison cell which matches the key you
found. In there is a girl named Feena, who needs help getting out of here. Be
sure you take the contents of the chest before you leave, as the [Mask of
Eyes] is a necessary tool to move onwards.

  Escorting Feena out can be hard, if only because she moves much slower than
Adol. Be sure to keep an eye out for any monsters sneaking up behind you. On
the way out, grab the contents of the locked chest on the ground floor for a
[Shield Ring]. As you reach Zepik Village, Feena collapses with a fever and
Adol takes her to Jeba's house. While here, return the Silver Bell for a
[Power Ring]. This lovely ring doubles your attack power, making it useful
if you need help downing creatures fast.

  If you have the money to upgrade your equipment again, take a trip back to
Minea. Step back to Barbados and you'll find Luta resting in the clinic after
his apparent sleepwalking trip. He'll depart on his own, denying he needs an
escort. Talking to the militia leads Slaff to give you a special gift of the
[Talwar]! Be sure you have this on hand, because it only gets harder from
here. Take a time to go to the locked chest in the fields to find a [Piece of

  Return to the Shrine and work your way deeper, and you can find the [Ivory
Key] in the northwest corner of B3. Navigating the maze will show off some
golden Goddess Statue warps, like the one at the top of the Shrine. However,
some of these are one-way warps which make it harder to find your way around.
Among the chambers are the [Silver Shield] and the [Marble Key]. If you have
not yet owned one, a [Heal Potion] can be found in a chest which is an
apparent dead-end. The Mask of Eyes will reveal a way, however, and thus you
will enter the next boss chamber.

*** BOSS: Nyghtilger ***
HP: 200, STR: 175, DEF: 149, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

  This boss is almost a disappointment in strategy, but can be tough if you
don't have the best equipment you can manage, or are underleveled. This
armored worm will circle around trying to draw a bead on you, but if you
attack anywhere along the body you will deal damage to it safely. 

  After destroying Nyghtilger, check the wall for a hidden room which contains
the first [Book of Ys]. With this, you can return to Sara and have her explain
just what you are supposed to do with the book.

--- Minea ---

  A tragedy awaits in Minea: Sara has been murdered, but she left final
guidance with Franz. Adol is directed to the lost mine at Rastin, and given
the second of the Books of Ys. Now there is a clear goal, but it is very
likely there is enough money to purchase the whole stock of the armory (it's
worth doing). Stopping to talk with Sara's aunt Jeba will get a little bit
of background on the fortuneteller and her family, and Jeba will offer to read
the Books of Ys you have recovered so far. Feena is at the docks, and will
talk briefly with Adol before he sets off to the mines.

--- Abandoned Mines ---

  Dark, with only a little aura of light, the mines are a place you may have
blundered into earlier and learned the painful lesson about Ys. Wandering too
far into areas ahead of you can yield swift death! Now, however, you should
have Adol well-equipped and around level 7 or 8. Take great care when you
wander, as monsters can quickly come out of the darkness and are powerful
enough to chip off large amounts of health if you are not careful.

  The twisting passages hide a [Heal Potion] amidst the turns to the west, and
a room in the south holds the ever-useful [Timer Ring]. To the east Adol can
find the [Silver Armor] which he should wear immediately.  From there, follow
the eastern wall to find an archway hidden in the wall; through there you
enter an open shaft with a rope bridge across it. You can let Adol heal up
here before proceeding lower, which is a good idea.

  Once through the pit, you can descend to the next floor. Take the path to
the east and you can find the [Heal Ring]. Along the west wall tunnels there
is a chest holding a [Roda Tree Seed], an important item. From there, head
east along the passage outside the archway to find the [Silver Harmonica].
You'll need to return this to the poet later. Return to the north center of
this floor and move south to find stairs down. Once down there, make your way
to the north-center where you can find the [Darm Key]. This is the last item
you need to collect, so it is time to get out of the mines and do some work

--- Collecting Gear ---

  First, go to Minea and return Reah's Silver Harmonica. She will play a song
for Adol, and can be given the piece of paper found in the Fields. While he
departs, she will read it to the sky in an ominous voice, and let you get a
feel for how things are picking up. After this, it's time to eat the Roda
Tree Seed so you can speak with the two trees. They'll inform you of a special
treasure which is buried nearby one; the [Silver Sword].

--- Abandoned Mines B2 ---

  Now it's time to work your way down to the bottom of the mines to face the
master here. Make sure you're equipped with your best gear (silver gear) 
before stepping in.

*** BOSS: Vagullion ***
HP: 255, STR: 230, DEF: 224, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

  Vaguilion is a pain even if you know how to handle him. He dissolves into a
cloud of bats and evades damage while still being able to damage you. You have
only a split second to damage him before he dissolves into bats again, meaning
you can only get one hit, and ONLY from below him! Keep him to the top of the
screen and you can manage this with little trouble . . . okay, quite a bit of
trouble. It's a very long and patience-draining fight but after you manage to
land the final blow you will own the third [Book of Ys]. It's time to talk to
Jeba, and see what she can tell you.

--- To Darm Tower ---

  Jeba will inform Adol after she reads the third book that the other three are
within Darm Tower. Goban will open the way for Adol, since he is sure that the
swordsman can handle what lies within. However, he cautions that the door will
be re-sealed and thus the exit blocked. This is a one-way trip! Be sure you
have all the equipment you can buy, and every one of the four rings. If you
do not have them all, DO NOT ENTER DARM TOWER.

--- Darm Tower, Part 1 ---

  It starts innocently enough, until you run into a few uncomfortable facts.
As expected, the Wing will not allow you to leave now and there is no turning
back. Secondly, natural healing will only occur on the outside balconies or
using the Heal Ring. Lastly . . . and most importantly, the monsters here are
downright lethal if they corner you.

  Begin by picking your way through the floors and grabbing the [Evil Ring];
do not equip it until you have a means of surviving the curse, or it's a quick
trip to the last save you made. (Speaking of, it's a good idea to save a file
before you actually enter Darm Tower. Just in case you find you forgot
something or need to level up before going in.) In the room with the same 
chest is a [Heal Potion] and [Mirror] to replenish your stock in case you
need them. Keep climbing and Adol finds himself caught in a trap. Luta Gemma
is here, having been finally caught by the monsters. What is not here is your
silver equipment; all of it is gone and you now have to locate it all over
again. There's still the question of how to get out, though.

  The answer provides itself with an explosion of bricks and rock as Dogi has
arrived. If you've played any games after this one, you know his role is that
of Adol's best friend and loyal sidekick. Right now, he's just a very strong
man working for the thieves' guild and searching the tower himself for what
is causing the monsters to get riled up. After a little chat further, Dogi
leaves you with an [Idol] and tells you to give it to a man named Raba hiding
in the tower. Back to climbing.

  On the third floor, wear the Mask of Eyes to find a hidden door, and go in.
This is where Raba is hiding, and he'll trade you the Idol for a [Blue
Necklace]. This will keep you from falling into the trap again, so you can get
higher in the tower. Proceed cautiously.

  As you pass the trap, you'll recover your [Silver Sword] and [Silver Shield]
from chests. Be sure you search for them, as a boss is up ahead and they'll be
a necessary boost. Proceed into the glyphed chamber and try to pass through
the far door to trigger a boss fight. 

*** BOSS: Pictimos ***
HP: 255, STR: 264, DEF: 232, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

  Pictimos will throw three sickles at where you are standing when it releases
the projectiles, and they move pretty well. Touching these sickles will hurt,
even on the return trip. You can only damage Pictimos by striking at the
belly, which means standing in the path of incoming projectiles. So you have
to really be patient and outsmart the big bug; try to get the projectiles
thrown far away before rushing in for a couple strikes and fleeing. This is
more of a test of your patience and adherence to pattern than difficulty.

  After defeating Pictimus, you will receive the fourth [Book of Ys] and the
[Hammer], which is initially of dubious use. But, it will be a vital tool or
this isn't Ys. On the way, you can find your way to a small chamber on 11F
where Luta Gemma has found refuge. He heard there was a prisoner above, and
begs Adol to go rescue them.

  Start climbing again, and you will reach the Devil's Corridor at 11F. 
The music in the hallway is a maddening sound which drains Adol's vitality
and is impossible to resist. It must be stopped instead, and Raba knows how;
he's climbed up this far ahead of you but can go no further with the Devil
Wind blowing. Raba gives you a hint on how to silence it; take the hammer in
hand and find the proper column on the balcony outside. Once this is done,
the Devil's Corridor is just a featureless corridor. Resume your climb, meet
Raba again to hear about a prisoner being taken to a place called Rado's
Annex. Adol is a fair climb away, so continue on the only path you can and
prepare for another boss.

*** BOSS: Khonsclard ***
HP: 255, STR: 267, DEF: 230, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

  Khonsclard is a spinning pile of rocks which sends smaller boulders out
in six directions while it moves slowly to track your location. Hitting
the orb in the center is not your goal, you want to chip at the stones. So
you need to hit and run to manage to do damage in succession instead of
standing there worthlessly. Expect to die before you can get the timing of
the motions down, and be patient. Another option is to get in close and run
tight circles; you can very easily stay a few hits ahead of him and come out
with a small amount of health but a win which refills your health makes it

  With the defeat of Khonsclard, Adol will find the fifth [Book of Ys] and a
[Rod]. One book remaining, and it's not going to come nearly as easy as these
two did.

--- Darm Tower, Part 2 ---

  The Rod allows Adol to walk through the mirrors in Darm Tower's 13th floor.
Be prepared with some paper to keep track of the maze, and don't leave until
you retrieve your [Silver Armor]! 

  Rado's Annex is next, and Adol needs to move across by exiting the 16th
floor. In the southern part of the 16th floor is the [Battle Shield] which is
very useful to keep the incoming damage down. At the top of this small tower
is a door which can only be opened by a powerful evil force. Now is the time
to wear both the Blue Necklace and the Evil Ring (in that order, please); the
door opens for Adol to find Reah locked inside the room. She praises his
persistence and hands over the [Monocle] to allow him to read the Books of Ys
himself. You should do this, to learn about one specific item: Gemma's [Blue
Amulet]. Return to Luta Gemma on the 11th floor and he'll hand it over. Put
it on as you climb further, and enter the higher floors.

  On 17F there is a problematic area which is a long corridor which is only
one block wide and very fast and dangerous monsters fighting inside it. You
might have to let some get behind you (dangerous) and let them keep you from
bouncing too far back when you head-on tackle the monsters ahead of you. In
either way you more than likely will need to use your Heal Potion, and it's
a good thing a chest around the corner holds a [Heal Potion] to refill you.
One floor up, the path splits and stairs will take you either to 19F or 20F;
Go to 19F.

  There on the 19th floor, you can find the [Battle Armor], protected by
another trap requiring the Blue Necklace to pass. The armor will put your
DEF at the highest cup. On 20F a wall will explode, but it's not Dogi. It's
an ambush! The demons which pour out of the wall are tough, nasty, and fast
to move. Inside the hole in the wall are two more guarding a chest with the
[Flame Sword]. This completes the best suit of gear in the game, and makes
it even likely you can destroy the enemies from now on.

  Proceeding will get Adol into another mirror maze which is easier to
navigate but with tougher creatures floating around. Notably, there is a
boss door ahead with nowhere to actually heal up safely before going in.
A little effort is needed to be sure you can get Adol's health back up.
Nice touch, by the way, to have this battle take place in a room with a
mirrored floor.

HP: 255, STR: 270, DEF: 238, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

  These two are not that difficult once you know their trick. Despite
looking at two heads, only one is real. The floating energy shapes are,
however, very real. Each time a strike is successful, the two switch
places instantly, so you need to chase from one to the other or wait for
them to overlap. As more damage is dealt, more of the shielding objects
disappear but the orbit becomes faster. By the time there are only two
floating objects, this will be easily ended. 

  All that remains after this is to climb and challenge the master of Darm
Tower. Dark Fact awaits Adol, and is quite smug about his chances. He's got
every right to be; if you go at him with the Flame Sword and Battle gear, he
will destroy Adol easily. Wearing the Silver gear, however, and the Blue
Amulet . . . the scales are tipped in Adol's favor. Slightly.

HP: 255, STR: 290,  DEF: 255, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

  First thing is first; Dark Fact will float around the area and is not
bound to the floor. Secondly, fireballs will fly in at a random angle and
try to hit Adol. Lastly, each strike is coupled with a bit of the floor
dropping away; if you happen to be on it, instant death. So the real trick
is to maneuver around so you don't swiftly limit yourself to a small corner
of the field. Doing so means the fireballs will murder you slowly and you
will be unable to damage Dark Fact.

  With Dark Fact slain, the final [Book of Ys] is relinquished. Use the
Monocle to read it, and the task of finding the six Books of Ys is complete!
But the true deeds of legend await Adol Christin as he reaches lost Ys itself
and must truly unravel the mysteries of that ancient land.

#-# 5. Ys I Bestiary #--------------------------------------------------------#

HP: 5,  STR: 13, DEF: 8, EXP: 1, GOLD: 1

An animal bred for its obnoxiously cute and tender little body. Sup on its
toothsome nibblets slathered in Roda butter or straddling bacon. Adorably

HP: 17, STR: 19, DEF: 11, EXP: 4, GOLD: 10

A dwarf from the plains. Looks fearsome, but is actually quite weak. May
present a challenge at first, but will quickly become a pushover.

HP: 17, STR: 16, DEF: 9, EXP: 2, GOLD: 6

A bloated dryad from the plains, formed form the malevolence within a rotted
tree. Very dry, inhibiting its mobility, which makes it an easy foe to take

HP: 21, STR: 23, DEF: 12, EXP: 6, GOLD: 14

A red-furred feral dog that roams the Esterian plains. Moves quickly and
often attacks in packs, making it a real threat to the unwary traveler.

HP: 35, STR: 34, DEF: 10, EXP: 8, GOLD: 25

A sworn guardian of the shrine in life, resurrected by a sinister will.
Inside its armor, it is completely decayed. The stench of death on it is

HP: 35, STR: 93, DEF: 60, EXP: 40, GOLD: 50

A bull-headed monster that dwells beneath the shrine. Emerges from the
darkness swinging an enormous blade wildly, startling even the hardiest
of adventurers.

HP: 35, STR: 97, DEF: 70, EXP: 50, GOLD: 60

A giant insect-like monster inhabiting the catacombs beneath the shrine.
Scuttles towards its prey while emitting a shrill cry that could give anyone

HP: 35, STR: 110, DEF: 100, EXP: 60, GOLD: 70

A spirit of the dead bearing the darkened flame of a long forgotten grudge.
Approaches the living in hopes of finding a new friend to dwell eternally
by its side.

HP: 70, STR: 140, DEF: 105, EXP: 70, GOLD: 100

A monster found beneath the shrine. Often thought to be the head of a giant,
but no one knows for certain. Its bloodshot eyes unendingly scan for fresh

HP: 70, STR: 155, DEF: 120, EXP: 80, GOLD: 120

A savage beast wandering the shrine. Can tear its prey to shreds in a single
moment using its claws and tusks, and its thick mane is soaked with blood.
Smells awful.

HP: 70, STR: 167, DEF: 132, EXP: 90, GOLD: 140

A monster who lies in wait on the lowest level of the shrine to slice its
prey with a magic-infused sword. Hides its true form beneath a cloak.

HP: 126, STR: 185, DEF: 110, EXP: 200, GOLD: 200

A monster residing in the abandoned mine, its appearance is strange and
almost humorous, but its attacks are much more deadly than any encountered

HP: 126, STR: 200, DEF: 120, EXP: 240, GOLD: 240

A semi-transparent life-form that lurks in the abandoned mine. Its jelly-like
body latches on to its victims and begins dissolving them. Aim for the eye.

HP: 126, STR: 220, DEF: 130, EXP: 240, GOLD: 240

A bug-beast that deals in the abandoned mine. Its slippery body deflects
sword strikes, and its sharp fangs can pierce armor. Doesn't go down easily.

HP: 140, STR: 200, DEF: 120, EXP: 320, GOLD: 200

A beast with an enormous, gaping maw. The sight of its drooling visage in
pursuit is nightmare-inducing. Devours its prey, but no one knows where the
remains are.

HP: 140, STR: 235, DEF: 160, EXP: 400, GOLD: 280

A fast-moving hard-shelled monster that bustles about in the abandoned
mines. Due to its quick speed within a  dimly-lit environment, the Menon
presents real danger.

HP: 140, STR: 225, DEF: 150, EXP: 360, GOLD: 240

Saunters about the abandoned mine, skewering prey with its spear and
horns. Ranked as superior officer to the Uhnos, giving it an air of
dignity. Has a cute tail.

HP: 178, STR: 210, DEF: 160, EXP: 440, GOLD: 200

A monstrous phoenix from the abandoned mine. Why a bird would dwell
underground, and why its flames shed no light whatsoever, are both
questions without answers.

HP: 178, STR: 225, DEF: 175, EXP: 480, GOLD: 240

A half-bug half-man that dwells in the abandoned mine. Its
exoskeleton grants it excellent defense and speed alike. Attacks with
chaotic sword-strikes.

HP: 178, STR: 235, DEF: 185, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A creature with such heavy armor that only the mighty can hope to damage
it. Dwells in the lowest caves of the abandoned mines, and cannot be easily

HP: 178, STR: 236, DEF: 100, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

An armored monster dwelling around floor 1 of the Tower of Darm. Wields two
swords, but wears inferior armor, making it vulnerable to even the weakest of

HP: 178, STR: 236, DEF: 120, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

An armored monster dwelling around floor 3 of the Tower of Darm.
Characterized by its red armor and its speed, but presents little issue if
taken out one by one.

HP: 178, STR: 250, DEF: 120, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A top-tier guardian dwelling only on floor 6 of the Tower of Darm. Its attack
power is tremendous, but in a pinch it can be bypassed entirely. Running may
be advisable.

HP: 178, STR: 250, DEF: 170, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

An unpleasant creature found on floor 9 of Darm Tower. Looks just like the
statues found elsewhere, so the unprepared may be caught off-guard.
Surprisingly fierce.

HP: 178, STR: 250, DEF: 120, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

Entrusted as a guardian of the Silver Sword and Shield, the Genoid is
descended from the giants and possesses appropriately herculean strength.
Found around the 7th floor.

HP: 178, STR: 244, DEF: 120, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A bitter relative to the Accumate who dwells far from its brethren, on floor
10 of Darm Tower. Not very strong but boasts tremendously high agility.

HP: 178, STR: 244, DEF: 120, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

Found in Darm Tower's mirror maze. And creature built from intertwining
mushroom fibers filled with deadly nerve toxins. Beware the dire grip of its
sinuous tentacles!

HP: 178, STR: 248, DEF: 146, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

Guardian of the Silver Armor in Darm Tower's mirror maze. Wears thick armor,
but its intelligence is the real threat. Chases down intruders with intent to

HP: 178, STR: 256, DEF: 144, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A soulless, steel-armored sentry guarding Rado's Annex around floor 15 of
the Tower of Darm. Ordered to dispose of any intruders who attempt to gain

HP: 178, STR: 256, DEF: 190, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A mud-like monster dwelling within Rado's Annex. Digests through absorption
and moves far quicker than one would expect. Will eat anyone, human and
monster alike.

HP: 178, STR: 260, DEF: 200, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

Dwells on floor 17 of Darm Tower. Charges its opponents in a straight
line, making short work of them. Best not to attack a Kelmarel head-on
lest you be quickly gored.

HP: 178, STR: 256, DEF: 140, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A hand-selected Riffligan inhabiting floor 18 of Darm Tower. The elitist
of the elite, boasting sword techniques other monsters could only dream of.

HP: 178, STR: 256, DEF: 140, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

Inhabits floor 19 of Darm Tower. A warrior with talons on both arms, as
well as armor layered upon naturally scaly skin. Will not break its
stride, no matter what.

HP: 178, STR: 290, DEF: 234, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

Inhabits floor 20 of Darm Tower. The strongest warrior among the
monsters, by leaps and bounds. Attempting to take on more than one at a
time is suicide.

HP: 178, STR: 270, DEF: 160, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A cruel magician inhabiting Darm Tower's mirror maze. Cloacked, and wields a
magic sword. Able to freely move amongst the mirrors, and enjoys toying with
its mark.

HP: 178, STR: 274, DEF: 170, EXP: 510, GOLD: 280

A fearsome ogre inhabiting Darm Tower's mirror maze. Uses its sculpted body
as a weapon, and manages to outperform the Eucreas despite having no real

HP: 100, STR: 90, DEF: 76, EXP: 500, GOLD: 0

A wizard who blocks the path to the lower levels of the shrine. Teleports at
will while conjuring streams of blue flame from the sides of the room. Proves
to be a most wily opponent indeed.

HP: 200, STR: 175, DEF: 149, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

A beast guarding one of the sealed Books of Ys. Wriggles wildly, charging
intruders. The only way to defeat it is to avoid its speedy attacks and strike
at its joints before it slides too far away.

HP: 255, STR: 230, DEF: 224, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

The creature from the mines who annihilated the village of Restin in a single
night. Divides itself into innumerable bats, swarming its prey without mercy.
Only vulnerable when it re-forms.

HP: 255, STR: 264, DEF: 232, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

A terrifying bug that flies in at great speed, hurling deadly sickles. Attacks
any who disturb its next, as evidenced by the remains of its victims strewn
about. Requires agility to defeat.

HP: 255, STR: 267, DEF: 230, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

A deadly crimson sphere that surrounds itself with rocks of varying size and
shape, and hurls them throughout the room at will. Your only hope of defeating
it is to find an opening and take it.

Yogleks & Omulgun
HP: 255, STR: 270, DEF: 238, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

Two heads may be better than one, but these two are worse than anything! As
they come in for the attack, one head is real and the other is illusory. When
damage is dealt, the two tag off.

Dark Fact
HP: 255, STR: 290,  DEF: 255, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 0

A descendant of Fact, one of the Six Priests of Ys, who's become corrupted by
a lust for power. Seeks to gather the six Books of Ys for his own nefarious
purposes, and will do anything to get them.

#-# 6. Ys I People #----------------------------------------------------------#

There are 88 entries for various people Adol meets along his journey, and many
will be found just by talking around the villages. A word of warning, however,
in that some of them may be particularly elusive. For instance, Doctor Klaus is
almost always running errands around town early on, but is away and unreachable
after a certain point in the story. Some people will only show up after the
story progresses far enough, as well.

1. Doctor Bludo. Sole doctor at the clinic in Barbado Port. Nursed Adol back
to health after he was found on Whitehorn Beach. Acts tough around his son,
Slaff, but turns to jelly around his nurse, Ayla.

2. Nurse Ayla. Sole nurse at the clinic in Barbado Port. Kindly treated Adol's
wounds after he was found. Generally very sweet, but when she gets mad, she's
scary as all hell. That may be why she's still single.

3. Slaff. Doctor Bludo's only son. Lives in Barbado Port. Saved freshly-
beached Adol from being eaten alive by a Rheboll. After the monsters appeared,
Slaff founded a militia to fight them.

4. Stephan. A member of the Barbado militia, known for keeping a cool head at
all times. Believes that there is courage in knowing when to run from battle,
and when to stay and fight.

5. Jacob. A Barbado Port resident. Watches over the town from its highest
rooftop, patiently and systematically keeping an eye out for any invading
monsters. Is known as Slaff's right-hand man.

6. Drake. A member of the Barbado militia, charged with providing escort to
those who travel to the city of Minea or Zepik Village. Seems to have his
eye on Minea's dancer.

7. Old Man George. A popular old man from Barbado. Known to be very wise,
often giving advice to youngsters who've lost their way. Incidentally, he's
not bald; rather he apparently shaves his head every day.

8. Fisherman Betelo. A former trader from Barbado Port. After the Stormwall
appeared, trading became impossible, but fishing was more productive than
ever. Betelo has a real talent for seeing the bright side.

9. Fran. A woman living in Barbado. Used to be active in the silver trade,
but has become rather despondent ever since the Stormwall appeared. Secretly
prays for it to go away, every single night.

10. Arcia. A woman living in Barbado. Hasn't heard from her friend in Minea
since the monsters first appeared. Seriously considering requesting a militia
escort for a visit, to assuage her fears.

11. Old Man Pestol. An old man from a long line of dairy farmers. Primarily
breeds pikkards, but hasn't had access to good grazing land since the
monsters appeared, so he now operates from Barbado's town square.

12. Marco. A wide-eyed youth from Barbado Port. Put everything he had into
becoming the best trader he could be -- but then the Stormwall came and
ruined everything. Now he's just always very sad.

13. Torrance. A pessimistic young man from Barbado. The sudden troubles in
Esteria really shook him up. Wants to move to Minea with his family, but
always wusses out when he considers the monsters along the way.
14. Rebecca. Torrance's wife, and Danny's mother. Born and raised in Barbado,
and is a real beach babe at heart, but worries for the safety of her son.
Can't decide if moving to Minea is the right decision.

15. Danny. Barbado's requisite bratty boy. Fascinated by the world outside
the town gates. Wants to join the militia when he grows up. Always seen
together with the neighbor's daughter, Cheryl.

16. Cheryl. Little girl in Barbado. Her father wants to return to the
mainland, but Cheryl is unwilling to leave her buddy Danny  behind. Even
more of a menace than he is, always plotting an escape to Minea.

17. Mason the Trader. A trader in Barbado Port. Lived in the city, but
came to Esteria with his family to deal in silver. Now, with the Stormwall,
all he thinks about is finding a way back home, away from this madness.

18. Sylvia. Mason's wife, and Cheryl's mother. Outwardly demure, but
actually quite a firecracker. Does her best to support her family through
these difficult times, and always remains optimistic.

19. Gerald. A bartender in Barbado. Due to the Stormwall, his bar gets no
new customers these days, despite once being a hopping locale. Constantly
dwells on his prior success, which just brings him down.

20. Karin. A waitress at the bar in Barbado. Since there are no customers
anymore, she has more free time than she knows what to do with. As a result,
she's been thinking about joining the militia.

21. Granny Daria. An old lady from Barbado. Her son and daughter-in-law in
Minea want her to move in with them, but she refuses to leave her dear
hometown -- though she does worry about her mischievous grandchild.

22. Reah. A dearly beloved troubadour who plays lovely harmonica music for
anyone who will listen. Found herself in Minea, and seeks to tighten the
spiritual bonds amongst its inhabitants with song.

23. Prim. A little girl from Minea, born to Julius and Fana. Considers Sara
the fortune-teller her best friend, and is always looking for the "legendary
brave soul" on Sara's behalf.

24. Fana. A woman from Minea. Has been a bit on edge lately with all the
rumors of thievery, but takes solace in Minea's safety from monsters. Still,
she can't quite bring herself to let her guard down.

25. Julius. A man from Minea. Has been keeping watch at the city gate
to ensure no children leave the safety of its walls. Spotted a shady man
inside the city recently however, and is concerned.

26. Archelle. Lives with his muscular brother Bron in Minea, but Bron's
become hospitalized due to a mining injury, so Archelle is all alone now. He
visits Bron at the clinic each and every day.

27. Aurora. Daughter of Minea's mayor. Always lived a life of frivolity, but
now that the cost of commodities has risen, she's been forced to give it up.
Presently still searching for a new hobby.

28. Cornell. Son of Minea's mayor. Due to his unrestricted freedom growing
up, he still acts a bit childish. Hearing doom prophesied by Sara the
fortuneteller, however, sobered him up quite nicely.

29. Johann. A boy from Minea. Complains that he hasn't been able to play at
the big trees in the north since the monsters came. Believes climbing one of
those trees would be the best feeling in the world.

30. Hans. A young man from Minea who's become obsessed with Pim, the pawn
shop owner. Can't wrap his head around how Pim could find an item on the
ground yet have the audacity to keep it and sell it.

31. Haystack. A carpenter living in Minea. Has been exceptionally busy
lately due to the influx of immigrants from Barbado. Greatly admires Darm
Tower for being such an impossible feat of engineering design.

32. Lucca. A boy from Minea. Loves it when his grandfather, Franz, tells him
the story of the legendary Silver Sword. One day hopes to hold it in his own
hands and vanquish monsters with it.

33. Boss Bangoa. Minea's chief carpenter, is presently searching for one of
his men, Donis, who's been grievously slacking on the job. Intends to smack
some sense into Donis, then drag him right back to work. 

34. Orman. Minea's bartender. A man of many muscles, having once worked as a
mercenary on the mainland. Has become rather concerned by the ongoing thefts
around Minea, and is thus planning a thief hunt.

35. Donis. A one-eyed drunkard from Minea. Not much to look at, but he has a
good heart, and is greatly depressed by the loss of an important item.
Should be at work, but fears his boss' fists of fury.

36. Garreck. A warrior from Minea, hired by Orman to aid in the thief hunt.
Has dedicated himself to sampling the world's cuisine, and wishes to find
the fabled Roda Seed during his stay in Esteria.

37. Ricardo. A patron of Orman's bar in Minea who spends every waking hour
drinking with Cezar. Has been a bit depressed of late due to the hiatus of
his beloved troubadour.

38. Cezar. A drunkard from Minea. Used to be a fan of hard liquor, but has
recently discovered the wide world of wine. Always compares vintages and 
fancies himself an expert. Plans to get wed soon.

39. Miner Doug. A patron of Orman's bar in Minea. Used to work in the silver
mine, but after its closure due to demon infestation, he began drinking
heavily -- and he was already a big drinker to begin with.

40. Chest. A patron of Orman's Bar in Minea. Used to be a tour guide, but
has been out of a job since the Stormwall first appeared. Remains 
disturbingly optimistic despite his hardships.

41. Old Man Franz. An old man from Minea with a great love of Esterian lore.
Often reads its legends to his grandson, Lucca, as fairytales. Very close with
Sara the fortuneteller, and worries for the future.

42. Nikki the Dancer. A dancer from Minea. Wears make-up to appear mature, but
only just turned 20. Hates it when people wallow in depression, so she dances
at Orman's bar in an effort to boost everyone's spirits.

43. Doctor Klaus. Minea's resident doctor. Has been exceptionally busy ever
since the monsters appeared, and is more often out and about than in his
clinic. A well-reputed, well-liked and dedicated professional.

44. Nurse Lisa. Head nurse at Klaus' clinic in Minea. Has been handling in-
patient care whenever Klaus is out on house calls. Her care and counsel is so
desired that many patience pray for a lengthier recovery.

45. Theodore. A young man hospitalized in Minea with injuries from a Rheboll
attack. Narrowly averted death by escaping to the shade of one of the great
trees on the plain. The monsters did not follow.

46. Bron. A young man hospitalized in Minea. Boasts of his might, so when
monsters appeared in the mine, he tried to fight them off-- but it didn't go
well. Sleeps off his pain, dreaming of naughty things.

47. Old Man Mash. An old man hospitalized in Minea. Was struck from behind,
and had his Silver Shield stolen by an unknown assailant -- likely one of the
thieves from the mountain region, he believes.

48. Kain. A patient in Minea's clinic. Was attacked by Rhebolls on his way to
Minea from Zepik, and seems to have been traumatized by the experience. Still
has nightmares about Rhebolls chasing after him.

49. Pim. A bartender who runs a shady pawn shop in Minea where all goods --
including stolen and lost items -- are fair game. Renowned for never lowering
his prices, but claims them all to be negotiable.

50. Charme. A woman from Minea. Franz's daughter and Lucca's mother. Knows
the land's folklore well, just like her father. Claims there was once to be a
south gate built in Minea, but the plan was scrapped.

51. Buck. A former miner from Minea who lost his job when the monsters showed
up. Tried to resist, but was unable; and ever since he's become utterly
terrified of the abandoned mine.

52. Tabitha. Buck's wife. Lives in Minea, despite being daughter to the elder
of Zepik. Is very concerned for her father, as he seems gravely troubled, but
refuses to discuss it with any of the villagers.

53. Mayor Marcel. Minea's mayor. A highly trusted figure amongst the townsfolk,
but the troubles of late have saddened him. He constantly worries that Minea's
walls won't be enough to protect everyone.

54. Pamela. Mayor Marcel's wife. Offers her husband unconditional support in
these trying times. Claims that the wall around the city was not a recent
construct, but has been there since antiquity.

55. Rosetty. An attractive middle-aged man who's been running a weapon shop in
Minea for many years. Well-versed in combat; can easily discern the combat
potential of customers. Dios' father.

56. Dios. Minea's armorer. Obsessed with armor, and gets mad if you tell him
the best defense is a good offense. Believes instead in survival of the
fittest. Son of the weaponsmith, Rosetty.

57. Old Man Betel. A Minean resident who once climbed a Roda Tree all the way
to the tippy-top. Now, he's grown old and weak, but thanks to Dr. Klaus, he's
still just as chipper as he ever was.

58. Lydia. Betel's young daughter, in search of a boyfriend, and isn't very
picky about his personality as long as he's handsome -- but won't date
younger men. Seems to have seen the black-cloaked man.

59. Freddy. Daria's son. Lives in Minea. Constantly attempts to convince his
mother in Barbado to come live with him in Minea, but she won't hear him
out. This has him very troubled.

60. Martha. Freddy's wife, and Johan's mother. Lives in Minea, but seems
unconvinced that the wall around the city offers any real protection. Feels
suffocated by the goings-on throughout Esteria.

61. Old Man Harrison. Charlotte's father and Ephy's grandfather. Once lived
in Rastin, but lost his home, his wife and his son-in-law when monsters
attacked from the silver mine there.

62. Charlotte. A woman who lives in Minea after her hometown of Rastin was
destroyed by monsters. Once lost the will to live, but regained it by
focusing on her daughter, Ephy, and Reah's beautiful music.

63. Ephy. A very young girl living in Minea after her hometown of Rastin was
destroyed. Doesn't understand what happened, and thus hopes to return home one
day, and resume her normal life.

64. Sara. A fortuneteller living in Minea. Renowned for her startling
accuracy, having even predicted the Stormwall and monster invasion. Sees
something in Adol, and guides him on a quest to Ys.

65. Jeba. Sara's aunt, who lives in Zepik Village. Extremely well-versed in
Esteria's history and culture, herbs, and even fortunetelling. The other
villagers really look up to her.

66. Mayor Robels. Zepik's Elder. Guards the Silver Bell, which has been the
village's treasure for generations. Seems troubled recently, though, and
seeks a kindly non-villager to aid him in an important matter.

67. Linda. Elbert's wife, and Mark's mother. Lives in Zepik, and is very set
in her ways. Serves as a model housewife, devoting herself completely to
always making her home a more comfortable one.

68. Mark. The only child in Zepik, but he doesn't let that get him down!
He's perfectly content just playing outside, and can often be found fishing
at the lake or basking in the rays of the sun.

69. Granny Edda. Elbert's Mother. Lives in Zepik, and fancies herself an
expert in wild plants, nuts, berries, and the like. Used to pick Roda Fruit
all the time, but lately, it simply hasn't been growing.

70. Iris. Luta's wife. Lives in Zepik and constantly worries about her
husband, who sleepwalks almost every night, often putting himself in grave
danger in the process.

71. Clive. Has the face of an old man, but is only in his twenties. Has grown
weary of being single, but lives amongst mostly elderly individuals in Zepik
Village, making his girlfriend hunt a challenge.

72. Old Man Lahan. An old man from Zepik who believes that if monsters exist,
then so too must the Goddesses described in the ancient legends. As such he
spends his days praying for the Goddesses to appear.

73. Palma. A woman from Zepik who worries about her health faltering due to
the large number of elderly individuals living around her. Also worries about
the elder due to his frantic behavior.

74. Old Man Cronen. An old man from Zepik who used to work as a miner. In
those days, he recalls there were two Goddess statues enshrined in a mine
cavern -- but one day, one of them simply disappeared!

75. Demi. A kindly, reserved woman from Zepik, beloved by all the villagers.
Recommends speaking with an old woman named Jeba if you have any questions
pertinent to your adventure.

76. Old Man Pablo. An old man living in Zepik who absolutely loves fishing at
the lake, and does so every single day. He rarely ever catches anything, but
he doesn't seem to mind -- he just enjoys the sun!

77. Granny Lucia. A deeply devout old woman from Zepik who believes that the
village's treasure, the Silver Bell, is what keeps the monsters at bay. She
feels that its tonal quality has a purifying effect.

78. Elbert. Linda's husband, and Mark's father. As one of the few young men in
Zepik, he feels it's his duty to patrol for monsters. Recently spotted the man
in the black cloak pass through to the north.

79. Granny Soya. An old lady from Zepik who adores ghost stories, and readily
blames unexplained occurrences on ghosts. Warns of a hooded spirit in the
shrine to the north, though who can say if it's real?

80. Granny Tohbe. An open-minded old lady from Zepik, who seems willing to
give anyone the benefit of the doubt. When asked about the monsters or the
thieves, she simply says, "I don't know what they're thinking."

81. Old Man Corvo. An old man from Zepik who was rescued from monsters by
Goban. Now regards the thieves as honorable individuals, and believes the
recent incidents must have been someone else's doing.

82. Goban. Head of the bandits residing in the Thieves' Den at the foot of
Darm Tower. Would never rob from the weak or defenseless, and is highly
respected by all those who serve under him.

83. Lugan the Thief. A young thief working under Goban, and the first thief
Goban recruited. Has a foul mouth and even fouler temperament, but is a very
honorable man who would never betray anyone's trust.

84. Morgan the Thief. A fat thief who seems like a ruffian at first, but has
a real heart of gold. Used to work in the mines with Goban and almost lost
his life down there, but Goban saved him from his fate.

85. Feena. A girl Adol rescues from a cold, lonely cell beneath the shrine.
Doesn't remember anything but her name, and has no idea why she'd been
locked away in the first place.

86. Luta Gemma. A poet and troubadour from Zepik who sleepwalks almost
nightly, constantly worrying his wife by wandering out to the plains without
even realizing it. Started around the time the monsters came.

87. Dogi. One of Goban's men, with a penchant for breaking walls. rescues
Adol from prison in the Tower of Darm, along with Luta Gemma. Strong,
kindly, and loyal, he and Adol quickly become friends.

88. Raba. A scholar hiding out in a secret room in Darm Tower. Came to
Esteria 6 months ago to research its ancient ruins, and happened to be in
the tower when the monsters first appeared.

#-# 7. Ys I Experience Progression #------------------------------------------#

  Level    Experience       Level    Experience
     1           0             6         3200
     2         200             7         6400
     3         400             8        12800
     4         800             9        25600
     5        1600            10        51200

#-# 8. Ys II Controls #-------------------------------------------------------#

D-Pad or Analog Stick: This moves Adol around the screen. You can choose to
toggle between eight direction and four direction moving.

Triangle Button: This will use an equipped item, if it has such a use. You
cannot use items during boss battles, but any other time they are available.

X Button: This will cast your equipped magic spell. Be careful to keep an eye
on your magic meter, as you can only cast a spell if you have both enough MP
and the bar hasn't been darkened by you rapidly-casting magic.

L Shoulder: This cycles through your available accessories; remember this
because it can help you outside of boss battles.

R Shoulder: This cycles through your available magic spells, which can only be
used once Adol is given the ability to use magic.

Square Button: This is a shortcut to the Item menu to equip items.

Circle Button: Toggles between run and walk, whichever you have set up in the
options. You will use this sometimes to help guide Adol in combat, as it is
rather useful to make quick turns if he walks.

Select Button: This button turns off the overlay which shows Adol's stats,
after you find a certain key item.

Start Button: This brings up the game menu and allows you to equip Adol, check
your item inventory, or fiddle with the settings. 

#-# 9. Ys II Items #----------------------------------------------------------#

Short Sword - +5 STR. A small, reasonably priced sword. Handles well, but not
especially powerful. Adol will need to purchase this for 200 gold from Guido
the weaponsmith.

Long Sword - +10 STR. A long sword with a steel blade. Recommended for serious
combat. Adol can purchase this from Guido for 1000 gold, and this is a highly
recommended purchase before seriously starting to fight in the mines.

Talwar - +20 STR. A sword from the far east. Its exquisite curved blade is
extremely sharp. Guido will sell one to Adol for 5000 gold, and it is a highly
recommended purchase before passing through the Ice Ridge of Nolta.

Hyper Cutter - +40 STR. A sword forged from a unique alloy. Its blue blade
has a keen cutting edge. Adol can purchase this from Zalem for 10000 gold,
and it is every bit as useful now that the final act of the game opens from

Battle Sword - +60 STR. A golden sword, imbued with divine fire. It shimmers
with destructive heat. Be sure to locate this for Adol inside the Subterranean
Canals, as it is a vastly superior sword to anything available until the final
part of the game.

Cleria Sword - +83 STR. The strongest sword of all. Its blade glows, suffused
with the magic of Cleria. Sada has this sword, an heirloom among his family,
and if Adol can find him and earn his respect, the sword will be handed to

Wooden Shield - +3 DEF. A hard wooden shield with metal fittings. Not bad, but
also not particularly good. It can be purchased for 100 gold from Guido's

Small Shield - +7 DEF. A small metal shield. Strong and handles well, but only
of real use to beginners. Guido will sell this to Adol for 1500 gold.

Large Shield - +12 DEF. A large shield that covers half the body. Difficult
to handle, but defends well. Adol may buy this for 6000 gold from Guido, and
it is worth it when he can afford the price.

Iron Shield - +18 DEF. A shield made of the finest iron. Very sturdy, offering
excellent defense. Adol needs to find this shield rather than buy it, and when
it comes, it's a useful boost.

Battle Shield - +26 DEF. A golden shield of immense strength. Offers protection
against any physical attack. Adol finds this item inside the Solomon Shrine not
a bit too soon. 

Cleria Shield - +31 DEF. A shield of Cleria. Offers top-rate defense, along
with the Goddess' blessings. Adol will be given this shield at the eleventh
hour, if he thinks to ask for it.

Chain Mail - +4 DEF. Finely woven chain mail. Deflects sword strikes, but is
weak to heavy blows. This is the only armor initially available in town, and
it is yet essential to avoid getting a swift death as the difficulty scales
up. Adol can purchase it for 500 gold from Guido, and it is the only armor
available until he finds the Iron Ore.

Breast Plate - +9 DEF. A breastplate crafted from steel, offering good defense
and maneuverability. Adol can purchase it for 2000 gold once iron ore has been
sold to Guido.

Plate Mail - +15 DEF. Armor of hammered steel. Heavy, but fully covers the
body, offering high defense. It costs a rough 8000 gold, and is only for sale
once Guido has iron ore to work with.

Reflex - +22 DEF. Armor made from a unique metal. Its reflective resin
deflects most attacks. Zalem has this for sale for 16000 gold, and it is
the best Adol can purchase.

Battle Armor - +32 DEF. Golden armor, boasting superb defense. Weaker blows
can't even scratch it. While it is not the strongest armor in the game, Adol
will definitely need the boost at this point. It can be found within the
Subterranean Canals.

Cleria Armor - +45 DEF. Cleria armor; stronger than any other. Worn by he
who is chosen by the Goddesses. This is given to Adol before he heads to
the final act of the game. It can be missed if you are not backtracking, or
failed to meet everyone.

Fire Magic - Magic of Tovah, priest of Strength. Transforms willpower into
fire. This magic allows Adol to throw fireballs, making combat a little
easier to overcome. The spell can also be charged into a very powerful
shot, which takes a while to prepare but does considerable damage. It can
be cast five times per 1 magic point.

Light Magic - Magic of Dabbie, priest of Light. Illuminates all that is
hidden. This summons a ball of light which orbits Adol and lights up dark
areas, along with causing a small ripple effect near hidden passages. The
spell steadily drains magic while active.

Return Magic - Magic of Hadal, priest of Earth. Transports the user to
select towns or villages. Once Lilla is saved, Banoa hands this to Adol in
thanks. It costs 20 magic to teleport.

Alter Magic - Magic of Gemma, priest of Knowledge. Makes Adol a Roo, letting
him talk to demons. This is an interesting magic, and it is indeed quite a
useful tool late in the game. Not to mention there is some entertaining
dialog hidden behind the use of this. It will drain your magic while active, 
so keep an eye on the magic meter.

Time Magic - Magic of Mesa, priest of Time. Freezes the flow of time itself.
For a brief few seconds, indeed, everything stops dead before starting back
up again. Uses 6 magic to activate.

Shield Magic - Magic of Fact, priest of Spirit. Creates a barrier that none
can penetrate. This makes Adol invulnerable, but drains his magic constantly
and swiftly. Instead of taking damage, the spell takes away some magic. This
spell only is available at the end of the game, but without it the final
boss will eat Adol alive.

Spirit Cape - A feather cloak worn by spirits of legend. Brings healing power
to its wearer. As the Heal Ring from the previous adventure, this accessory
will restore Adol's health as he stands still anywhere.

Hawk Idol - A hawk idol with piercing blue eyes. Focuses the power of fire
on its target. Invaluable idol, this should always be on if you plan on
using Fire Magic offensively after locating this.

Falcon Idol - A falcon idol with piercing red eyes. Focuses fire magic with
greater accuracy. The 'multi-homing' ability is activated, and thus Fire
Magic gets yet another incredible boost! When a charged shot hits, it will
split into smaller projectiles which don't home, but will spiral outwards.

Cleria Ring - A shiny ring made of Cleria, imbued with the power of the
Goddess' protection. This ring allows Adol to sometimes parry an attack, but
randomly. It's better than nothing once you find it, and serves as a small

Ring of Ease - Has a soft green hue. When worn, it calms the soul and soothes
away one's troubles. The ring will halve magic consumption, which is rather
useful if you need to make Adol's magic last longer.

Goddesses' Ring - A ring worn by a Goddess. Imbued with the power to purify
evil. Adol needs to have this ring to stand a chance against the greatest
enemy he has to face. Without it, his chances are quite slim.

Volume Hadal - One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Hadal, the Priest of

Volume Tovah - One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Tovah, the Priest of

Volume Dabbie - One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Dabbie, the Priest of

Volume Mesa - One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Mesa, the Priest of Time.

Volume Gemma - One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Gemma, the Priest of

Volume Fact - One of the six Books of Ys. Written by Fact, the Priest of

Ancient Tablet - A stone tablet describing the Books of Ys and the Sanctuary
of Toal. This will spell out Adol's goal from the beginning of the game.

Rod of Divinity - A cane made from fine, old wood. In Ys, it served as proof
of a great leader. While it may have served as such before, today it serves
as the tool which awakens magic in Adol.

Iron Ore - A mineral with a dull sheen. Worthless now, but can be refined
into top-tier steel. Selling it to Guido allows newer armor to enter stock
for Adol; this is really only used for that purpose.

Blizzard Bulb - Frozen ice crystals. If used in a moist atmosphere, the
water will solidify. Use this in the Ice Ridge of Nolta to pass over a
misty chasm.

Shrine Key - A key of dull brass. It'll open most of the doors in the
Shrine. As said in the item description, this key unlocks the pesky doors
in the Solomon Shrine.

Floodgate Key - A rusted iron key. Opens the Water Control Room beneath
the Shrine. Once Adol has this, he can drain the water out of the Canals.

Whisper Earrings - Magic earrings with the power to amplify even the
faintest of sounds. Adol can use these in various places to learn more

Lila Shell - A mysterious shell given to Adol by Hadat. Allows for long-
distance communication. Adol can listen to Hadat's advice through this, for
a little extra help in the Solomon Shrine.

Pass - A pass to the north part of the Shrine. If shown to the guard, he'll
open the gate. Of course, this will only work if Adol is disguised so the
guard doesn't attack.

Silver Pendant - Blue-jeweled necklace. Use at the Goddess Statue to reach
the Central Shrine. This is similar to Sara's Crystal, in that it will
allow Adol to teleport into a sealed area.

Golden Pendant - Red-jeweled necklace. Use at the Goddesses' statues to
enter the Shrine's Core. This is the other pendant which lets Adol move
around the Solomon Shrine, and with it he can proceed to the final act.

Silver Harmonica - Reah's harmonica. Its clear timbre has the power to
dispel evil. This is an important item, and it is the only thing which will
break the last seal on the way to confront the root of evil in Ys.

Evil Bell - An ominous looking bell shaped like a skull. Its evil sound
summons demons. Adol needs this in order to lure demons to him at a certain

Scroll of Guidance - When read before the Goddess' statues, their guidance
will be granted. Every area past the Sanctuary of Toal, there will be statues
to commune with, and they will offer advice for how to proceed. It's very
useful if you plan on getting through with minimal aid from the walkthrough.

Anti-Illusion Mirror - A beautifully-decorated mirror with the power to
dissolve foul illusions. Use this to find the real door out of the Ice Ridge
of Nolta. 

Black Pearl - A jet black gemstone of profound magic, housing an unnatural
flame at its core. The demons seem to regard this as a source of great power
but how could it be used?

Sacred Cup - A sacred vessel that purifies water, giving it the ability to
dispel evil. Adol locates this in the Solomon Shrine, and will need its
powers later on.

Dreaming Idol - A bust in the form of a holy woman from ancient times.
Provides healing. Adol needs to collect this idol to undo some of the
demons' magic inflicted on the people of Ys.

Mattock - An old Mattock. Can break through fragile walls and clear away
rubble. Use this to free Dr. Flair, along with digging out treasures in
other places.

Banoa's Letter - A letter to Dr. Flair, from Banoa of Lance Village. Deliver
this to Dr. Flair once Adol finds him, to get him to make Lilla's medicine.

Lilla's Medicine - A cure for Lilla's sickness, made from Celceta Flower 
and Roda Fruit. Simply deliver this to Banoa when Dr. Flair finishes it.

Stone Shoes - Shoes made with stone soles. Grants their wearer perfect
stability on icy slopes. Exactly as they say, Adol must wear these to pass
through the Ice Ridge of Nolta.

Roda Leaf - A blessed leaf from the Roda Tree. Has the ability to filter out
the poisonous gas. Adol needs to get this in order to travel through to the
prison in the Moat of Blessedburn.

Wing - A mysterious, magical wing. Allows its user to return to previously-
visited locales. Adol can purchase this for 100 gold, and the language of the
description hints there are more areas to teleport to; there are. Ys II is
much bigger overall than Ys I, just walking it would make the backtracking
which happens nigh impossible to overcome.

Herb - A medicine found all over Ys. Has the power to heal minor wounds. It
will restore up to 50 health when used.

Apple - A succulent red apple. Satisfies hunger and restores health. Adol can
buy these for 10 gold at Jade's shop, or he can find them in the fields. They
can also be given away as gifts.

Roda Fruit - A blessed fruit from the Roda Tree. One bite will restore all MP.
No, it's not kidding; this is a valuable asset in your adventures. Keep an
eye out for where you can find them, because MP is a very precious commodity
and does not recharge like HP will.

Marle Flower - Pink, wild and grows almost anywhere. Its scent soothes a 
troubled mind. It may be purchased for 10 gold or found growing in the 
fields. Using it will restore 10 MP, and Adol can carry more flowers than
Roda Fruits. These flowers can also be given as gifts to villagers.

Celceta Flower - Has translucent blue petals and blooms in areas with no
sunlight. Revitalizing. Dr. Flair needs one of these for Lilla's cure, and
so Adol needs to search for one in the depths of the Rasteenie Mines.

Cruberry - A red berry, as shiny as a jewel. Its bitter flavor and fresh scent
cure fatigue. Adol can find these around Ramia Village easily enough. Eating
one recovers up to 40 magic points.

Smoked Meat - Smoked meat of the finest quality. Its delicious flavor
restores strength. Adol is given this by Theo if he can give enough gifts to

Raw Meat - Tasty lean meat. If roasted with salt and eaten, it can do a body
good! Adol can earn this by buttering up Nash with gifts. It will restore
up to 150 health when eaten.

Meat Pie - Baked to a light brown color. A bite of this will restore strength
instantly. Lucy will hand this over if Adol gives her some small gifts. Eating
it will restore up to 100 health.

Cruberry Pie - A pie made from fresh cruberries. A delicacy with a sweet, yet
tart flavor. Cruberries are found in Ramia Village, and someone there will
give Adol a pie with enough gifts to pave the friendship. Much like Cruberries
the pie recovers up to 100 magic points.

Bestiary Potion - A vial filled with a murky blue liquid. Gives insight on
defeated enemies. As before, this item opens the Bestiary function in order
to record data; you can still view the entries but not see the numbers until
Adol drinks it.

Elixir - A mysterious potion which can miraculously revive the dead. Only one
vial exists. And Jade will sell it to Adol for a pricey 60000 gold. Luckily,
near the final third of the game, that amount can be raised fairly easily with
an hour's work.

#-# 10. Ys II Walkthrough #---------------------------------------------------#

--- Lance Village ---

  Adol comes to in the land of Ys, where the people living here are rather a
bit confused at the implications they've been "lost". Banoa and Lilla take Adol
to their home for him to recover from the wounds sustained during the battle in
Darm Tower, and when you have control you are given [Banoa's Letter] to deliver
to Dr. Flair. Lance Village is full of helpful people, and they are more than
happy to answer Adol's questions. There's an iron mine in the fields outside
the village, but as with the Rastin mine below in Esteria, it has been overrun
by monsters recently and thus cut the village off from the supply of iron ore.
This means armor isn't really available, and any iron ore Adol finds is worth
quite a lot. After taking a look at the selection of equipment, you can try to
deliver the letter and get started.

  However, trying to deliver the letter to the clinic results in learning Dr.
Flair is trapped inside the mine and help is needed to go get him out safely.
With no experienced warriors in the village, Leodor clings to Adol's presence
and persuades him to help with a small fund of 300 gold to get started. This
means you have even less to get moving with than before! In Esteria Adol came
to with 1000 gold, here you had nothing except the Books of Ys. In case you
hadn't guessed . . . this game is going to begin quite a bit rougher than the
last one.

  Get your sword and shield from Guido and see Lilla before you leave; she'll
give Adol an [Apple] and promise to show him where she picks them in the field
if he promises to go with her there later.

--- Moondoria Field ---

  Ah, a field with no monsters. Wander northwards and climb the steps to find
where trees grow; three of them will produce an [Apple]. Unlike before, Adol
can now carry stacks of items, so three apples fits in his pack fine. Also
nearby are two [Marle Flowers]. A little further north is a cliff overlooking
a vast structure to the north; this is the Solomon Shrine, the heart of Ys.
It sits atop the Ice Ridge of Nolta, a frozen reach of mountains. After this,
Lilla decides to stay and pick flowers, remarking how they make her feel full
of energy. This is exactly what they are used for, to recover a small bit of
MP once you can cast magic.

  After stocking on apples and flowers, prepare to move deeper into the field
and the ruins.

--- Ruins of Moondoria ---

  And almost immediately, the soundtrack kicks in with fast-paced music. You
can take some time to fight for gold and experience, but be very careful. The
monsters like to mob around here. They can also deal a lot of damage. Amidst
the ruined walls is an [Ancient Tablet]. Growing on some trees is the very
nice [Roda Fruit] which was mentioned in the other game as being hard to find
anymore. For good reason - one bite of it will restore all MP!

  It's worth noting some monsters now will attack in other fashions than just
walking into Adol for the collision attack system. The Cauctions will slash
in front of them if they think they can hit you. Be aware of these things, and
try not to stand directly in front of or near monsters if you can help it. 

  While wandering around, in the southeastern area of the ruins is a chamber
protected by two rocklike monsters which Adol won't even be able to scratch
until he gets his STR to 30. And even then they die rather slowly! Inside the
chest they were guarding is the [Rod of Divinity]. North of that is an old
man named Leggs, who will say to touch the rod to the statues just nearby.
When Adol does, he is given the power to cast magic. Not that he has any
spells to cast, he just has the potential now.

  After this it is time to proceed. Astal guards the door leading down into
the mines, and the mayor must give permission for Adol to proceed down. With
just a little trip back to town to secure it, the way forward is unlocked.

--- Sanctuary of Toal / Rasteenie Mine---

  Now Adol faces long corridors interconnecting and offering up the Books to
each of the six Priests. Each tomb will allow him to return the linked Book
of Ys, and awaken the spirit of the Priest. Somewhere in here is also Dr.
Flair, who needs to be located for two separate reasons. First there is the
Tomb of Hadal, and the voice of Priest Hadal explains that Adol must return
all six Books of Ys to the tombs in order to proceed deeper. 

  Past the tomb are stairs down to the Rasteenie Mine. This place is a maze
unlike the Rastin Mine; where there it was a darkened maze and required a lot
of careful following of the light, Rasteenie is a series of small rooms which
interconnect through arches and connections to the Sanctuary of Toal. I am
not good enough to make an ASCII map for you, nor do I have a good hand for
drawing and then uploading one . . . so please keep close track of where the
caves are.

  First, navigate through some connecting areas until a split appears; take
the left passage and reach the next tomb in the Sanctuary of Toal: the Tomb
of Tovah. Once you return the book, head back in and take the other doorway.
From now on, it gets tricky but you can find a [Mattock] nearby as well as a
cave where Dr. Flair is trapped. The Mattock is required to break him out,
and once Adol can rescue him (gaining 100 experience for the deed). When you
give him the letter, he needs a Roda Fruit and Celceta Flower to put a cure

  From this cave, backtrack and take the first split cavern to the left in
order to reach another part of the Sanctuary. The Tomb of Dabbie is here,
and to the north is a chamber with the [Cleria Ring] accessory. Dabbie's spirit
will explain the demons' appearance is caused by the use of magic. If Ys used
magic, the demons were inevitably to be awakened. The Goddesses must be found
in order to help end the cycle.

  From here, proceed south in the mines and take the first path to the right,
then the southwest passage to find the [Fire Magic]. From this point out,
Adol will have an actual use for the X button! After that, backtrack a bit and
take a split to find a [Herb] near the pond.

  About now, I'd recommend taking time to build up your equipment and go back
to the Moondoria Ruins for a special item. A wooden chest is visible inside a
closed room, but a blow from the Mattock opens a crack up so Adol can get in
and grab the chest. It contains the [Bestiary Potion], which will now permit
the viewing of information on enemies.

  Back in the mines, if you return to where you found the Herb, you can take
the center passage, then head left to reach the next area of the Sanctuary.
Here are two tombs; the Tomb of Gemma, and the Tomb of Mesa. From there the
split to the other side will eventually lead to the boss.

*** BOSS: Velagunder ***
HP: 160, LV: 11, STR: 100, DEF: 40, EXP: 400, GOLD: 600

  This boss is not too bad, but you must use Fire Magic to harm him. Its arms
will protect the weak point until it attacks, at which point they spread out;
when it attacks, it sends a spread of magic projectiles outwards towards you.
Getting the hits require some timing and dodging, but consider this a primer
for later bosses. As such, he is not too difficult so long as you keep an eye
on the magic meter.

  After defeating Velagunder, the next floor is opened. The maze here is
mostly one large maze with a small light radius and torches scattered about.
Along the south wall is a hidden arch which leads to [Iron Ore]; you can use
this to help out the armorsmith back in Lance Village. Further to the east are
more caverns which hold the [Light Magic] and [Evil Bell]. In the north-center
of the area is the [Celceta Flower]. The Light Magic can help you find the two
hidden doors, since it causes a subtle disruption in the lighting near them.
It's time to hike back to Lance Village and settle things now that you have
the items to do so.

--- The Things in the Basement ---

  First thing is first, take the components for the medicine to Dr. Flair at
the clinic. Then take [Lilla's Medicine] to Banoa for a touching scene and the
[Return Magic], along with 300 experience. Once that is done, Guido will buy
the chunk of Iron ore for 3000 gold, and the new armor will be started; you
won't be able to buy it yet. However you should be able to now afford serious
upgrades to your weapon and shield by this point. To get the armor made, you
need to leave the town for a while and return; then the Breast Plate and
Plate Armor are both available for purchase.

  If you hadn't picked up the potion in Moondoria, do so when you go to get
another Roda Fruit. Then visit Gila and he will request Adol do something about 
the noises in the basement. After he unlocks the door, check it out yourself.
The back wall exudes an ominous feeling, so ring the Evil Bell to have the
monsters come running. These monsters are from the deep Rasteenie Mines, so
be very careful . . . there are a lot of them and they respawn rather swiftly.
Beyond them is another section of the Sanctuary of Toal and the Tomb of Fact.
The spirit of Fact will speak to Adol and give him the [Scroll of Guidance];
in order to open the way, the Goddesses must bless the scroll. The statue in
Moondoria is where you need to head next.

--- Ice Ridge of Nolta ---

  After an ominous scene, Adol will find himself climbing the frozen rocks of
Nolta. First, head to the north and west before dropping south and finding the
[Blizzard Bulb]. This item is invaluable for proceeding, as it will cause ice
bridges to form where mist is gathered. Head north and east to the furthest
corner, then along the north wall to a cavern. Use the Blizzard Bulb to cross
the chasm and head down the stairs; under the stairs to the right side is a
barely-hidden cave opening. Inside it you can find the [Spirit Cape] which
acts like the Heal Ring from the previous adventure.

  Proceed along the ridges, and keep careful track of what you can walk on
safely. You need to find a way to climb the slippery slopes, and this can take
a lot of time to work through. About midway through the second set of cliffs
the [Hawk Idol] will be found, and much rejoicing to be had as it allows the
fireballs thrown by Adol to home in on targets in the general direction of the

  From there, head to the bottom level of the cliffs, and into a cavern. Here,
you need to melt the ice with repeated use of the Fire Magic; it can take a
long time to work through. On the other side is a chest holding the [Alter
Magic]. From there, fight through the beasts to the top tier on this section,
and through the cave you can find the [Stone Shoes]; these shoes will let Adol
avoid sliding on the slopes. This will allow him to proceed, and to go through
some shortcuts along the way. On the way back, stop to talk to the Goddess
statue and learn you need to find a way to see through illusions in order to
locate the way through the Ice Ridge. 

  You could continue to explore the ridges aimlessly, or follow a direction.
The place you want to reach is on the far left of the first cliff area; use
the Stone Shoes to climb the icy paths near where you located the Blizzard
Bulb, and grab the chest containing the [Anti-Illusion Mirror]. Take some time
to build your level and upgrade equipment before going back to the second
cliff segment and heading to the far west. With the mirror equipped, the door
will appear in the correct position and Adol can move through to challenge the
boss. (As a side-note, if you visit Banoa's house to rest, you'll learn Lilla
has left and seemingly disappeared.)

*** BOSS: Tyalmath ***
HP: 280, LV: 20, STR: 121, DEF: 74, EXP: 600, GOLD: 1200

  Tyarmath will jump from place to place, sending shockwaves of sharp ice from
the landing point. Never be under him when he falls, or it's a one-hit-KO.
Use the Hawk Idol to help deliver shots of your Fire Magic, and do your best
to avoid the ice; it can add up quite a bit of hurt. If you're close to level
24, you can probably chip a fair amount of health off with good reflexes and

  After defeating the boss, Adol will find the caverns take him now into the
Moat of Burnedbless. On the road inside this cave, you can replenish your
[Herb] stock. 

--- Moat of Burnedbless ---

  Just inside the area, the Goddess' Statue will tell Adol about the region
and offer words of encouragement. Working westword, and then to the northwest,
you can find more [Iron Ore] to sell off. However, if you go too far to the
west, you will come across a room of poison mist which saps health fast. 
Without a way through here, you will need to find another path to take. Easily
enough, as the east way is long but full of monsters who can camouflage from
sight. Be very careful of them, and move forward slowly.

  Keep heading north and you will find the Colony of Lava. Everyone here is
very distrustful and seems to notice the hair color Adol has before being very
quiet. The gate guard at the north end of the village insists the winch is
broken and nobody can get through. Use the Alter Magic to turn into a cute
demon and talk around town to learn a little more; the "Roos" are kind little
critters who are said to be messengers of the Gods. Ruba the gate guard, on
the other hand, seems to think Adol-Roo is there to check up on his promise
and reiterates that Adol won't be allowed to cross. Confronting him with this
in human form earns the full story. Tarf, Ruba's son, was kidnapped and the
hostage situation was levered into an arrangement to keep Adol from proceeding
any further towards the Solomon Shrine. After promising to help, Adol will be
given the [Whisper Earrings] to hear whispers as loud as normal conversations.

  Adol now has to find Tarf, but the trouble is making it through the area.
Return to the area near the Goddess' Statue with the Whisper Earrings
indicate there is someone around. Disguise yourself with the Alter Magic, then
ring the Evil Bell to draw the attention of the Roos. Once you have spotted
them, the nest is open as a place to rest and recover. A [Roda Fruit] can be
earned here, as well as the important [Roda Leaf]! Be sure to get that before
you leave; note that you cannot talk to them without the Alter Magic on; you
will instead get a line of gibberish which cannot be read. Also, the Return
Magic will allow you to teleport there too.

  With the Roda Leaf, Adol can walk through the poison mist and track down
where Tarf is kept. To the farthest west is a room where truly powerful
monsters dwell, and Adol can find a statue with a [Black Pearl] in it. The
monsters will tell Adol-Roo that the Pearl lets them be powerful enough to
take on Adol, but it's not obvious why just yet.

  North of the poison gas, Adol will find a prison where Tarf is kept. With
the Whisper Earrings, he can talk to Tarf and learn that someone named Keith
needs the Black Pearl to break them out of the prison. If you already have it,
this goes smoothly. Otherwise you will need to find the statue and grab the
Black Pearl. Once you hand it over, Keith smashes the wall open and then the
north gate. Tarf explains what had been going on and then asks for an escort
back to the city. Be very careful, since if Tarf dies it's game over. Here is
one place the Hawk Idol and Fire Magic can help keep things simple. Also note
that Return will not work with Tarf following Adol.

  Once Tarf is back to the city, they're a lot more friendly to Adol and open
the way forward. You'll also earn a fair amount of experience for managing
this feat. Take a moment to prepare before heading forward. In the north end
of Burnedbless, head south immediately after leaving the village area; you
can find [2000 gold] in a chest. From there, follow the path and be careful
of the enemies. The boss is just ahead, so conserve your magic.

*** BOSS: Gelaldy ***

  This one is a bit of an annoyance. This monster is in the form of a head
half-buried in the ground which will follow you around. It will also release
a large "snake" of orbs which cannot be hurt and will track you down swifter.
The only vulnerable time is when Gelaldy opens its mouth to retrieve the 
snake of orbs. This can take some time, and a lot of mobility to take care
of. After some damage, it will start sending out Genes as well as a slightly
faster snake.

  After Gelaldy falls, the passage will wind and turn until it reaches
Ramia Village.

--- Ramia Village ---

  The people of the village are frightened of the demons, and Adol learns
they have been raiding villages lately looking for sacrifices to offer up.
One such girl, Maria, was recently taken and her fiancee Sada ran off after
her. Around the fenceline to the south grows a [Cruberry] or two, to add to
your collection, and a [Marle Flower] near the abandoned house. The stores
here will sell you more advanced weapons and armor, as you are on the edge of
the Solomon Shrine. If you can afford any of it, do purchase the two upgrades
available. In the basement belonging to a man called Regg is a well which will
recover your health and magic.

  Gorto the guard relays to Adol a dream he had, about two women who told him
to open the gate and give all help he could to Adol. Then he relates how the
Shrine is behind another gate guarded by monsters and can't be passed if you
are a human. He advises Adol to speak with Hadat for advice on a way through.
He will hand over a [Lila Shell] as a means of communication for advice. Now
Adol can proceed through the gate and start his business in the Solomon

--- Solomon Shrine ---

  I personally love the Solomon Shrine, as the atmosphere and level design
both help it work. The place is a maze of a city, and the monsters can be
talked to while wandering in disguise. The whole feel of it is actually seeing
a different civilization in action . . . twisted and evil, but still very
detailed. The music is wonderful, in any incarnation of the game. 

  First, take note - the two gate guards? Adol is nowhere near strong enough
to take them on yet. He has to trick his way through in an amusing way using
the Alter Magic. Once inside, you can either leave it on and go unmolested or
take it off and cut your way to find the place where Zava waits for the report
on "Adol's" death. The monsters here are varied in strength, and if you
venture a bit too far in the city, trouble could fall down on you swiftly. The
good news is that the Alter Magic is a safety net and with the R shoulder
button used for switching . . . it's simple enough to do. While searching in
the Mesa Sector, you can find a chest holding [2000 gold] on the ground

  Head east to the Gemma Sector, and enter a door in the southmost walk; to
get there, merely do your best to follow doors eastwards. A Zavanite will
exclaim how Zava is in a conference in the central sector and if this report
is really about Adol then she can give a [Pass] to make it through the gates.
Now Adol can pass the checkpoint into the Fact sector using the Alter Magic
and the Pass. In the Fact Sector, the monsters take a jump in strength, and
the area becomes less complex and more straightforward. In the north building,
you will find the [Ring of Ease] in a chest. Go down a floor to the center of
this sector to find the meeting in progress behind closed doors. Equip the
Whisper Earrings to listen in on how things have taken a turn for the good;
the key has gone missing with some escapees and the demons have no sacrifices
left. The whole of the Shrine has been put on alert and sectors closed off,
a password required to pass through. Luckily for Adol, he overhears the
password and can now head into the western areas of the Shrine.

  After giving the password, it's time to check out the buildings you can
reach. Be cautious, as in the Shrine, mobs of monsters can spell a rather
swift death. In a small building to the south of the Tovah Sector is a chest
with [3000 gold] in it. A small courtyard buried in the Dabbie Sector has a
[Roda Fruit] in case you need one, but the real attraction is the highest
building in the northwest. A solemn air is in the room, but nothing seems to
be there. Equip Dabbie's Light Magic to reveal the [Sacred Cup] and grab it.
From there, it's time to continue exploring.

  In the Tovah Sector, Adol runs into a building where Dalles drops in to
see Adol running around. In response to the intrusion he flexes his magic to
lock the swordsman in the form of the Roo, rendering him rather weakened. Past
Dalles is the Subterranean Canal, where the escapees were to have fled into.

--- The Escaped Prisoners ---

  One thing to note, the Fire Magic actually works well underground, but not
so well above in the Shrine proper. The maze is not terribly difficult to
pass through, but once you find the Hideout the door is locked in Adol's face.
They are convinced he's a demon, and so it's a real problem. Consulting the
Lila Shell reveals Regg might actually know how to help Adol out, so it's
time to return to Ramia Village. Regg listens patiently and then explains he
needs the Sacred Cup to do something about this. If you haven't picked it up
already, then it's in a chamber in the northwest of the Dabbie Sector. Again,
Fire Magic will not work too well in the Solomon Shrine! Once the Sacred Cup
is in hand, Regg will use the well water to break the curse on Adol.

  Now it's time to return to the Hideout and gain entrance as a human. Yet
as Adol meets them, Dalles once more manifests his power as a means of adding
one more dissuasion to Adol's quest; he petrifies all the humans except him.
However, Lilla has the [Temple Key] and has given it to Adol! Now he can get
into the locked chambers in search of some way of helping the poor people
become alive again.

  I hope you remembered how to reach the locked doors, because now you have
to go find them again. Starting in the west, the Dabbie Sector holds the
[Time Magic] and [Iron Shield] amidst the corridors. Be sure to put that
shield on, as the defense boost is important now. Continue by heading east to
the Fact Sector and taking the northeastern door; this will lead back down
into the canals. From there, search the area to the east for the [Silver
Pendant]. You can also find a [Celceta Flower] if you used your one from the
mines. With pendant in hand, enter the center of the Hadal Sector to meet a
boss and do battle.

*** BOSS: Druegar ***
HP: 420, LV: 36, STR: 192, DEF: 144, EXP: 1500, GOLD: 2200

  Another giant spider boss. To be fair, Tyalmath wasn't exactly a spider,
but it behaved similarly. Druergar lays eggs on the floor as it moves around,
and those eggs explode into darts of magic which can cover a wide spray.
Along with that, Druergar itself will throw six bolts of magic at you, and
takes up a large area of the room as it moves slowly around. With Fire Magic
you can blow off two pieces in front of Druegar, and I blew them off so
quickly at the start I don't know exactly what they do. I was rather over-
leveled (level 40) thanks to running around the Shrine a lot, so once I was
dodging well enough the battle went easily.

  After defeating the spider, proceed to touch the Goddess' Statue. This drops
Adol into the West Wing of the Solomon Shrine. Once more, it's time to search
for the Canal entrance. In the East Wing, you will find a chest holding the
[Battle Shield], so be sure to grab it. Head through the canals and work west,
then north, and then east to find Keith. He'll hand over the [Floodgate Key]
and direct Adol to the Goddess' Palace. Hadat will have contacted Adol by
the Lila Shell about someone coming to the village to see him, so use the
Return Magic to find out more about it. It's Tarf, coming to tell Adol that
Dalles came by the village looking for him. After this, use the magic to
go to the Runaway's Hideout; it's the closest place to the Floodgate Room.

  Use the key to open the floodgates, and drain the water from the canals; 
this will allow Adol to reach all sorts of new things, so take time to search
thoroughly. In the area under the Tovah Sector (with the Hideout), the
[Battle Armor] can be located in the center-north of the canals. Under the
East Wing, you can find the [Battle Sword] in a hidden chamber in the extreme
south-west. In the same area, the south-east corner is the goal, but a chest
with the [Falcon Idol] is there. Hurry up the staircase nearby to find Keith
and bad news - the girl Maria has been slated for sacrifice and now Zava is
standing guard. It seems the demons learned from the last time, and are taking
no chances for escape. It's up to Adol to save the girl.

--- Breaking the Curse ---

  The Campanile of Lane waits, along with much stronger enemies. Valkries are
fast and strong, and rarely are alone. Charronts are immune to the Fire Magic
but the multi-homing from the Falcon Idol allows the fireballs to pass through
them and strike other targets if it has enough time left in flight. To the
north is the tower Adol is supposed to climb, but to the west is the Palace.
Head there for a scene in which Adol receives instructions from the two
Goddesses in person. They can only be reached with the Golden Pendant, which
is carried by one of the petrified runaways. To cure the petrification, an
item known as the Dreaming Idol must be found and brought to the Goddesses'
Palace. After informing Adol of what must be done, they recover his health
and magic. As a positive note, now the Return Magic can drop you here.

  It's time to move on to the tower. In the first room, Zava and two
Zavanites are waiting; the two lesser demons become bats and Zava turns into
a twisted demonic form.

*** BOSS: Zava ***
HP: 480, LV: 44, STR: 225, DEF: 191, EXP: 2500, GOLD: 2400

  Zava is difficult to understand initially, because you are unable to do any
damage for a while. The two bats fly around and do considerable collision
damage as well as spraying a stream of projectiles towards Adol. You must use
the Fire Magic to eliminate the bats which are summoned in waves; first there
are only two, then there will be three, and then four. During this time, Zava
will do nothing but shots will track to her. After the wave of four bats, Zava
begins sending out dense spiraling projectiles and floating around the room
slowly; she also summons bats so one is always around the room. Now the Fire
Magic can damage her, and a charged shot with the Falcon Idol equipped can blow
a huge amount of life off of her.

  After Zava has been destroyed, the tower is open. The bell begins to ring,
and Adol finds Maria on an altar begging for him to run. But that's not how he
does things! It's time to climb the tower and see if the ritual can be stopped.
No monsters hinder Adol, yet as he heads up the bell keeps ringing. You can
note a chest sealed behind a barrier; we'll be back for this. At the top, 
Dalles taunts Adol before allowing the bell to ring a fifth and final time.

  On the way down, Adol can collect the [Dreaming Idol]; sharp-eyed people
will notice something seems missing from it, and it resembles a statue
seen once before. At the bottom, Adol finds Maria was not saved, and once
leaving the silence of the tower the music track changes to show the game has
now begun to enter the final act. It's time to take the idol back to the two
Goddesses and see what they can do with it. They request Adol find the Black
Pearl once more to place it in the forehead of the Dreaming Idol. Well, the
last person to have it was Tarf, and he's in Ramia now so let's go visit him!

  Unfortunately, when he goes to hand it to Adol he discovers a hole in his
pocket. He thinks the gate guard might have seen something, so talk to Gorto
and learn that a man in a black cloak was by and had spotted something on the
ground. The guards at the Solomon Shrine gate confirm Dalles found something
and brought it back to the meeting hall. Indeed, when you get back there, the
[black Pearl] is on the center podium; swipe it and get to the Goddess'
Palace. The Idol is completed and now Adol has to take it to the top of the
bell tower. Along the way, he notices the body of Maria has vanished, but
again there are more important things to handle. At the top of the tower, the
Dreaming Idol emits a bright light and then is silent. The curse has been
lifted, and now it's time for Adol to find the Shrine's Core and put an end
to this.

--- The Final Act ---

  Back at the Runaway's Hideout, the people have been returned to flesh and
Bohtz will greet Adol. After talking to everyone, Keith arrives and gives the
people a Wing to get them to safety. Bohtz comments on something he found,
and hands it to Adol - the [Golden Pendant] which is needed to continue on to
the core of Ys.

  From the Hideout, use the shortcut in the northeast corner to move to the
other section of the Canals, then loop around in the drained level to the
northwest of that section in order to swiftly reach the Canals under the Fact
Sector. Here you can meet Sada at last, now that he is no longer a stone
statue. After telling him about the fate of Maria, he breaks down and then
hands Adol his [Cleria Sword] since he no longer needs it to fight. Next he
will tell Adol to collect armor of the same metal from his father. Hadat
listens to Adol, and then hands over the [Cleria Armor] to 'complete the set'.
Only there's a third piece which was lost before Ys rose into the sky. I'm
absolutely certain we will never find out what happened to it.

  Of note, with the Cleria Sword Adol can now actually take on the two
guardians of the Shrine and win. They have a lot of health and defense, along
with still doing a lot of damage . . . but they are worth a great amount of
experience. However, the gate can't be opened without using the Alter Magic
to sneak in. Time Magic makes a rather nice way to handle these brutes, and
with the Ring of Ease on, it's much cheaper than Fire Magic.

  Regardless, once you are finished building up and making sure you are ready
it is time to use the Golden Pendant. Head to the Goddesses' Statue in the
Hadal Sector in order to use it, then use the Subterranean Canals to reach
the Underpass. Here at last it is time to face Dalles and put an end to him
once and for all.

*** BOSS: Dalles ***
HP: 510, LV: 49, STR: 238, DEF: 219, EXP: 3500, GOLD: 2500

  Dalles will summon orbiting meteors to protect himself, and these could do
a fair amount of damage if you are not leveled high enough. At level 52 I was
not experiencing severe damage, but the knockback could juggle me pretty
badly. Magic will not work on Dalles, as he kindly warns you, so this is a
boss fight much like the sort in Ys I; brute force time! Dalles will teleport
and throw a number of attacks at you, the symbol on the floor highlighting a
different part for each pattern. Primarily if you just pounce in when he is
not attacking, Dalles will fall after a relatively long battle; he has a lot
of health to whittle down.

  After he falls, walk to the glowing gold setting in the wall to be whisked
away to an ominous chamber. A chest here holds the last magic, [Shield Magic],
which is invaluable for the upcoming final boss. Proceed through the corridor
and you reach a crystal platform which descends down into the Core of Ancient
Ys. Here, Tarf is waiting and tells Adol he needs to hurry up. In the next
hallway is Maria, who seems alive and well; she had a bracelet charm which
saved her live but only barely. Keith is the next to show up, opening a door
for Adol. Pass Gorto, who is beside a barrier he can't open, and you will see
Lilla waiting ahead. She gives Adol the [Goddess Ring], and tells him it may
break the barrier. Gorto agrees, and when you equip it and push on the barrier
it breaks open. Proceeding along the path, you'll see a teleporter, which
drops Adol into a very familiar place . . . it's the bottom chamber of the
abandoned Rastin Mine outside the empty chamber. One more door remains . . .

  And inside, the Goddesses sit motionless, held fast by a force of great
evil. The source of it answers Adol when you touch the door leading deeper.
As it gloats, Goban bursts into the room and throws Adol the [Silver
Harmonica]. Playing it brings the Goddesses to their senses and bursts the
spell on the chamber. Before going any further, talk to Luta Gemma and he
will give up the [Cleria Shield] to complete the set of armor Adol needs. Now
talk with the two Goddesses -- Reah and Feena. (If you are surprised, then
you have never played a version of this game or the slightly-subtle hints
throughout the game were missed.) Reah will bestow all the magic she can
muster to infuse the Cleria Sword with strength.

  After that, it is time to storm the final boss. Darm waits inside the door
for Adol. Be sure you have the Goddess Ring equipped, as well as the Shield

*** BOSS: Darm ***

  Darm begins as a winged demon with a sword, formed around the Black Pearl.
He floats around and summons meteors to block off small areas, then they fly
at Adol. He will also send out various projectiles of magic, and these will
make it hard to reach him (as well as doing damage once the Shield Magic is
run out). Simply avoid most of these and strike at him, making sure to keep
up. Once half his health is diminished, Darm will float to the hole in the
center and be unreachable . . . before emitting beams of light and
transforming into just the Black Pearl held aloft by white wings. As it floats
around, it will send out three waves of projectiles which will repel you and
make it hard to reach the body; good placement will make it easy to sneak in
and land blows. Once you reach this phase, patience is important more than
dealing damage.

  Once Darm has been destroyed, Adol's magic drains out of him gradually, and
then everything turns white. From there he is brought to the top of the Palace
and has a chance to be thanked for his deeds. Enjoy the ending! 

#-# 11. Ys II Bestiary #------------------------------------------------------#

HP: 20, LV: 2, STR: 20, DEF: 6, EXP: 5, GOLD: 8

A corpse possessed by the spirits of demons killed on the battlefield. Its
rotting body makes it slow to attack but its claws and fangs conceal a deadly

HP: 30, LV: 4, STR: 32, DEF: 10, EXP: 5, GOLD: 10

A goblin subspecies which revels in destruction and slaughter. Always on the
hunt for new spoils. Not very intelligent, but surprisingly cunning.

HP: 50, LV: 8, STR: 56, DEF: 28, EXP: 6, GOLD: 12

Once a stone gargoyle, but was possessed by evil power and transformed into
a demon. Carries no weapons, but its fists alone should not be

HP: 40, LV: 6, STR: 36, DEF: 20, EXP: 7, GOLD: 12

A demon from the Sanctuary of Toal. Coils its body and swiftly strikes its
prey, its four tentacles grip the victim as it stabs with the poisoned barb
in its tail.

HP: 50, LV: 6, STR: 44, DEF: 20, EXP: 7, GOLD: 12

Wanders underground, as it despises daylight. Its pale form is coated with
thick leathery skin. Seeks out all who are lost in the Ruins, attacking
them mercilessly.

HP: 72, LV: 8, STR: 80, DEF: 22, EXP: 8, GOLD: 14

A type of slime formed from cohesive fluids that enable it to bend its
elastic body, giving it general resistance to physical attacks. Highly
flammable, however.

HP: 70, LV: 8, STR: 50, DEF: 24, EXP: 8, GOLD: 16

A type of lichen that's absorbed evil will from the atmosphere,
transforming it into a demon. Fiercely territorial, it suffocates those who
breach its lair.

HP: 70, LV: 10, STR: 70, DEF: 25, EXP: 9, GOLD: 16

A carnivorous plant that intoxicates its prey with gassy discharge, then
eats it whole while it's paralyzed. The victim is gradually digested

HP: 84, LV: 12, STR: 90, DEF: 26, EXP: 10, GOLD: 16

A generally sluggish demon that flies into a frenzy once its prey has been
spotted. Possesses surprising speed and strength. Do not underestimate.

HP: 80, LV: 12, STR: 84, DEF: 32, EXP: 12, GOLD: 20

A demon produced when mold and lichen grow over a corpse. Moves by
dragging its serpentine body across the ground, and crushes its prey like
a constrictor.

HP: 80, LV: 12, STR: 96, DEF: 40, EXP: 13, GOLD: 20

A six-taloned demon that crawls around like a spider. Much heavier than a
human being. Crushes its prey and devours it whole. Inhabits the Rasteenie

HP: 108, LV: 14, STR: 108, DEF: 50, EXP: 15, GOLD: 25

Bloodstained armor adorns this decapitated cretin, who uses its own head as a
shield. No body can be found inside its armor -- only a miasmic, malicious

HP: 100, LV: 18, STR: 12, DEF: 52, EXP: 15, GOLD: 30

A well-defended demon able to hack apart its prey with its sharp scythes.
However, as an ice elemental, it is predictably weak against fireballs.

HP: 100, LV: 18, STR: 120, DEF: 54, EXP: 16, GOLD: 35

A demon descended from a proud tribe, now serving the demons as a soldier. Its
mind has regressed to the level of a beast, but its combat skill remains.

HP: 120, LV: 20, STR: 136, DEF: 56, EXP: 17, GOLD: 48

Once a holy race that soared majestically in the sky, its many misdeeds
caused its wings to atrophy, and it was banished from the holy sanctuary.

HP: 110, LV: 20, STR: 116, DEF: 64, EXP: 18, GOLD: 50

A turtle-like demon form the Ice Ridge of Nolta. Despite its appearance, it
attacks with tremendous speed. It may hobble and wobble, but it does so VERY

HP: 120, LV: 22, STR: 128, DEF: 58, EXP: 18, GOLD: 60

A demon from the Ice Ridge of Nolta. A cyclops with muscles like armor. Un-
intelligent, but extremely powerful. Relies on brute strength alone.

HP: 132, LV: 22, STR: 148, DEF: 70, EXP: 20, GOLD: 65

Once a gentle, domesticated race, the demonic influence transformed these
ram-horned creatures into carnivorous savages with bloodshot eyes. Found in
the Ice Ridge.

HP: 120, LV: 24, STR:150, DEF: 80, EXP: 22, GOLD: 70

A being said to have evolved from ancient fire lizards. Though no longer
able to control fire, it still gravitates toward high-heat environments.

HP: 120, LV: 24, STR: 160, DEF: 84, EXP: 24, GOLD: 75

A demon resembling an ape, with a curved back, long arms and clawed
fingers. Upon catching sight on an enemy, it rushes into battle at full

HP: 144, LV: 24, STR: 172, DEF: 86, EXP: 26, GOLD: 72

A two-tailed scorpion with a peculiar leg structure that allows for quick,
silent movement. One strike from its poisoned barbs will kill its prey in
short order.

HP: 150, LV: 26, STR: 184, DEF: 90, EXP: 32, GOLD: 88

A horned demon from Burnedbless. Has a human body with the head of a
bull. Strikes at foes with a large axe, but will also happily gore its
victims with its horns.

HP: 180, LV: 28, STR: 200, DEF: 96, EXP: 34, GOLD: 100

Once a harmeless fire sprite, the demonic influence transformed this
creature into a malicious beast. As it is already wreathed in flame, Fire
magic does not hurt it.

HP: 130, LV: 24, STR: 152, DEF: 94, EXP: 28, GOLD: 78

A sluggish demon from the Moat of Burnedbless. Its back is protected by a
carapace, which provides excellent defense with its firmness and

HP: 130, LV: 24, STR: 168, DEF: 88, EXP: 30, GOLD: 82

A living fossil from the age of the dinosaurs. Quick to anger, and attacks
both with the force of its weight, and with the two long spikes that
protrude from its back.

HP: 156, LV: 26, STR: 188, DEF: 92, EXP: 34, GOLD: 90

A demon from the fiery Moat of Burnedbless. Its body is made up of fused lava,
mercilessly burning all it touches. Fire magic has no effect on it.

HP: 250, LV: 46, STR: 370, DEF: 230, EXP: 130, GOLD: 270

A Bearot noble who guards the gates of Solomon Shrine. Undefeated in battle.
Its kind has been dubbed the 'Blazing Madmen' and it does live up to that

HP: 180, LV: 30, STR: 192, DEF: 84, EXP: 35, GOLD: 110

A bio-luminescent ogre with a taste for flesh. Attacks its prey without mercy,
brutally flaying them with its spear. Found in the Shrine's entrance area.

HP: 185, LV: 30, STR: 196, DEF: 80, EXP: 38, GOLD: 100

A demonic monk bearing a magic wand and cloaked in dark red robes. A low-
rank mage, but the energy it fires from its eyes is quite deadly

HP: 190, LV: 30, STR: 196, DEF: 96, EXP: 44, GOLD: 115

A goblin-like creature that keeps most of its body shielded while striking
foes with a spear. Often uses its horns to throw its prey into the air for
easier hits.

HP: 200, LV: 34, STR: 204, DEF: 106, EXP: 65, GOLD: 160

A demon renowned for its one red eye. Can roll itself up into its shell for
protection, and its exoskeleton bends and gives readily, allowing for quick

HP: 205, LV: 34, STR: 212, DEF: 108, EXP: 72, GOLD: 180

A demon with the lower body of a horse, but a buffalo's horns on its head.
Carries a large trident which it wields with great precision, impaling all
who oppose it.

HP: 205, LV: 34, STR: 220, DEF: 112, EXP: 78, GOLD: 200

A demon found in the west section of Solomon Shrine. Has thick skin and
unnatural strength. Wields a two-handed halberd to eliminate its opposition.

HP: 210, LV: 36, STR: 224, DEF: 125, EXP: 88, GOLD: 220

A high-ranking goblin with an armor-like appearance. Though its strength
and intelligence are average at best, it's extremely self-conscious, angering

El Endes
HP: 190, LV: 32, STR: 200, DEF: 90, EXP: 52, GOLD: 120

A demon found in the northeast part of the Shrine. Floats about, wielding a
scythe like the Grim Reaper. One swing can easily split a man in twain.

HP: 195, LV: 32, STR: 196, DEF: 96, EXP: 56, GOLD: 130

A statue-like demon that stays perfectly still to fool its prey, then strikes
when they least expect it. Drains the life energy of its prey with its eyes.

HP: 198, LV: 32, STR: 204, DEF: 100, EXP: 62, GOLD: 150

Strongest of the humanoid demons. Adorned in golden armor that's harder than
diamonds. Only the mightiest of strikes can even come close to penetrating

HP: 208, LV: 36, STR: 236, DEF: 114, EXP: 82, GOLD: 200

A small beast from the canal, possessing the strength of a giant and the
agility of an eagle. Kills by attaching its legs to the target's head, and
suffocating it.

HP: 250, LV: 38, STR: 240, DEF: 116, EXP: 96, GOLD: 210

Originally a member of the mightiest tribe of dragons, its wings have devolved
into a useless state, but its fiery breath remains intact. Found in the Central

HP: 240, LV: 42, STR: 272, DEF: 140, EXP: 116, GOLD: 255

Looks like a brutish human, but with tough skin. Wields a hatchet-like blade.
The expression on its alligator-like face betrays its lust for slaughter.

HP: 220, LV: 40, STR: 252, DEF: 126, EXP: 108, GOLD: 240

Found in the Central Shrine. A tough, four-armed monster with bright blue
skin. Its crimson claws can cut down any intruder, leaving not a moment to

HP: 220, LV: 40, STR: 244, DEF: 122, EXP: 104, GOLD: 240

Found in the Central Shrine. The horns which grow from its head are proof of
its noble descent from dragons. Can cleave a man in twain with its mighty tail.

HP: 230, LV: 42, STR: 260, DEF: 135, EXP: 112, GOLD: 250

A Bearot elite. Demands to be referred to by its given title, 'Master', and
brings down its wrath upon any who dare refuse this simple request.

HP: 240, LV: 44, STR: 280, DEF: 150, EXP: 122, GOLD: 260

A lizardman well-firsed in the lore of demons after 100 years of study. Wears
a bluish robe and carries a staff, from which it fires painful blasts of

HP: 245, LV: 44, STR: 300, DEF: 170, EXP: 126, GOLD: 260

A heavily-armored warrior witch who serves as bodyguard to Zava. Uses its
mastery of swordplay to chop its victims to pieces. Found in the royal

HP: 250, LV: 42, STR: 280, DEF: 134, EXP: 110, GOLD: 270

Appears as a beautiful young woman, but is actually a loyal follower of
Zava, intent on dealing death. A favorite of Zava's due to its unmatched

HP: 160, LV: 11, STR: 100, DEF: 40, EXP: 400, GOLD: 600

A huge demon whose body is protected from sword strikes by a hard shell.
Fires energy from its eye to decimate its victims. Since physical attacks are
ineffective, those with no magic are doomed in its wake.

HP: 280, LV: 20, STR: 121, DEF: 74, EXP: 600, GOLD: 1200

An ice creature with precision control over its chosen elemental. With its one
eye and strong back legs it can make mighty leaps to attack from above. when
it strikes the ground, deadly shards of ice are scattered.

HP: 360, LV: 27, STR: 163, DEF: 99, EXP: 1000, GOLD: 2000

A truly hideous beast with the appearance of a giant's severed head.
Approaches its prey slowly, occasionally releasing an oversized tentacle from
its mouth to block an escape route. Its thick hide is impenetrable.

HP: 420, LV: 36, STR: 192, DEF: 144, EXP: 1500, GOLD: 2200

Looks like a giant spider, more or less. With its four rigid legs, it can only
be damaged from the front. Launches countless exploding eggs and balls of
energy in an attempt to toy with its prey for sheer amusement.

HP: 480, LV: 44, STR: 225, DEF: 191, EXP: 2500, GOLD: 2400

The third most powerful of all the demons. Commands countless minions, and has
the appearance of a gorgeous woman, like her attendants. When angered, she'll
flay every last bit of flesh from the bones of her prey.

HP: 510, LV: 49, STR: 238, DEF: 219, EXP: 3500, GOLD: 2500

The puppetmaster with the Cleria Cloak who commands the demons. Born of pure
demon heritage, making him invulnerable to magic. Only Darm is stronger --
and Darm is the only man Dalles answers to.

HP: 510, LV: 51, STR: 278, DEF: 240, EXP: 5000, GOLD: 2550

The source of all magic and all demons. Once guided the land of Ys to
prosperity, but later spawned demonkind. Some call him the devil. His true
form is the Black Pearl -- an item housing unimaginable dark power.

#-# 12. Ys II People #--------------------------------------------------------#

  Note: Many of the entries are leftover from Ys I, and fill up the first page
of the journal. Talk to everyone you can see if you want to fill this up.

1. Feena. A girl Adol rescued from the underground labyrinth of the shrine
during his previous adventure. She was revealed to be one of the Goddesses of
Ys, along with her sister Reah. Offers Adol guidance.

2. Reah. A troubadour Adol met during his previous adventure. Once Adol reached
the land of Ys, he learned that she was actually one of the twin Goddesses.
Offered Adol guidance on his journey.

3. Goban. The leader of a band of honorable thieves, met by Adol during his
previous adventure. Feared by the villagers, but beloved by his men. Descended
from one of the Priests of Ys: Tovah.

4. Luta Gemma. A sleepwalking poet Adol met on his previous adventure. Adol
later met him again in Darm Tower, and received a mystical charm from him.
Luta is descended from one of the Priests of Ys: Gemma.

5. Jeba Tobah. Goban's mother, and Sara's cousin. Met by Adol on his previous
adventure. Lives in Zepik Village, and is a very kindly soul. Descended from
one of the Priests of Ys: Tovah.

6. Sara. A fortuneteller Adol met on his previous adventure. Recognized him
immediately as the legendary brave soul destined to save the land. Guided Adol
on his way, but paid the ultimate price.

7. Dogi. One of Goban's men, with a penchant for breaking walls. Rescued Adol
from prison on his previous adventure, as well as Luta Gemma. Strong, kindly
and loyal, he and Adol quickly became friends.

8. Dark Fact. A descendant of one of the six Priests of Ys: Fact. Was corrupted
by evil. Intending to take over the world by utilizing the Books of Ys. Adol
faced off against him, and thwarted his plans.

9. Priest Tovah. A Priest from the ancient kingdom of Ys. Supported the twin
Goddesses, and was the governing priest of Power. Both Goban and Jeba are

10. Priest Dabbie. A Priest from the ancient kingdom of Ys. Supported the twin
Goddesses, and was the governing priest of Light. It is unknown if there are
any descendants.

11. Priest Hadal. A Priest from the ancient kingdom of Ys. Supported the twin
Goddesses, and was the governing priest of Earth. It is unknown if there are
any descendants.

12. Priest Mesa. A Priest from the ancient kingdom of Ys. Supported the twin
Goddesses, and was the governing priest of Time. It is unknown if there are
any descendants.

13. Priest Gemma. A Priest from the ancient kingdom of Ys. Supported the twin
Goddesses, and was the governing priest of Wisdom. Luta is a current
descendant of this lineage.

14. Priest Fact. A Priest from the ancient kingdom of Ys. Supported the twin
Goddesses, and was the governing priest of Spirit. Dark Fact was a
descendant of this lineage.

15. Lilla. A young girl from Lance. Nursed Adol back to health after his
arrival in Ys. A kind, gentle girl beloved by young and old alike within the
village. Lives with her mother, Banoa.

16. Banoa. An old woman from Lance. Helped take care of Adol after his arrival
in Ys, and kindly worried over him even after he recovered. Lives with her
daughter, Lilla.

17. Astal. A young man who guards the entrance to the abandoned Rasteenie
Mine, where demons have been spotted of late. Dependable and well-likedamongst
the villagers.

18. Leonor Rall. A young man from Lance. Brother of Dr. Flair Rall, he studies
medicine under him as his apprentice. When Dr. Flair was away, he did his best
to care for Adol. Obsessively devoted.

19. Flair Rall. A doctor from Lance. A very talented, popular man. After being 
rescued from a cave-in, he learned of Lilla's illness by letter, and asked
Adol to gather the ingredients needed for a cure.

20. Nurse Sarina. A quick-witted "Hello, Nurse!" nurse from Lance. Works in
Dr. Flair's clinic. Sought after by many men, but is presently single. Been
a nurse for 4 years, and is now 21 years old.

21. Elder Cornell. The elder of Lance. When he saw the Books of Ys, he advised
Adol to return them to the Sanctuary of Toal. Also said he witnessed two girls
resembling the twin Goddesses. Loves sunbathing.

22. Natasha. Elder Cornell's wife. Calmly settled in her ways, she seems at
peace with the world. Sensitive and kind, never forgetting to treat the
villagers with respect. Her hobby is knitting.

23. Guido. An armorer from Lance. Been busy since the demon revival 6 months
ago. Though he has assistants, he can't get the materials he needs to forge
armor anymore. Renowned for his heavy drinking.

24. Jade. An item trader from Lance. Values his work more than the money he
makes from it. Loves chatting with his customers more than anything else. His
one vial of Elixir is the pride of his shop.

25. Gila. A young man from Lance who values calm and solitude above all else.
Usually immersed in his thoughts, but lately has been troubled by unexplained
noises. Greatly enjoys poetry.

26. Leggs. An old man with great knowledge of magic and the legends of Ys.
Spends his days staring at the Goddess statues, which causes the villagers to
joke about him. Remains a bachelor.

27. Lazlo. A lance villager skilled in armorcrafting. Due to the demons,
however, he can't get the Iron Ore he needs, which has depressed him greatly.
Has a wife, Tess, and a son, Tran.

28. Tess. Lazlo's wife, and Tran's mother. Hopelessly devoted to her family,
and greatly concerned by Lazlo's recent bouts of depression. Wishes he could
get the Iron Ore he needs to resume working.

29. Tran. Son of Lazlo and Tess. Respects his hard-working father a great
deal, and cannot bear to see him so troubled. His ambition is to follow in his
daddy's footsteps as a smithy.

30. Larsen. Lance's gate guard, sworn to protect the village from demons at
all costs. Dozes off on hot days, but seems to have been successful thus far
nonetheless. Lives with his mother, Lucille.

31. Bohtz. A miner from Lance. Sheila's husband, and father to Kris and Ceres.
Wishes he could return to work at the mine, but respects his family's wishes
too much to put himself in danger like that.

32. Sheila. Bohtz's wife, and mother to Kris and Ceres. Worries about her
husband due to the demons in the mine. Normally a sweet, motherly type, but
can be scarier than any demon when enraged.

33. Kris. The elder of two twins from Lance, and the joker of the pair.
Always together with her sister, Ceres. She isn't scared of the demons at
all, but is absolutely terrified when her mother gets mad.

34. Ceres. The younger of two twins from Lance. Always together with her
sister, Kris. Isn't scared of the demons at all, but is absolutely terrified
when her mother gets mad. Idolizes her big sis.

35. Brody. A man from Lance Village. Lives with his mother, Beth, and his
wife, Marina. He's a fun-loving soul, but all the depressing rumors of late
have begun getting him down.

36. Marina. A housewife from Lance. Worries about the safety of the village,
but is even more concerned by the constant rise in prices for basic
commodities due to a dwindling supply.

37. Beth. An old woman from Lance. Lives with her son, Brody, and Marina,
his wife. Acts like she's farsighted, but may be faking it for attention.
Wants grandchildren, but refuses to tell anyone.

38. Caesaria. An old woman from Lance Village. Works as a housekeeper for
Astal and Leggs. Since those two are so often out at the Ruins of Moondoria,
she often gets the house all to herself.

39. Andy. A man living in Lance who's been hearing strange noises from
underground ever since the demons first appeared. He tries to ignore them,
but can't help listening whenever they start up again.

40. Oseam. An old man from Lance Village. Settled in the area long ago, and
laments the recent changes in the land. An old friend of Leggs' and an overall
compassionate man.

41. Kate. An outwardly AND inwardly calm housewife; well-matched with her
kindly husband, the one and only Jade. Like any stereotypical wife, her
hobbies include cookery and idle gossip.

42. Lucille. Larsen's mother, and a resident of Lance Village. Possesses some
psychic powers, and has recently been made aware of an evil presence at
Gila's House

43. Masontorch. A gossipy girl from Lance who loves learning secrets, but
loves telling them even more -- and since people know that, they're usually
not eager to share any with her. Looks great with a ponytail.

44. Colt. A boy from Lance who hates being treated like a kid. Talks like a
ruffian, but is actually a very kind, compassionate little man. Always plays
together with Tita, and adores Lilla.

45. Tita. A girl from Lance who gets jealous of pretty much everything. Tends
to yammer a bit, and follows Colt everywhere, playing games around the
village. As with Colt, she also adores Lilla.

46. Esca. A young girl from Lance, and a friend of Lilla's, Wonders if
there's any future for Adol and Lilla as a couple. A cheerful, lively soul,
who loves to get herself mixed up in the affairs of others.

47. Lucy. Younger sister to Theo, the pikkard-keeper. Has a rather charming
lisp. At Theo's behest, she tends to the needs of the penned pikkards in
Lance. Loves writing lyrics and naming pikkards.

48. Theo. A pikkard-keeper who's been raising his livestock in the village
since the advent of the monsters. Sometimes lets his sister, Lucy, tend
them, but has begun to question the wisdom of that decision.

49. Polo. A young man from Lance who always thinks, but never acts. He's
generally thought of as being full of hot air, and most people have learned
to ignore his ramblings.

50. Saffron. A woman from lance who's recently been tormented by ominous
howling sounds from below the ground every single night. They keep her
awake, and as a result, she's constantly exhausted.

51. Ruba. A man from the Colony of Lava. Minds the drawbridge at the north
end of the village, but it seems to be out of order right now, so no one is
able to cross. Has a son named Tarf.

52. Tarf. A boy from the Colony of Lava. Ruba's son. Recently abducted by
demons and imprisoned in a cave. Became rather attached to Adol after being
rescued by him. Thinks of Adol as a big bro.

53. Fred. A man from the Colony of Lava. Has a stern temperament, and greets
Adol with harsh words on their first encounter. Lives with his wife, Natalie.

54. Natalie. A woman from the Colony of Lava. Lives with her cranky husband
and one black cat. In contrast to her husband's nervousness, Natalie is a
rather calm, cool woman. The cat's name is Van Treine.

55. Noit. A man from the Colony of Lava. Lives a mostly carefree existence,
worrying more about the disappearance of the Roos than the demons outside
the village. Married to Rafa.

56. Rafa. A woman from the Colony of Lava. Her husband Noit's devil-may-
care attitude worries her more than the demons outside the village. Has a
personality very similar to that of her husband.

57. Rex. An old man from the Colony of Lava. Despite his age, he's
actually very healthy. Honest and forthright, which means he's awful at
keeping secrets. His granddaughter's influence keeps him young.

58. Chelnie. Rex's granddaughter, from the Colony of Lava. Been unable to
play with her friend Tarf lately, so she's gotten a bit bored. With no
female friends to play with, too, she's a bit of a tomboy.

59. Favre. An old man from the Colony of Lava. Used to work as the drawbridge
guard, but has entrusted that duty to a new generation now. A kind man,
respected by all the villagers. 

60. Elle. A girl from the Colony of Lava. A bit shy, and makes a cold first
impression. Comes across as rude, but is actually a very kind person who loves

61. Meryl. A woman from the Colony of Lava. Speaks curtly, but is very kind at
heart. Friends with Raga, and loves to dish out secrets with her about her
husband, Carson. Rafa generally returns the favor.

62. Carson. A man from the Colony of Lava. Tends the south-side drawbridge.
Sometimes visits the Ice Ridge to cool off, but always feels nervous doing so.
Married to Meryl (an older woman -- egads!!)
63. Ischt. Kasim's son, from the Colony of Lava. Mischevious and full of
energy. Hopes to set off on an adventure of his own one day. Good friends with
Tarf, and often talks of his grand plans with him.

64. Kasim. A man from the Colony of Lava. Ischt's father, and he constantly
worries about his son. Often seems overly strict, but he's really just a
concerned parent.

65. Flonne. A gentle soul from the Colony of Lava with long, glossy black
hair. Qiuet and polite, she is beloved by children. She gets on very well
with her cousin, Elle, even though they are complete opposites.

66. Darie. An old woman from the Colony of Lava. Often seems a bit clueless
and loopy, but not due to her age -- apparently, she's always been like that!
Can't see or hear well, but can gossip with the best.

67. Nash. A young man from the Colony of Lava. Commonly thought to be a bit
wishy-washy, but is actually a logical, level-headed individual. Hasn't a
mean bone in his body -- he's as nice as can be!

68. Roodle. It's a frightened Roo! Was driven into hiding by the demons, and
now fears them. As such, he refuses to leave the nest, only occasionally
peeking his head out to reaffirm his safety.

69. Brooce. It's a gentlemanly Roo! Loves to chat, and loves to lecture other
Roos on the art of gentlemanliness. Has a brother named Tallyroo who
constantly talks about him behind his back.

70. Tallyroo. It's a gossipy Roo! Tells anyone and everyone who'll listen all
about his brother Brooce, claiming "it's a secret" every time. Tallyroo is the
youngest of these adorable little critters.

71. Touroose. It's a hospitable Roo! Can go a bit overboard on the niceties, 
but in general, he's very polite and courteous, offering passers-by a spot to
rest beside a tree in the Roos' Nest.

72. Prooto. It's an optimistic Roo! One who won't let the fact that the demons
drove the Roos from their habitat get him down. Considers laughter the best
medicine, and loves living in the Roos' Nest.

73. Roo-kie. It's a curious Roo! Gentle and kindly, but also a bit sneaky.
Loves to escape the nest and explore, and saw a demon walking deep into the
Moat of Burnedbless with a human child the other day.

74. Rooroo. It's a cutesy Roo! When Adol introduced himself after turning into
a Roo, she dubbed him "Ado-roo." Speaks softly, but carries a big... friendly
disposition. Stick. Or something.

75. Droozy. It's a sleeping Roo! Quite literally, Droozy is always asleep. No
one's ever seen him awake. The only reason anyone knows he's alive is because
of his snoring. What might he be dreaming of?

76. Keith. A friendly demon who can communicate with humans. Was imprisoned
with Tarf in the dungeon at Burnedbless. Appears to be fighting on the
humans' side, so he's constantly targeted.

77. Gorto. A young gate guard from Ramia. A woman in his dreams told him to
lend Adol assistance, so he offers advice and aid from the moment Adol sets
foot in Ramia.

78. Lloyd. An old man from Ramia who yearns for the peaceful days of old, and
pities the young generation who have to grow up alongside demons. Lives with
his grandson, Gorto, and a white cat, Sardinette.

79. Hadat. A wise and popular man from Ramia, relied upon by many for his
knowledge and experience, is presently worried for his son, who entered
Solomon Shrine alone to rescue his fiancee.

80. Sada. Hadat's son. Brave and devoted, he forced his way into Solomon
Shrine alone to rescue his fiancee from the demons. Was turned to stone, but
Adol broke the curse. Gives Adol his sword.

81. Maria. A girl from Ramia who was abducted by the demons and sent to the
bell tower to be sacrificed. Was living with her mother, Karen, and was
scheduled to marry Sada in the very near future.

82. Karen. Maria's mother. Weeps when she hears the sacrificial bell toll, as
she knows the horror it signifies. Has been sewing and tailoring a wedding
dress for Maria's marriage to Sada.

83. Regg. Old Man Regg. An eccentric old coot from Ramia who studies artifacts
from the Shrine of Solomon, and can speak the language of the monsters. Has a
healing well in his basement, strangely.

84. Zalem. A weapons dealer from Ramia who looks good -- and knows it! Her
customers seem more interested in her long, black hair and revealing outfits
than her weapons. She, however, loves swords.

85. Frau. A young girl from Ramia, ja? Maria's best friend since they were but
wee little Kindern together. Used to be positive and full of energy, but
Maria's abduction really got her feeling schiecht.

86. Frith. A man from Ramia who's been charged with keeping people out of
Burnedbless, but is usually at the village entrance tending to the goats.
Has become concerned over Regg's deepening depression.

87. Blitz. A man from Ramia Village. Has a young daughter named Tanya and a
wife named Paulie, who is 15 years his junior. Together, they constantly
worry about when the demons may strike next.

88. Paulie. Blitz's wife, and Tanya's mother. Has been ill at ease since the
demons first began attacking. Sympathizes deeply with Karen, whose daughter
was taken -- a fate Paulie fears for Tanya.

89. Tanya. A girl from Ramia Village. Blitz and Paulie's only daughter. Has
grown too frightened to leave her home since witnessing demons attack the

90. Neal. A young man from Ramia who works the opposite shift of Gorto,
guarding the village entrance from demons. Was once a cheerful and sociable
youth, but the demon attacks have driven him batty.

91. Faye. A boy from Ramia who bore witness to Maria's abduction and now seeks
to grow strong in order to protect his own family. Totally fearless, but
would never go against his parents' wishes for him.

92. Muto. A young man from Ramia. Tends the graves of those who lost their
lives to the demons. A sensitive soul who does what he feels he must, but
hates every moment of it on principle alone.

93. Jill. An old woman from Ramia Village. Obsessively concerns herself
over Karen, who's shut herself up in her house after the demons took Maria.

94. Reise. A woman living in Ramia Village. Sociable almost to a fault,
accepting strangers with open arms. A courageous woman who never complains,
no matter the hardship. Frau and Faye's mother.

95. Rimera. A girl living in Ramia Village. Wanders frantically through the
village looking for her father, Kyle, who was taken by the demons. Seems
almost like a confused puppy that lost its master.

96. Kyle. A man from Ramia Village who was taken by the demons. He escaped
from confinement before becoming a sacrifice, and hid in the Subterranean
Canal. Has a young daughter back in Ramia named Rimera.

97. Boris. A man from Ramia Village, who was taken by the demons. Was rescued
by Keith, and is now hiding in the Subterranean canal. Keith, a friendly
demon, oddly reminds him of his dead friend from Ramia.

98. Ed. A man from Ramia Village, who was taken by the demons. Was rescued by
Keith, and thus escaped the sacrificial ceremony. Unable to leave the Shrine,
he stays hidden in the Subterranean Canal.

#-# 13. Ys II Experience Progression #----------------------------------------#

  Level     Experience             Level     Experience
   1               0                29           10400
   2              50                30           11500
   3             100                31           12900
   4             200                32           14300
   5             300                33           15900
   6             400                34           17800
   7             500                35           20000
   8             600                36           22000
   9             700                37           24500
  10             800                38           26500
  11            1000                39           29000
  12            1200                40           31000
  13            1500                41           33500
  14            1700                42           35500
  15            2000                43           38000
  16            2300                44           40000
  17            2700                45           42500
  18            3100                46           44500
  19            3500                47           47000
  20            4000                48           49000
  21            4500                49           51500
  22            5000                50           53500
  23            5500                51           56000
  24            6100                52           58000
  25            6700                53           59500
  26            7500                54           62500
  27            8400                55           65500
  28            9400

#-# 14. Ys II Extra Material #------------------------------------------------#

--- 14.1 Gifts for the Villagers --- 

  One thing you can do is give Apples and Marle Flowers to people in the towns
for advice or gifts. Keep an eye out on the bubbles near their heads, and when
they reach a symbol of three hearts, they're at the highest regard for Adol.
Once there, you could get a special gift if you keep giving. Otherwise, there
is only advice and different dialog. Some may give a 'mascot' for their gifts.

  I haven't figured out all the details yet, but I am still working on both
who accepts gifts and how many before a reward is given out. And nothing has
seemed wanted by the Roos, so only so many people will give you something.

- Larsen will tell you about a hidden treasure chest inside Rasteenie, which
is just an empty box. "Find it, you'll be glad you did!" I have not yet found
this box.

- Theo will give you [Smoked Meat] if you give him roughly five gifts. 

- Lucy will give a [Meat Pie] for three gifts. 

- Nash will allow you to have some [Raw Meat] in exchange for six gifts, but
only after you save Tarf from the demons. 

- Zalem requires no less than six gifts before giving Adol some [Cruberry Pie]
as a return gift.

--- 14.2 Mascots --- 

  A fun little extra is a "mascot" you can pin to the screen as you play. They
take the form of a sprite captured and left to dangle at the place you
designate. Some of them are available when you begin, and others have to be
earned. For instance, each monster has a mascot earned by completing their
bestiary entry completely (killing it enough to fill all the fields with
numbers). Each character can be given gifts to raise their appreciation of
Adol, and when it reaches the maximum level the mascot will be unlocked.

  - "Photogenic Lilla" is earned by defeating any boss without being hit.
  - "Roo" is earned by finding the Roos' Lair.
  - "I Heart Zalem" can be earned by learning her measurements from Nash.

  There are countless others which can be earned, but I am rather afraid I
don't quite know how to get them. There is a remarkably deep list on the
GameFAQs forum for this game, so feel free to consult that for hints or

  Also, after starting a new game, I was surprised to see the mascots I had
earned before had been carried over!

#-# 15. Credits #-------------------------------------------------------------#

  First of all, let me give credit to XSeed who localized this game for North
American markets. I enjoyed the first Ys on an NES ROM image, and that is one
of my first walkthroughs as well. I was unable to find the actual game, though
I was always reminded of seeing advertisements for it buried in a Sears
catalog. But to bring the three games they have over was a great thing, and I
appreciate the effort!

  Secondly, I must give further credit to the writers of the Turbo CD entries
on GameFAQs for getting me through that game when I played it on Virtual
Console six months ago. Without them, I wouldn't have made it through that
version of the game and would have been a little lost at some points playing
this game.

  Lastly, to the people who were on the GameFAQs forums and posted useful
information ('Wyrmwad', especially, for his few hints), I give you sincere

  If anyone has information to offer for inclusion, please feel free to send
me an e-mail. My email address is: simon_kereminde at hotmail.com. Please do
not send me spam. If you send me questions or information about this
walkthrough, please - PLEASE, state it in the topic line!

  In closing, I hope this was informative and helpful. Have fun playing and
let people know how much you enjoyed this game. The Ys series needs some