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Where are the locations for the moonsong bell?

Just got back to from the twilight zone city iska and was handed a moonsong bell from geis.I know it is used on the mysterious red emblem sites ive seen while adventuring...I just cannot for the life of me remember where they all are.Could someone please list their general location.Thanks.


randomweirdo answered:

I've found three locations where you'll need it so far. East Altago plains near the Shannoa Forest is one. That will lead you to pretty close to the second one which is in that cave that leads to the Segram Desert. Once you get through both of those, you'll end up real close to Kylos. You don't need one to get to Segram later, just warp back to the cave entrance and run through the cave like you did before.

The one on the East Altago Plains is in an area that leads to a dead end. Just make sure to look in every nook and cranny once you get out of the forest and you'll find it.

As far as the third one? It's in a later dungeon, you can't miss it pretty much.
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