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Asked: 5 years ago

Is in this game hentai scenes?

I mean like other games when you defeat someone, she will tear her outfit and get naked (breast)

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From: ibanez_alex 5 years ago

No. There are no hentai scenes.

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Well its not exactly hentai, but you can say they won't really show naked scenes but just a small part of it. like they show boobs but not the whole thing

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There is no hentai in this game. It does show A LOT of skin especially the breast area. Sometimes it shows their rear view which can sometimes show their panties.

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As the person before me said, this is a game baed of a highly ecchi anime series, so you can expect to see a lot of boobs, cleavages and panty shots, etc. It basically follows the anime 'rule' that when someone gets injured, he/she will not have any marks on the body itself, but more and more clothing will get torn off as the character gets injured further.
But if you were looking for hentai, this is obviously not the place, and I suggest you go look somewhere else for it, this is, after all, a PG site/forum.

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