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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get past to rotating wheel im stuck i cant go up? me guys i love htis games but im stuck?

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Mind specify where this "rotating wheel" is?

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It would help a lot if you clarified the exact section that you are referring to (specifically the circle of hell its located in, and any defining landmarks.) There are quite a few rotating wheels, especially in Greed.

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If I'm correct u can't go up because it is not possible! if I'm right just jump on the right wheel then skip the wheel where you from, and then just jump to the next one in the left!. ^_^

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lol. i noe what you are referring to cuz i faced e same problem.

just jump to the 2ND ROTATING platform from you and, from there, jump to the higher rotating platform on the left.
the next is easy.
just follow the platforms to your left where you can find health and mana replenishes.

if you explored the rotating platforms you will find a soul higher up to punish or absolve. but theres a VERTICAL rotating disc which blocks your way. havent manage to discover a way to get there yet.

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Use the righteous path skill to lengthen your jump to the far wheel.

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Guys im already at the fourth rotating circle situated at the right most i jz cant reach the fifth rotating circle whch is at the center (with rotating vertical circle) even though i jump high enough...

hw cn i use th righteous path skill...

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Well see it took me a while to get that too but the trick isn't to go over the second wheel but in front its quite easy actually just jump forward off that platform and make a second jump to the right and you should grab on to the ledge. Hope this helps :)

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