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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
How can i win a title? Answered 1
How i unlock Kratos and Angol to customization for character? Answered 9
Plot Help status answers
Is your character intergrated? Open 1
Other Help status answers
Can you change your physique of a custom character like in SC4? Answered 1
Can you create a custom character? Answered 6
Can you use the D-pad for controls? Answered 1
Character roster? Answered 1
Does this game have a Tournement mode? Answered 2
Dyagnall input!? Answered 1
Help with The Gauntlet Chapter 33-1? Answered 1
Hey, just looking for a vincent valentine CAS formula? Open 1
Hmm..cosplays in the game? just place yours..XD Open 3
How come no-one's answered my question yet? D8 Answered 2
How do I beat chapter 4-2? Open 2
How do you break off your armor manually? Answered 1
How do you capture screens from a PSP game? Answered 1
How do you perform Hilde's stage 4 charge attacks? Open 1
How many levels of the gauntlet are there? Answered 2
How many size is the Data Install and what happen if i install that? Open 4
How to break someone's armor?? Answered 1
How to break your opponents armor very fast?? Open 2
How to change outfit to underwears in battle? Answered 1
How to get all armor? Open 1
How to make all of your armor come of in a battle? Answered 1
How to strip / uncloth ur opponent? Open 1
How'd i do this move? Answered 1
I beat the trial of attack with every character and I beat the gauntlet but I didnt get the honor "radient skyscrap Open 2
Innocent Artist Honor? Open 2
Is Cloud and Sephiroth in this Game? Open 1
Is the CAS mode more like SC3 or SC4? Answered 1
Is there a free play mode? Answered 1
Is there a Infrastructure mode? Open 1
Is there I way I can copy my custom characters from one save to another? Answered 1
Titles? Answered 3
What happens when you get all the honors? Open 4
What is the "Installation" on options mode? Answered 2
What? Open 1
Who are the new characters to Broken Destiny? Answered 4
Will items from a previous save file carry over to any other save file I make? Answered 1

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