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Sasori last form who can unlock him?


qqrec2 provided additional details:

I alredy beat all game,but i havent unlock him, in hyper mode he didnt transform((


jmcdonaldxman answered:

You can't unlock Sasori Last form its just:

Hiruko Sasori
3rd Kazekage Sasori

thats it
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allenbishop34 answered:

First unlock 3rd kazekage sasori but when your playing as him in battle mode run away from the enemy so that they will only throw shurkens at u till your hyper gauge is full then press the button for hyper mode then u will have true form sasori thats the only way to ply as him.
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allenbishop34 answered:

Oh yah u also have to beat story mode akatsuki mode with al the akatsuki and then in hyper gauge u can use sasori true form.
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Cachalot1 answered:

That are all legends. Sasori has only 2 playable forms. No matter in hyper mode or not.
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kid_fox answered:

Just wait for someone who has a perfect game then we'll know for sure whats what, (have all gold stars, and beat every mode with every character)
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admund answered:

If u fought a character in the game, u should be able to play him/her.

Look at how tsunade and jiraiya avoided every battle - thus, u can't play them.
So there's gotta be a way for Sasori true form
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lan517 answered:

Kid fox well that would be me i have all the secret achievments and beat akatsuki mode with all akatsuki members and completed all the missions and im sad to say that i still havent obtained sasori final form so i have officially counted my game as 100% finished until someone else proves otherwise (but i dont see what else there is to beat that i havent)
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garyisdabest answered:

UMM admund if u say if u fought a character in the game, u should able to use the character then i saw sasuke use sharingan in battle mode then how i unlock sharingan for sasuke?
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admund answered:

garyisdabest ~ i think, based on my experience playing. u gotta find that rare jutsu scroll that each default character doesn't have unlocked. Like guy's asakujaku. Neiji's aim palm jutsu. Tenten's ninja tool summoning jutsu. Kakashi's mangekyo sharingan.

If i'm wrong correct me ya.
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heroy1000 answered:

To have a 100% complete like me you need all gold stars all survival missions complete all characters used on scenario even sai and sasuke and akatsuki i have 100 %
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PierrotSan answered:

it Can't be unlock i think..
i already get all gold stars all survival missions complete all characters used on scenario even sai and sasuke and akatsuki, even make sasori 3rd kazekage to lv 99 but it won't unlock..
i think if i make sasori 3rd kazekage lv 99 it may unlock but no..
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Lexaes answered:

sorry but you can only unlock the first 2 forms of Sasori (Hiruko and 3rd Kazekage puppet)
...but has anyone completed Akatsuki mode with both forms of Sasori? considering you can battle Puppet Sasori and you can't play as/against Jiraiya or Tsunade this could, but doubtfully, be the case
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jason3496 answered:

Only way to get true form of sasori is this there no way in this game but in naruto accel 3 for psp yes some like a better version of this game but can't move around.
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07tenorior answered:

THE ONE WHO BELIEVES that thers sasori real form are all big dummy!!!there r only 18 characters!!!!
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dragonnaruto answered:

First i beat all the things like missions story and the akatsuki mode i got all chars in akatsuki mode beat and i got the mangekyo sharingan for kakashi and the sharingan for sasuke (o and i beat the survival mission too) but i cant get the true form of sasori if i do ill tell u how to get it and i think u can get it but it's a rare char or a scroll to unlock him so it'll b hard to get him
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julienKoenig answered:

I have made a TempAR code to play as Sasori, i can give it to you but it's eu.
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