Question from Yuga_Ryu

How could i hatch monster egg???

I got 1 by trading 20 cp in collection souk,but i don't know how to use could i place it in action mode??

Yuga_Ryu provided additional details:

Thnx man!!!!
that worked well i gotta farm some more cp n trade 'em with some eggs

milikan asked for clarification:

Does i need a alias to put the egg, i tried to go on the spot but i cannot put the egg?

Accepted Answer

Seiryu82 answered:

There are some areas where you can set them like:
Ronikas Sky city, Sunraio forrest, Umari Island, Frost Wood, Forest of Light
You can set them to a warm place in action mode (a little blinking point on some of the maps)
After you set a Monster egg, come back after a few battles. Then destroy the egg in action mode, where the Egg will hatch and you will engage a battle where you can catch the monster.
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