Question from guling2

Where can I find ancient tool?

It say it need treasure chest to get it, i find tons of chest but still can't find.

gunderex asked for clarification:

Where do you find the ancient text too? it says drill mages but i cant find any


mornsta answered:

Ancient tool:
Unlock "Treasure box" option, and order it. Unsure if terrain matters.

Don't have the option?
->Advance in the story (talk to all npcs, gain quests, complete them)
->Clear some citizen quest (Office)
After doing the above the next day Karla receptionist will say Treasure box option is available.
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mornsta answered:

Ancient text:
Got it!
Treasure box X2
Treasure box X1
Found a baboon looking Drill mage. It's weak to physical attacks. Don't bother with magic.
Took 3 battles in Cave B2 to get it.
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minefeldip2 answered:

The ancient tool can be found in treasure box and the ancient text can be found by ordering:
-cave with beastman ( this way is very rare to find the monster ) or if you summon wizards in caves (you can only summon wizards after the chapter 22.
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