Question from hobomanfan123

Can you unlock alien x in the game?

I really wanna know so it will be more fun.


arceus17 answered:

Maybe not
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NarutoAxel3 answered:

No but it'll be great if he's in the game.
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NarutoAxel3 answered:

All alien x can do is wish then it will become true.How do we do it then?We wish for all enemies to die then the game will be tooooo easy.And boring
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charlezmaxime answered:

The most powerfull alien and profesor paradox say dont use alien x
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pj8 answered:

Nao da para o usar o alien x no jogo, mas no final ele aparece, mas vc nao pode usa-lo.
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barrage2333 answered:

Nope, so don't even hope
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