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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i win a tables match?

I'm using Triple H, and i've been beating Jeff Hardy to a pulp in a table match for at least 2 hours!!! How do i win this match? I can't seem to get him on a table so i can end this thing!

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From: AsianBum 5 years ago

2hours? LOL... it is very simple.

1. max your momentum bar.
2. setup the table.
3. Irish whip your opponent to the table that is setup; does matter where the table is.
4. press the triangle button; and execute your finisher.

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Press the strong grapple and lead him 2 a table and press triangle that it

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Its not that hard set up a table anyway you want then make sure you have a full momentum bar is ful the irish whip him in to it then when hes on it wait one second and use you finisher and watch your opponite get smacshed through a table

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First off, momentum bar has to be full. If the table is leaning against the turnbuckle, Irish whip your opponent into it, then go up to him and press triangle.

If the table ISN'T in the corner, strong grapple and drag your opponent towards the table.

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Smash chris jerico through a table.

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Press circle and up when he is leaning against a table and be against chris jerico jeffs my favorite wrestler

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