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How can i use my hanger unit weapons? 2
Where could i find the op-intensify? 1
Zinaida Impossible to beat in the PSP version? 2
Wut is the best strategy fur beating the last level? 1
Differnce? 2
Disarming weapons hell? 1
How du u fire cannon weapons without adopting a firing stance(besides equipping tank or quad legs)? 1
How do u get the various 6 endings? 1
How to hold back weapons without leaning? 1
So is it really that bad? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Which parts are more balanced? 0
Creating a good ac? 0
How to make the strongest ac? 5
How to use back weapons without leaning and the op-intensify? 1
Jack-O anyone? 1
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