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How do I do a hold up?

How do I do a hold up and which guns are better then others at hold ups? (its when your guys says FREEZE and the enemy puts his hands behind his head and gets on the floor)
I did it once but its hard i know you have to get behind and enemy and point your gun at them but it doesnt work.....HOW CLOSE DO I HAVE TO GET......CAN I DO HOLD UPS WITH ALL GUNS.......thanks.....

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tmujir955 answered:

You can do a holdup with any gun you can do CQC with (for example, Mk. 22).

To hold someone up, approach them from behind SLOWLY (this can be done crouching or standing). When you get close enough, the prompt for CQC with pop up. Instead of doing CQC, aim your gun. Snake will yell "Freeze!" and the soldier will get down.

Sometimes, it won't work. All you have to do is get a little bit closer to the enemy.
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JUNKER1953 answered:

You have top sneak up to the point where the CQC logo comes up. Somes times closer. I only think you can do it with hand guns.
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opfer_gv answered:

Can hold up with ANY guns (for example, possible with LAW or Mosin Nagant) just aim it right behind the enemy.
Like others said, CQC icon is good measure to know how close you have to get near to hold up.
Does not work inside smoke though..
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