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How can i beat extra ops 91?

The hinds missiles inflicts overkill dmg to me!!
a hit from the missiles make me consume 2 rank 5 rations.

please post any suggestions regarding to this??

ResonanceOfSoul provided additional details:

What equipment should I use??
are battle dress/armor +rpg7 rank3 ,gustav rank 4 and a m60 AP(armor piercing)
effective against it or should I use weapons?

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Talatat answered:

I suggest just beating it for now. Save the S rank for when you get the fulton launcher.

Bring a rocket launcher that has lock on capability.
bring a cardboard box
bring the M60 with armor piercing bullets.

That's all you need to beat it.

Now when the mission starts, turn around and go into that little shed and hide along the back wall in the bottom right corner.
When the chopper is out of sight and not close to you and the soldiers are far enough away. Take a head shot and kill one or two soldiers with one bullet each.
Then run and into the bottom left corner and hide in the cardboard box.
The soldiers will come and investigate, as long as you're in the bottom left corner, you'll be fine.

When everything returns to normal, you repeat the strategy above until all guards are dead.
You should have completed it without alerting the captain, he should then come right out without having to damage the chopper.

Take out the lock on missile launcher (FIM, XFIM) and aim for the captain and only for the captain.
One shot will kill him allowing you to beat the mission and obtain the chopper.

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opfer_gv answered:

Run to side way if missiles are coming or hit it with esplosives when it is try to launch missile.
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Alesmook answered:

Maybe try to use Smoke Grenade + C. Gustav (FR. Fulton), then when You capture all tropps - kill pilot.
Or unlock Stealth Camo. and finish it in 5 minutes.
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Okenking answered:

use a soldier with the decoy skill and 9999 life/psyche, the missiles/bombs will not kill you...just take you down to low HP...very low. this op is also better done with 2-4 people (2 people on guards/healing and 2 guys shooting/distracting the chopper) as for weapons you c.gustav rank 4 rpg7 rank 3 is good, pack a gun that fires AP ammo for good measure, or a sniper rifle! good luck!
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Talatat answered:

Also, when you kill a soldier, and the commander piloting the helicopter says "What! Go have a look", DO NOT take another shot at another soldier, because you will immediately be spotted by the chopper. And remember, the position of the helicopter is priority to taking any random shots at soldiers, because if the chopper is too close, you will be spotted.
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Kwingster answered:

For brute force, try standing where you start and shooting as many guards as you can. When more are sent out, hide behind one of the sheds. Repeat until you're spotted, then just run around with an armor-piercing machine gun and kill off all the soldiers first. The last thing you need to do is fire on the chopper once all the guys are gone. You'll want an X-FIM for when it's moving, and when it halts (right before it launches missiles), use the Carl Gustav on it.

For sneaking, hold up all of the guys, or use Smoke Grenades on them, then place Fulton mines and shoot them from a distance to set them off. Repeat until they're all gone. Use NVG to see in smoke.
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JarodXG_basic answered:

For stealth, equip m21 rank 5 and stealth mat. Shoot them one by one in the head then if they go find you use stealth mat..Then if all soldiers are down shoot a rocket on the captain.
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