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How do I beat Pupa?

I know missiles work well and I can only carry 6 Laws and 7 rpgs in.
Then I'm stuck with grenades that dont hit the pod. And it'll still have 1 bar on the top left, wtf can I do??

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sieferlookalike answered:

The battle suit isn't available until AFTER you beat pupa for the first time, so that's not going to help. But opfer_gv is right about the supply markers.

Use the M60 and the RPG, but don't empahsize the missiles since you have to reload constantly. HIt it with the M60 whenever it's on the ground instead since you can fire continuously for a long time without reloading. Keep strafing while shooting to minimize being hit by gunfire.Use the RPG if it climbs the walls (try to lead it). Use the supply markers when it 'jumps' to get more ammo/rations.
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opfer_gv answered:

Next time bring Supply Marker, which can call supply box to replenish your ammo.
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pavlicdyshko answered:

Well hope i answer your question and and get my answer accpeted but PUPA is very easy if you got the right gear my loadout is right here but check if you have a BATTLESUIT if you do wear it only and boss fights its bad sneaking but it increases your overall ammo and gives you 1 EXTRA WEAPON SLOT the slot were you carry and acutal gun now loadout is here
1.M60 or any other heavy machine once you run out of rockets
2.RPG7 or RPG2
4.Its not a gun but its fits in the other weapon slot SUPPLY MARKER (it repleanshes you ammo and some items very uselful exceprt lowers heriousm after excessive use but oonly by like 2 points)
2.FOOD get the point just load up and food to heal you
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gamer_reloaded answered:

I second seifer's strategy... although the M16 will work just as well as the M60 if you don't wanna lug that heavy thing around. ALWAYS make sure to leave enough ammo to blow up a few of the electricity mines it throws out, or the subsequent electric storm attack will rip you apart (use auto-aim for this).

You WILL run out of ammo on both weapons, so make sure you keep a steady supply handy so as not to run dry (ie use your supply markers early and often). If you shoot out the jet packs on its sides, it will lose the ability to charge at you; however, that means it won't leave the screen either so it's your call.

Finally, I suggest you bring some grenades with you, just in case. Don't use them until the end--once you kill off it's last lifebar you will be prompted to attack the AI pod so you can hop inside. If you don't (and this goes for the other AI weapons too) then it will regenerate 3 life bars and the fun starts all over again, so don't let it happen. Unloading a clip from your machine gun/assault rifle into it will do the job, but if you happen to be out, then those grenades will save you a lot of time.

Good Luck! The Pupa's a pain in the ass the first time around, but as you get better equipment, you'll soon be using it to farm AI boards :D
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parasiteeve2 answered:

Before you get into a boss fight, make sure you bring Supply MK along so you don't run out of ammo.
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blackhawk808 answered:

Equip a "Naked" uniform to boost your speed. Defense isn't an issue if you're able to dodge all of Pupa's attacks.
Use the M60 Machine Gun and the RPG-2, as it has a greater ammo limit than the LAW.
When the Pupa stops, aim and fire your RPG at it, and it should take off at least a bar of health.
Once your RPG ammo is exhausted, switch to your M60 and fire at it from a close distance. This amplifies the amount of damage done. (Far: 600dmg per shot < Close: 700 dmg per shot)
If you are accurate enough, you should be able to take the Pupa down. If you run out of ammo, use a supply marker.

I managed to defeat the Pupa on the first try without using any recovery items or running out of ammo. S rank. :D
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ICYmmD answered:

Took me FOREVER. You need:
M60 or any heavy machine gun
All the health items you have
Supply MK
Now whenever he dissapears use the MK weather you need it or not.
when he stops moving shoot him with explosives.
And when you have a chance climb the ladder and camp out atop ageanst the wall (it should block some bullets)
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calcilisx answered:

I will tell u wat will he do B4 and Attack and how to avoid them
1.Engaging Shock Unit-means he gonna zap u just run side way to avoid 2 shot burst and quickly fire at its AI pod
it will fire MG at u but don mind that becuz is not that painful but after 2 MG burst he will again try to zap u just avoid
like last time and attack IT!!

2.Firing Booster-means he gonna rush itself towards you ,is easy to avoid it just lie down and it will pass over you

3.Huey saying "high voltage coming!"-pupa using a long burst of electric attack that cause more damage than
normal to avoid it just run side way and MAKE SURE u don stop until its ENDED becuz there is possibility
of causing u to be KOed by its attack not death but stunned then u will be defenceless

4.lifting 1 of its thread arms:mean its gonna rush in to punch and thats no ordinary 'ouch' again run side way
if possible dodge roll at last moment

5.lifting its front part-if he does that 1st time he will be throwing mines,if he does it 2nd time he will be using those
mine as means to transfer its 3rd type of electric attack when u see 1 of this mine near u destroy IT!!

and thats it sorry for my bad english
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ICYmmD answered:

This trick requires the Law or RPG, M16, rations, and supply marker. Wait until Pupa stops, then fire a rocket at the large cylinder console on its front. To avoid the electric shots, do not stop moving. When it launches its lighting rods, take out a few near you with the M16, then lay flat on the ground until the lighting stops and keep firing. If you are running low on rations and/or ammunition, use the supply marker to call in more. Once it is destroyed, fire a rocket at the hatch on top of its head. You need to take the "programs"; it does not matter which ones you take out.
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