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Tigrex Fang?

I beat the Tigrex just for the hell of it and i got a special item called Tigrex Fang. How did i get it? And what is it used for? Can you also get Gear Rex Fang and Ranthalos Fang?

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I know one time i chopped off Rathalos's tail, but didn't recieve anything. what whas the deal with chopping it's tail?

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parasiteeve2 answered:

Rathalos Wing - Tanegashima Musket.
Tigrex Fang - Human Slingshot Post.
Gear Rex Mucous - Rank 1 Human Slingshot Band.
Gear Rex Concentrate - Rank 2 Human Slingshot Band.

In order to get all of this, you must make them sleep, "SLEEP !!!" and finish the mission with no kills which you'll get rank "S" for the mission and their camos. If you did kill, you won't be getting any of this stuff. Cutting the tail won't give anything, it's just for fun and there's no gear rex fang and rathalos fang, only tigrex fang from tigrex itself.
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noob4lifeT_T answered:

Rathalos gives you a wing, which you can use to make the tenagashima(idk how to spell it) musket. And the gear rex gives u like 3 different items. You use those plus the tigrex fang to make the slingshot. Someone please correct me if im wrong. I've only heard this, and have not done it myself.
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