Question from ilicerio09

How do i unlock extra ops 49 and 50?

I want the stealth camo and bandana but i cant get it because i havent unlocke ops 49 and 50

tapmaster94 asked for clarification:

How do you S rank Extra Op 50?

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opfer_gv answered:

End of chapter 5 > 45 > 46 > 102 > 47 > 48 > 91 > 49 > 75 > 50 for Stealth camo.
End of chapter 5 > 113 > 115 > 117 > 119 for Bandanna.
Don't forget to get S-rank or you cannot get Stealth camo and Bandanna.
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snake2410 answered:

You have to run hrough it as fast as possible, getting a time of under 3 minutes. Once you've gone through it a few times you'll figure out the fastest ways past most of the soldiers. There is some tips in the sticky I believe. You' will have to tranq a few guards and hold one or two up though. Its not too tough, just takes a little knowledge of where the soldiers are and the layout of each area in it.
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x1FPR1x answered:

What's the sticky your refering to?
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Mr_Big_Boss answered:

A sticky is the topic stuck to the top of the message board tab.
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