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How do I beat Cocoon?

I got no where to call for supplies is there a way for me to hide and call for supplies also what weapons should i use and where to attack the cocoon is the best?

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LibertaMod answered:

use the thrown supply marker so u can run while calling for supplies. there's no place to hide that isn't temporary.
and i found it the easiest to beat it by jumping on to its body when it rams the canyon via one of its treads.
then climbing all the way up to its head.
then shoot the pod directly.
lie down when the two gatling guns turn to shoot you, and run to the back when it shoots missiles.

if you can't get on its body, then ur gonna have to run in circles and shoot at its pod until a ladder drops down.
tho i find it easier if i destroy the small guns around its body first so i have time to lie down in front of a chest-high wall for me to heal.
the only thing that's most annoying was the main cannon for me, but the pattern can be predicted.
to avoid it completely; run one direction for its first 3 shots, then on its forth run the other way....(or was it the third, don't remember)

as for weapons anything would work, just choose which ever ones u currently have that do the most damage.
I'd suggest the m47, but u prolly don't have it yet.
Once u figure out how to get on top before the ladder drops, you can take it down without getting hit.
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Kaintaka answered:

Try hiding underneath; only the arm and cacoon lying down can hurt you. For the arm, it's slow tracking, so try to keep moving while waiting for supplies, and if it tries to crush you, simply press action to catch it and throw it back up.

As the previous poster said, just keep aiming for the AI pod, and when it crashes into the wall, both ladders on either side will drop down. Use those to climb up to the top, then unload on the AI pod. Duck the miniguns, and move out of the way of the missiles. TBH, this is one of the easiest AI battles IMO, just a bit daunting due to it's sheer massive size.

Other than that, just keep moving; all it's weapons have slow targetting, so they can't hit you as long as you keep moving. Lastly, if you have a hard time targetting the AI pod, you might want to bring the FIM or XFIM targetting missile launchers. That way you can lock onto the AI pod and get a good hit in between it's attacks.
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