Question from knight_64

How to play online?

Okay this is silly, I bought the game over PSN so I don't have a manual. I click host game or look for hosts, it gives me 1-20 channel choice, I tried some of them, and they are always empty. I thought channel 1 is supposed to be full.
At first I thought there is no option to play online, the host game option is only for blutooth. But I saw some topics in the forums. I don't wanna miss something out, I need help in some missions. I want the online featute.

TLDR; How do I play online?


tactikz4 answered:

You need to have a ps3 and download adhoc party, thats the only solution!!
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parasiteeve2 answered:

Adhoc Party suggest by tactikz4 or use X-Link Kai (which require you to buy something) to get online
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namedgrunt8 answered:

You can host a co ops but you need to inform a friend/player which channel you are hosting
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Pancakelifeo6 answered:

Same thing happens to me just tell me when and what channel you will be on
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