Question from Kitsune_Thunder

Asked: 4 years ago

How to get the Fox code name?

I found information on how to attain all of the code names. The one I'm after is Fox.
"Fox: Use all weapons in solo missions. Non-lethal force."
Does that mean use all non-lethal weapons? (don't have them all yet) And how many solo missions?
Or do you just need to get the code names; Buterfly, Cat and Sparrow?
Also which non-lethal weapon is medium ranged?

Accepted Answer

From: vipre07 4 years ago

Code names are randomly acquired...just keep doing what description of the code name tells even has star using Butterfly w/ 2 star rank

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It doesnt matter what range you do it you could use the hush puppy at extreem long range and get the long range code name

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I think you gotta get s ranks in every mission even extra ops

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You might have to get head shots all the time to get it this is just Speculation though

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im using Foxhound w/1 star.

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