Question from StealthSnake13

Stealth Camo....?

I completed Extra Ops 50 and got S rank which gave me specs for Stealth Camo...thing is it won't show up in the mission prep camo list. What other levels do i need to do to get it??

StealthSnake13 provided additional details:

Hmm i know i got a meta materials guy but it wont show up.....why!?!

StealthSnake13 provided additional details:

Oooh srry guys i had ton get my intel level up! lol i got it now!! thnx guys (i have to put a question mark sooo here it is ??)

Accepted Answer

Mr_Big_Boss answered:

It's not a camo, it's an item that you must first develop. You also need a staff member with metamaterial skills from EX49.
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riddlebox89 answered:

It's not a camoflauge, it's an item.

but you gotta develop it like any other item first.
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