Question from takadox

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I unlock extra ops 26 ?

It said there are S-rank medical staff. but how do i unlock it ?

Accepted Answer

From: Mr_Big_Boss 4 years ago

yes, the POW is S rank medic, to unlock 26.
It might unlock after you beat chapter 5 of the main ops, if not then follow the sticky
116 > 17 > 101 > 110 > 43 > 97 > 118 > 23 > 24 > 105 > 25 > 70 > 26
start with 26, then go back one mission at a time until you find one you do have unlocked and beat that one.

There is also a great medic POW in the prison cell when you escape the torture chamber, just run up the guards when they aren't looking and CQC them.

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