Question from zOMGies23

What other recovery items do i need?

Here's the list of all m recovery items, but it says that i only have 64% of all them:
rations (normal, burnt, well done, and undercooked) all rank 5
spicy curry r. 2
future curry r.5
great curry r.4
lime soda r.1
zero calorie lime soda r.2
tortilla chips r.1
mate r. 5
cologne r. 1

So plz if u know, tell me what I'm missing and where I can get it.

Accepted Answer

Mr_Big_Boss answered:

Do you have ranks 1 - 4 of the rations burnt, well done, and rare?
You have to cook each rank of the ration to get them all.
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snake2410 answered:

As for where to get it, go to the poonan mission that is at isla de monstro or whatever the monster island is at and there will be a spit that you can cook rations on. You'll want to complete the mission first and instead of going into the yellow completion square go cook rations.
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