Question from ryan_handsome94

Asked: 4 years ago

Assault rifle list ?

ok, first i will provide theof list assault rifle that i have:
1. M16A1(shotgun, shotgun+laser, GL, GL+Laser)
2. patriot
3. M653 (GL, SGL, Supressor)
4. RK47 (GL, SGL)
5. ADM63
6. ADM65
7. RPK

that's all.
my assault rifle collection rate is 79%. please help me find the rest of the assault rifle, and please tell me which mission should i S rank, or the mission that have assault rifle design specs. I appreciate any help.

Accepted Answer

From: Mr_Big_Boss 4 years ago

h t t p : / /

Delete the space characters and then copy and paste

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