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Year 3 level 4 secret passage to Hogsmeade?

Hi, I am stuck in the secret passageway, after casting lumos. There are 2 squares red and green either side of the door that glow blue, but when you press the x button an empty square / pentagon comes up. What do i do to get through door?


TGSnowwy answered:

Explore around the passage as best you can, destroying everything you can. At some point, I believe Ron mentions using the Marauder's Map. At that point, check the walls for areas that turn into doors when you stand next to them (you can't get through them until Ron mentions the Map). Search all the hidden passages, destroying or using magic on everything you can. You should come across two geometric blocks, which go in the holes on each side of that door you mentioned.

The darkness and the vanishing walls make this level a pain to navigate (and to give directions for), so you might want to try the old maze-explorer's trick of keeping one of your character's hands (pick one and stick with it) on the wall at all times. This is called "The Law of the Left" or "The Rule of the Right", depending on which hand you pick.
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