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Asked: 5 years ago

Secret Invizimals?

Has anyone discovered any other secret Invizimals except Uberjackall?

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From: hackerboy230 5 years ago

Well,Imanage to found one and it's name is moby.You can obtain it by winning in many multiplayer games.

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To clarify, for other players - Uberjackal is a secret invizimal, that can be obtained by visiting and playing a series of 5 minigames.

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Unfortunately there is no information whatsoever on the missing slots for invizimals after you've cleared the story....I assume these species are all caught in The Big Secret Area, using different traps. Ithink if someone were to scan and then modify the Uberjackal trap in photoshop to a different images, we could stumble upon other species. Unless Novaroma plans on doing some kind of promotion.......

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Seriously? Does it evolve? Do the multiplayer games have to be Infrastructure or adhoc?

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Yes,it does evolve.Well I played in adhoc.Not yet sure for infastructure

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