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Uh is there special classes?

My friend told me ther wher jedi like class wonder if its true

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mhfu___justin answered:

here r all the classes and upgraded forms:
warrior---> spear warrior (now equipped with spear)
ranger---> gunner (has musket)
fire mage---> ice mage (has ice staff and can freeze people)
priest---> dark priest (now can drain health from other enemies)
worker---> bomber (now equipped with bombs)
and, last but certainly not least
REAPER u can only get him on a certain setting called reaper, as the tips say, he a Warrior + Dark Priest and a can with whoop ass, he also has 9 hearts i believe, im not sure. but no jedi class unless some1 hacked their game, changed the character looks, and damage, and showed it to him, then yea. otherwise, no.
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Gamefreak209 answered:

Nope just new maps and story chapters. also no more checking stats
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