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Is Fat Princess:Fistfull of Cake the same as Fat Princess for PS3?

I wa looking around the playstaion network website and heard about this game called Fat Princess. I looked it up and I loved it. But to my dismay, it was for PS3 ($#@!). So then I heard about Fat Princess Fistful of Cake. Are they the same thing?

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Xirvet answered:

As SCEA stated, it is exactly the same thing as the PS3 with graphics that match the PSP. But they added 6 new maps (5 in campaign, the 6th one is a map develloped for one of the 4 new games develloped) Also, I have its release date : 27 april 2010. It will be available in UMD and on the PSN Store the same week.
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aznstyle11 answered:

They are basically the same game. Although the PSP version is developed by SuperVillain instead of Titan Studios. PSP has less online capabilities but more game modes.
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NinjamanXXXX answered:

Nope the same the story is changed a bit o.o
The grim reaper u can't get it anymore when ur number one on the round
it turned into a game mode but not a hooded grim reaper anymore just
a black knight
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Gamefreak209 answered:

The story has changed there are more maps and the stages have changed(passages cut out,For Example in New Pork The passage on the Left is blocked and There is a passage to the south in the PS3 ver. but on PSP the Passage to the left in unblocked and the South passage is blocked by buildings.)
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