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Asked: 5 years ago

How to unlock MengHuo?


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Beat the legend of zhu ge liang(not sure the name correct or not)... however u cant use menghuo in musuo mode

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Use any shu character

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Well, I completed Zhao Yun to unlock him. Well try Zhao Yun. But before that i did Ma Chao too :D. Dislike his sword ability. They SHOULD ADD IN FUXI!!! :D

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U need to make sure menghuo survive after the battle. Way to unlock all the characters are the same(i.e there is one special character in one mission and u need to make sure he survive the battle) As for liu bei, cao cao & sun jian, u need to finish 3 musuo mode for each country to unlock them. After u finish liu bei , cao cao& sun jian musuo mode u will get diao chan n beat her musuo mode to get lu bu

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I'd love the answer to this too.

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In Han Zhong Attack Defense Battle, Shu side : complete battle objective two.

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