Question from belham

How to unlock red hare?

hello guys, do you know how to unlock red hare and other horses?(PSP version)

belham provided additional details:

what is the kanji for crimson horse?hehe thx for the answer Sojiro?
how about the other horses?


SojiroRyoOni answered:

It's random, it's you and your luck. BTW you must be extremely lucky to find a crimson horse who will transform to Red Hare (at level 5).
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Kira_07 answered:

Battle of guan du Cao Cao/Wei Forces
Use a character with lady luck
Use a horse with "find saddle"
finish target 2 and 3 and then defeat yuan shao
and then after the battle you should recieve a brightly red horse and keep it lvl up it
if this does not work just keep trying
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Kira_07 answered:

Hex mark
use the same steps i used in unlocking red hare
But this time keep the white horse
Shadow-Cao Cao's horse
just the same but this time keep the VERY Black horse
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