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Asked: 4 years ago

Help! How to finish the mission VIP escort?

It's on march and i can't somehow finish it is usually use this guys

Avan,Zeri,Cosette,Reiner and joachim

Can anyone help me do i need improvements just tell me some tactics

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Start with Avan, the APC and your best anti-tank soldier. In the other area just stick someone there to protect the flag.

Okay, for the tactics:

1. Drive the APC towards the boss, Dirk and park up to his right as best you can.
2. Run your anti-tank soldier towards the left side of the APC. Try to stay out of Dirks vision.
3. Shoot the enemy tank that is guarding the base untill you have killed it and take the base.

~So far this should have taken 5 moves~

4. Drive the APC into the next area and wait at the flag.
5. Spawn a mechanic at the Flag and fix the APC.

~Your move will be over now (I think. If not then just pass)~

6. When it's your turn again. Heal the APC if needed and then just drive it to the finish. Keep hugging the wall to the right to avoid the V2.

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i got the mission only 2 turn with 1 soldier and the APC only

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Start with a Lancer, and an Armored Tech/Fencer if that's unlockable yet (I don't remember if it is). Have the Lancer move a little bit towards the support tank (not too far otherwise you'll die form interception fire), and fire straight at the middle of the tank. That way if it strays, it'll hopefully hit it. Do this twice. If the tank has a bit of HP left, or dead, have your armored tech walk all the way to the flag. Capture it, then bring your APC as well to the flag and Chg Areas. Now, you pretty much won. Drive all the way to the end. Even the V2s can't bring major damage to your APC.

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thanks MedievilDon.. It works... i finish it last night.. the V2s really a badxxs

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