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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat minato with young kakashi?

Hey guys i get a mission of killing yondaime and young kakashi and i cant do it and help me too with the 3pains and schoolboy sasuke

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Ok ty dude

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Thanks All

Accepted Answer

From: blaze_14 3 years ago

The Ameratsu is really helpful. It didnt even take me long to beat them. SO what you can do is use the ameratsu jutsu and then use itachi's ultimate attack.

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Follow the requirements or use tactics

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What i did, was use Itachi's Ameratsu which is the 3rd option for his yellow jutsu's. Just spam it and you will win ok. :P

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i used sasuke with feather illusion jutsu to win this battle.After you use feather illusion jutsu use sasukes ultimate jutsu.After that battle you will have to battle minato and obito and after that you have to battle all three of them minato,obito and young kakashi.Forstudent sasuke use sasuke for that battle.Then u will have to battle student sasuke and student naruto.

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Use your healing tactic

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Wait but how do you beat student naruto and student sasuke after that??

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