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What are the controls?

I need the full controls. Analog/D-pad mainly.


Nick1925 answered:

Triangle-get in/out of car/hold to call taxi
Square-roll on ground, reverse in car
O-Use weapon/drive by in car/go back 1 in pause menu
X-accept in pause menu
Down-honk horn
Up-Re-center camera
Right-Cinematic camera:in car only
Left-Change radio station: car only
Analog stick- move around
Start-Pause menu
Select-hold to deal with dealers, restart missions, ECT
R-Target people/Cars, use < & > to switch targets
L-used in button mashing parts.
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Nick1925 answered:

i forgot also X lets you sprint.
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popisingh answered:

Analog Stick I Move player, Steer Car
X I Sprint , Accelerate
Square I Jump/Roll , Reverse
Triangle I Tap - Enter/Exit car, Hold - Call Taxi
O I Shoot , Do a drive by
L I Handbrake
R I Target People/cars
^ I Aim camera behind player
< I Switch weapons, Switch Targets, Change Radio Station
> I Switch weapons, Switch Targets,Change Camera View
v I Horn
Start I PDA/ Pause Menu
Select I Optional Activity
_______________________Pause Menu__________________________

X I Select
Square/O I Back

Note: All of the buttons may be used in Button Mini games
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