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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Xin missions ? Open 1
Plot Help status answers
The last replay photo? Open 1
What city is this? Answered 9
Who's that girl? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
Does GTA CW have version update ? Answered 2
Final missions? Open 1
Help here?? Answered 1
Original UMD???? Open 1
What's wrong with the social club? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
Add me online on Rockstar Social Club? Open 14
BOABO Auto Shop???? Open 2
Can you tell me how many missions? Answered 1
Cwcheats? Answered 2
Does Chinatown Wars support custom soundtracks? Answered 2
Does GTA chinatown wars have different language options? Answered 1
Drug raids? Answered 1
Gang warehouses locations for raids? Answered 1
Houses? Open 3
How do i get my mom to buy me a M rated game? Answered 4
How do I unlock the Formula car? Open 1
How do you get 100% completion in gta chinatown wars? Unanswered 0
How do you Link Accounts so you can use Social Club in GTA:Chinatown Wars PSP? Open 2
How many stars in psp version? Answered 1
How to get 10000 points in gun club? Open 2
How to play online? Answered 7
Hw to enter the plane? Open 1
I Found Out About Online Playing...? Open 2
I'm new to this series and I'm just wondering whether you can just run around and do stuff without being on a mission? Answered 1
Is it ging to have 3d graphics like vice city stories? Open 11
Is it possible to get six felony stars? Open 3
Is there a cheat to beat the storyline for you? Open 2
Is there heli's in this game that you can actully steal? Open 3
Money? Open 6
Not being chased? Open 4
Please please where is the gun club at for psp? Open 5
Searching the dumpster? Open 2
Street race? Open 1
Train ? Open 1
Transport? Open 4
Upload a save file? Answered 3
Warehouses? Answered 1
What are the blue spinning moving things? Answered 1
What are the controls? Open 3
What are the differences from the DS game? Answered 2
What does "vehicle camera look ahead" under Start/System/Settings do? Answered 1
What is lions of Fo? (Part 2) Answered 1
what is the lions of Fo? Open 1
Whats the explosive eagle? Open 2
Where are the 21 blue swirly things? Open 2
Where do i Find All 40 Dealears? Open 1
Which is better? Open 4
Why do i have to reopen the game? Answered 1
Why the cheat dose'nt work????? Answered 2

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