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I. Introduction

Welcome to my GTA: Chinatown Wars guide. This is a guide to speed completing
each of the missions for a medal. What do you mean, you ask? Well, when you're
in a safehouse, tap the whiteboard to get to redo any of the missions you did
in story mode. These missions are timed, and beating it within a certain time
constraint can net you a bronze, silver, or gold medal. That's the speed part
of the guide.

This guide assumes that you have already completed Story Mode, so if you
haven't expect spoilers.

II. Relevant Game Facts

1. Time Is All That Matters
The medal you get is determined by the amount of time you take in the mission.
If you beat a certain "limit" you get a medal. Better medals are, obviously,
harder to get. There are only bronze, silver and gold. Other than that, you get
nothing. So whenever you're doing the mission and you see a chance to skip
some part, do it. Also, learn the shortcuts you can take on the route. And
don't stop to finish off enemies if you don't have do!

2. No Carryover
Before you can access the whiteboard you get a warning - "Stats achieved
during mission replays will not carry over into the single player game"
Meaning, nothing except the time it took you to complete the replay carries
over into the main game.

Now I've seen several people at the boards asking questions like "What about
when you use cheats? Or get busted?" When you get busted or wasted the replay
ends and you have to start it from the beginning again. When you use cheats,
which is annoying because it disables the auto-save and without that you can
lose a lot of progress, the game informs you that you have cheated and that it
will not carry over your mission time. So cheating basically forfeits you the
mission. Oh well, on missions like See No Evil explosive pistols would come in
REAL handy. Even the number of mission attempts, passes, failures will not be
carried over.

You name it, it doesn't count. That's it.

3. No Rewards
There are absolutely no rewards for completing mission replays. No Bulletproof
Patriot, no extra 81st dealer. Oh well, looks like all that effort you put in
has come to nothing. Even if you get gold, you get nothing else. Mission
Replays are just for the fun of it, and again it absolutely doesn't affect
anything in normal gameplay.

4. Certain Standards
When doing replays you will always start out with $0, only your Cerveza Heights
safehouse, no mini-games, no dealers, no Unique Stunt Jumps, no Security Cameras
and no Loins of Fo. Etcetera, etc. Almost all of your skill sets (Marathon, Fire
Retart, Regeneration, Big Pants) also cannot be used in mission replays. Anyway,
the only thing that carries over from Single Player to here is the Double Armor

5. The Double Armor Perk
Like I said, the only thing that carries over from single Player to here is the
Double Armor perk, but thankfully it's the most useful thing that could be
carried over. You get this perk by defeating 5 waves of criminal in Vigilante
mode. I grants double armor-meaning, you now have 3 bars, one of health and two
of armor. This is EXTREMELY useful in any case, and considering the ease of
getting it, one should always get if first if they want to get perks. It makes
life in the game so much easier, not to say mission replays. Double Armor is
often the difference between running and gunning a whole level or having to
stay back and on the edge, much slower and which will forfeit you a medal.
This guide assumes you have this perk. If not, get it. Now. Grab a Law
Enforcement vehicle (Police Patrol, NOOSE Enforcer and FIB Rancher. NO Rhinoes
this time), press Select, and have fun.

6. No Money
Right, in mission replays you have no money. 0 dollars. that means you HAVE to
spike toll booths and that you can't use Pay n' Sprays (With the exception of
the mission Evidence Dash, where you MUST use the Pay n' Spray). You can't use
the bomb garage neither, of course with the exception of the mission Operation

7. Set Weapons
You have a set amount of weapons and ammo that you start with. This ranges
from exactly what you wanted for the mission, to totally inadequate. It
depends by mission, but generally I find that you are way over-equipped, like
Assault Rifles in gunfights where you alright to have SMGs. Not that I'm
complaining though.

8. Strong, Fast Cars
Throughout this guide I refer to strong, fast cars. Well, what are they? These
are cars that are speedy, yet can take an onslaught of damage. This is the
condition you are often in in the game, needing a fast car to get there
quickly, escape there quickly, and keep up with another car (additionally as
this is a timed challenge getting there and back fast is VERY important), yet
one that can absorb a great load of damage, but keep going. Cars like this are
the Police Patrol, FIB Rancher, Cognoscenti, Hellenbach, and Dukes. These cars
are all fast and strong, ideal for mission replays, so get a preference for

If you want to see how each of the cars stacks up against one another, see

9. Practice Makes Perfect
There's no better way to beat something through practice. Sometimes it may seem
like all this guide is is a bunch of mission guides with some notes on speed,
and that's because often, the best way to get gold is to know your challenges,
to practice for them and too nail them. On the difficult missions it's hard to
get a medal, and that's precisely where practice makes perfect.

10. Watch the Cutscenes
Here's a trick discovered by light_rock_zz. If you need to hijack a car off
the steet right at the beggining, let the cutscenes play, but instead of paying
attention to the conversation, look at the cars. When a desirable one comes
(see tip 8), cut the scene short with START and go claim it! Very good trick.


III. Copyright

Copyright jimmythesnowman 2009. this file is intended for personal use only and
may not be used commercially or otherwise without express written permission.
Any site wishing to use this work must contact the author first. Thank you.


IV. Contact Me

Something wrong? Something to add? Contact me! I can be reached at
a_bilogur@yahoo.com. Just don't expect a reply anytime soon, this isn't my
first e-mail account.


V. Version History
 | v 1.00 | 7/11/09

First version. This is a Mission Replay guide-basically speed completion of
each game mission to redeem medals.

 | v 1.10 | 7/14/09

Added information to several sections, spell check.

 | v 1.20 | 7/16/09

Added full walkthroughs to several difficult missions.
 | v 1.21 | 7/30/09

Added to the pointer on carry-through; apparently people didn't get my point.

 | v 1.30 | 8/10/09

Added some more info. It never stops does it?

 | v 1.40 | 8/16/09

Quite a major update. I got a whole lot of info from light_rock_zz, and played
through a lot of missions and found some more time-saving nicks.

 | v 1.50 | 2/09/09

Corrected the crediting part as I spelled light_rock_zz wrongly many times.
Added some tips too.

 | v 1.60 | 10/19/09

A major update. This update fixes almost all of the spelling errors present in
the previous versions, together with corrections with the story information.
Added some new information on the Relevant Facts section. Also added a few
great tips.

Wow, hehe, I didn't even make this update. Rock is hands down the most useful
(perhaps obsessed ;)?) guy on gamefaqs I knew. He couldn't find me on the
boards anymore so he sent it to me via. e-mail! I don't see many people doing
THAT. Epic thanks to the guy.

VI. Table of Contents

 I. Introduction
 II. Relevant Game Facts
 III. Copyright
 IV. Contact Me
 V. Version History
 VI. Table of Contents
 A. Wu "Kenny" Lee
    A1. Yu Jian
    A2. Pursuit Farce
    A3. Under the Gun
    A4. Payback
    A5. The Wheelman
    A6. Tricks of the Triad
    A7. Natural Burn Killer
    A8. Recruitment Drive
    A9. Capre 'Dime"
    A10. Store Wars
    A11. Copter Carnage
    A12. Kenny Strikes Back
    A13. Missed the Boat?
    A14. Rat Race
 B. Chan Jaoming
    B1. Pimp His Ride
    B2. Whack the Racers
    B3. Jackin' Chan
    B4. Raw Deal
    B5. Sa-Boat-Age
    B6. Counterfeit Gangster
    B7. Slaying With Fire
    B8. Clear the Pier
 C. Zhou Ming
    C1. Stealing the Show
    C2. Flatliner
    C3. Bomb Disposal
    C4. Driven to Destruction
    C5. Cash & Burn
    C6. Dragon Haul Z
    C7. The Fandom Menace
    C8. So Near, Yet So Sonar
    C9. Hit from the Tong
 D. Hsin Joaming
    D1. Trail Blazer
    D2. The Offshore Offload
    D3. One Shot, One Kill
    D4. By Myraids of Swords
    D5. A Shadow of Doubt
    D6. Friend or Foe
    D7. Arms Out of Harm's Way
    D9. The Wages of Hsin
    D10. A Rude Awakening
 E. Wade Heston
    E1. The Tow Job
    E2. The Tail Bagging the Dogs
    E3. Weapons of Mass Distraction
    E4. Streets of Rage
    E5. Operation Northwood
    E6. Torpedo Run
    E7. Scrambled
    E8. Evidence Dash
    E9. Wi-Find
    E10. Salt in the Wound
 F. Lester Leroc
    F1. Double Trouble
    F2. Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
    F3. Convoy Conflict
    F4. See No Evil
 G. Rudy D'Avanzo
    G1. Grave Situation
    G2. Steal the Wheels
    G3. The World's A Stooge
    G4. Oversights

A. Wu "Kenny" Lee
A1. Yu Jian
You first come to Liberty city to deliver a family sacred sword, Yu Jian, to
your uncle. Instead, you get jumped by hoodlums, hit in the head, sword stolen,
and left for dead in a car thrown into the sea. You managed to escape and you
head to your uncle's restaurant and arrive at your uncle's beaten mess.


How To:
Simple as hell, just follow the instructions and do it quickly to net gold.

Just a tip, try not to skip the hot-wiring of the Buccaner that you get after
heading to dry land. The hot-wiring can be done even faster than getting out
and then in again if you practice.

A2. Pursuit Farse
When Kenny tells the retiring Triad boss, Hsin Jaoming about the loss of the
sword, he gets into deep problems.  Kenny wants you to go and see what the deal
is with a bunch of cops that are spying in an exotic movie that he's financing.
You meet a girl, Ling, all that's left of the spies on the movie.


How To:
Like in most games, this is a tutorial mission. Get in the car and click on the
GPS. Follow the simple instructions to plot a route to Kenny's Crew. Grab Ling
and then listen to the tutorial on police evasion. You get jumped by the police
and are slapped with a two star wanted level, which you have to destroy.

Plot a route to your safehouse, and then disable the cop cars whilst driving
there. Kenny's car is pretty OK for the job. To disable the cop cars quickly,
crash into them. When you have knocked out one, make sure you have two cops
following you. This is because if you disable just one alone, it’s going to be
hard to find another one and you waste time trying to hide from the cops.

A3. Under The Gun
Another tutorial mission. Ling teaches you about combat, and then about using
pistols. Some punks mussed into Kenny's territory, and you and Ling go to
take care of it, but it gets serious and Ling is killed.

-> 34 Pistol rounds (acquired early in the mission)

How To:
An interesting thing about this mission; a gang crook always passes by the
right side of the restaurant, where you are going. If you kill him you will get
a Micro SMG where you should only be using pistols! As it has only 25 rounds
and you take 2 seconds to kill him and collect it, it doesn't have much of an
effect on the time...

Run behind the house and follow the instructions on the training dummy. Finish
it and Kenny will walk out, saying that a bunch of punks are mussing onto his
territory, and we are to deal with them. Ling teaches you the secret of Triad
weapons distribution, that they are found in red dumpsters. Search it quickly
to aquire a pistol with 34 rounds.

Follow Ling, who directs you to the restaurant. A short cutscene plays. You
meet the punk, who shoots Ling. You open fire, but he escapes. Once the
cutscene ends, open fire on the thug as you run down the alley. He will die
before he can get back to his two friends, now switch to unarmed and kill the
other two at close range. Switch back to Pistol and fly up the stairs to show
down with the last thug. Kill him and then talk to the manager, while Ling is
taken away by an ambulance.

A4. Payback
It's time for pay back. Your uncle directs you to the group's territory, and
you are tasked with killing them.

-> 32 Pistol rounds

How To:
Grab the Admiral parked across from Kenny's place and drive to the gang's
hideout. On the way you will meet a roadblock, swerve to the left, and instead
of taking the turn the GPS shows you, take the third one, as this cuts having
to turn around the block to approach the gate. Take the narrow alley by the
house and exit the car then vault over right where you need to be. (thanks to
light_rock_zz for this)

One of the thugs is standing there. Chase him to his buddies, but
instead of vaulting over, vault back onto the road and chase him this way.
Also change your weapon from Pistol to Unarmed. As soon as the location of the
thug's group spawns, kill the original and run to them. Punch them all to death
and then a second wave comes. Kill one of them, and the other one makes a break
for the other car. Deliver a Flying Kick (A+B) to knock him down and then kill
him. DON'T LET HIM GET IN THE CAR! Once you do so the mission is passed.

A5. The Wheelman
As a favor to his boss, Hsin Jaoming, Kenny has you deliver three race cars for
his son, Chan, in the hopes that the big boss will get of his back a little.


How To:
Grab the Admiral parked outside and use the GPS to blast the fast-track to the
cars. Drive through to the first one and steal it. Drive it to the garage.
Grab the Admiral parked outside (the other car, the Chavos, sucks ass) and
drive to the nearest one, picking it up. Otherwise, steal a car from the
street. Repeat this to get all three into the garage; the key is fast driving.

Skip the hot-wiring process on all of the cars. On the first car, drive right
into the compound and bail out to save time. There's a trick to the second car;
when you skip the hot-wiring, cops come out and try to pull you out of the car.
Drive through the gates right in front of you so that you drive through one and
slam the cops against the one just right of it, pushing them off and letting
you escape. Let go of the gas a little because at full speed you'll slam into
the wall on the turn. Also, for the last car, remember that it's running again,
so you don't need to hot-wire. I forgot and ended exited and entered an extra

A6. Tricks of the Triads
This mission introduces you to drug dealing and to security cameras. Kenny
reveals that he is a "noble" drug lord, and has samples delivered to your
apartment. He wants you to do a few deals for him.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
Run to your apartment and transfer the drugs from your holdall. Leave, grab the
Admiral parked outside, and then drive to the dealer. Do the trade, and then
answer an e-mail tip off on cheap prices. Grab a good car and go. Drive through
one the minor entrances near him to cut some time off your trip. Buy the shit,
only to get jumped by cops. Drive like heck back to your apartment and stash it
there to finish the mission. Easy.

A7. Natural Burn Killer
Uncle Kenny is having some trouble with the stores under his protection, so to
make sure the trouble dies away Kenny decides to make an example of one of them
by fire bombing it.

-> 150 SMG rounds
-> However many Molotovs you can assemble

How To:
Grab the Admiral and drive to the gas station. Take your time to assemble your
Molotovs (This part doesn’t count towards time), and then  grab the Comet
(faster than the Admiral) at the meter. Get to the car lot and when you get
there, bail out of the Comet before hitting the marker. Firebomb the two cars
quickly by making sure the tip of the line just touches the car, then run
across the street to start on the store itself. Just keep spamming your
Molotovs. You can always collect more after you used them all up. After a while
a fire truck will come, when it does hijack it to stop the spray. The more
Molotovs the better, for more Molotovs = quicker burning.

A8. Recruitment Drive
Kenny is angry that his men have started to go soft, so he wants you to recruit
a few Triad wannabees to fight for him.

-> 34 Pistol rounds
-> 5 Molotovs

How To:
If you get lucky, like me, grab a Hellenbach that's right on the road,
otherwise grab the first fast car you see and go. Alternately grab the Admiral;
you'll need a four seater after the first rescue, but another Admiral is
provided in the same yard as the second rescue. Basically, drive to the areas
and run over the enemies, killing the rest of the hoodlums with the pistol, to
save them Triad wannabees. Do this three times (why you need a four-seater
car). then, go to the Tattoo Parlor, and tattoo one of the men; good thing this
part doesn't count towards the time.

Here’s a good way to ensure a Hellenbach at the start. When the cutscenes
start, don’t skip it. Listen to all that crap for now, and on the way, look at
the top screen. When you see a Hellenbach at the traffic light, get out of the
restaurant and run to grab it.

A9. Capre 'Dime'
Kenny recently traced a buy from a rich buyer, and has a hunch that it may have
Yu Jian. so he sent you to steal the van and see if it was in there.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
Grab the Admiral again and head straight for the van. Shortcut through the
park to get there faster. Once you see the van, go in front of it, and then
drop out of the car and hijack  it. DON'T HIT IT! If you do, it will speed
away, becoming infinitely harder to catch, and wasting valuable time. Ignore
the guards that drop out or the ones in cars along the way, they pose no
threat, just focus on getting back to Kenny's warehouse. Cut it open to find...
no sword, but a ledger that shows deals with the Spanish Lords.

A10. Store Wars
The Spanish Lords are putting pressure on Uncle Kenny, who's convinced they
stole the sword. They try hitting on some stores of Kenny's, and your job is
to intercept and stop them.

-> 30 Shotgun rounds

How To:
Grab the Body armor and then load into the Admiral. skip through the train
greens to get to your destination, passing a cordon of policemen shooting
out with some Spanish Lords. Arrange a blockade with the nearby vehicles
quickly; don’t care if the barricade is not properly set up.Then, get out to
confront them. They come in vans; use the radar to see where  they are coming
from, then run there, wait for them to arrive, and shoot the **** out of them
from short range with your shotgun. There is more body armor and a health pack
nearby, but this mission is so easy you wont need them; I netted gold on my
first try.

A11. Copter Carnage
The Spanish Lords are back, and this time they're attacking Kenny's warehouse,
and they come at you with a chopper. Your job is to protect the merchandise,
loaded into locked Yankee trucks, from the attacks.

-> 150 SMG rounds

How To:
Go to the back alley, and kill the first two with Unarmed. Then eliminate the
next few, poorly armed (Pistols) waves. After that they start coming in Dukes,
it's quite easy to blow the cars and the three occupants open. Your SMG should
make short work of them, though you need the Body Armor there, preferably
double. After you kill a few waves the chopper will flee.

Now grab the Admiral already parked nearby (Or a Dukes if one was not
destroyed) and follow it onto Charge Island; ignore the blockade onto the toll
booth set up by the Spanish Lords. There are more blockades on the island on
the main street, so go down the side to avoid them. Follow the chopper down
the East Borough Bridge right to their main warehouse! Stupid chopper, just
gave away their position.

A12. Kenny Strikes Back
Kenny takes the fight to the Spanish Lords by raiding their main warehouse.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
This is simple. Follow the same route as you did when you followed the chopper.
Get into the compound by smashing the gate's lock. The guards within will be
alerted, but just run through and get in the van. As you try to drive out, more
Spanish Lords will arrive and lock the gate again. Drive the van near the gate
and strafe them, then get out to finish the rest. More will come and unlock the
gate to get at you. Ignoring them, get back into the van and drive out. ignore
the hounds of Spanish Lords that come out on the road to stop you and drive
your vehicle back into the garage to finish the mission.

A13. Missed the Boat?
The big boss, Hsin, wants the triads to start working with the mob, another
gang group. To comply with this Uncle Kenny provides assistance in their
shipments by shipping you, a boat, and some contraband to their link-up.

-> 34 Pistol rounds
-> 30 SMG rounds

How To:
Grab the Admiral and drive to the boat and get in your "sick" ride for a long
trip. Thankfully Rockstar provides some nice scenery for the long ride, like a
huge police chase on the bridge, a boat exploding in the water, a car firelight
in the graveyard, mobsters firing down other gang members. Anyway, get there
as quickly as possible, only to be caught by the Coast Guard, who dispatch 3
boats and a helicopter on you as well as 4 patrolling the pier you were in.
Flee in the general direction of the pier you came from (or rather turn 180 and
go), a  thing made more difficult by the piece of shit boat your uncle
provided. Slip  under the cordon without incident (this is critical) and get
back to the jetty.

A14. Rat Race
Hsin has ordered you and Kenny to be shot on sight, but the problem is, you've
newly acquired FIB files from Heston that trace the rat problems to Zhou and
Chan, separately. Seeing this Kenny says that you have to get this to Hsin
immediately; luck has it that he is at a meeting, so might just listen for
once. You mount the minigun and drive to Hsin.

-> Infinite Minigun rounds

How To:
The easiest way is just to put your finger on the trigger and not let go. As
you keep going it gets a little more complex, and you have to aim the gun in
the general vicinity of your enemies to lock it, and as the truck spins around
on turns the minigun doesn't, so you have to realign it. After a large bit of
carnage the truck explodes, and you and Kenny switch places.

Now this part is difficult because now a rocket chopper comes in. To defeat the
chopper's rockets without losing too much time, move your vehicle to the left
side of the road. As soon as the red triangle stops moving, slam your car to
the right to avoid the rockets that come down. (thanks to light_rock_zz for
this tip)

After reading the files Hsin declares Kenny the new Triad boss, and retires.

B. Chan Jaoming
B1. Pimp His Ride
You first meet Chan as he is getting ready for a street race that will
definitely impress The Tongs. The Triad leader wannabe is planning to garner
support by winning the city's biggest street race, but the problem is, the
leader is a big cheat. So he instructs you to make a few "subtle" modifications
to the car to ensure Chan's victory.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
OK, as soon as you get out grab the Racing Variant Comet and head over to the
dot. The champ will be driving his car, and will park it in front of a Pay n'
Spray. Steal it and drive it at full speed to Chan's garage to play the
hilarious car sabotaging mini-game. Do your job, and then drive the ruined car
back. You'll know you did your job because the car is MUCH slower, and keeps
making random turns, and handles like a bitch, just keep driving and avoid
traffic to nail it. A little bit of it is luck, because sometimes when the
champ is driving it the car ends up smacking through unwanted traffic.

B2. Whack the Racers
Chan's idea of fair play is anything goes, so long as he wins. So you get a
car and set out to whack the racers aside so that Chan can win.

-> 300 Micro SMG rounds
-> 5 Shotgun rounds

How To:
To get a medal in this mission you have to be an effective "separator" between
Chan and the racers. So here's how you have to set up: Chan in front, you
flanking in a fast car (take the Comet parked right outside), and the rest of
the racers vying for a position behind you, with you not letting any of them
through to Chan.

To do this, first whack the racers aside. They take some time to recover, so
use this to set up behind Chan. From hereon in don't let ANY of them through
you to Chan. As soon as they speed up to you set up your fender so they meet
your ass instead, they then swerve out to the side and take some time to
recover. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed; if they get through,
perform a good PIT maneuver to take them out even longer then a simple bump.

On the last lap, catch up to Chan because when he stops you have to come over
to him and congratulate him, if you're too far away you will have to drive to
him and that wastes time.

B3. Jackin' Chan
Chan was kidnaped by the friends of the same racer that he had sabotaged
before. You and a couple of henchmen run to the scene, and the cowards throw a
Molotov that lights the car with Chan inside on fire. You have to save him.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
The henchmen grab a car and drive off without you. Bitches. Anyway, grab the
racing variant Comet parked beside the garage and speed to the scene. When you
get there the cowards toss a molotov that lights your friends, and Chan's car,
on fire. Don't leave the car, and race to a nearby fire truck. Steal it and put
out the flames, then get in the car and drive Chan back to his garage. The
kidnapers come back again, but they're a non-issue as they don't have enough
firepower to kill you, just do what you do with cops and lead them into a nice,
solid wall. Drive into the chevrons to finish the mission. Please be warned
that this mission is a hard mission to get gold; you really need to do it very

On the way there and back, cut across the train greens. To do this on the way
back, when the GPS tells you to turn, keep going another block instead and
cut across the train greens. (light_rock_zz again)

B4. Raw Deal
Chan has managed to set up a deal with a past enemy, the Spanish Lords. So
Huang plays the role of a bodyguard on this deal. To nobody but Chan's
surprise, it turns out to be an ambush, and you have to fight your way back to
friendly territory.

-> 150 Assault rifle rounds
-> 100 Shotgun rounds
-> 5 Molotovs

How To:
They open up by blowing your convoy to smithereens with an RPG, and blocking
off the back exit. Do in kind by blowing the RPG dude to the netherworld. You
want to do this quickly, right? Assault Rifle the barricade completely from
long distance and then get in the surviving Comet. The next part is based in
part on luck. get in the Comet and drive Chan through the Spanish Lords. Drive
the heavily damaged car (Ignore Chan's henchmen and the Spanish Lords
completely), If you manage to avoid the barricades you can get to the Lounge
before it blows. When you come to the Oil Tanker blockade sidestep it. If your
car lights on fire don't worry, concentrate on getting it to the Lounge because
once you do the car will go back to smoking and you're safe.

B5. Sa-Boat-Age
Chan decides to celebrate the acquisition of new territory (Huang cordially
notes that some of that territory used to be his uncle's) by challenging Huang
to a race on a new boat he'd just stolen from the Spanish Lords. And surprise
surprise, the boat was sabotaged, and Chan is left dead in the water. You must
protect him from waves of Spanish Lords before a helicopter comes in to save
Chan's ass.

-> 34 Pistol rounds
-> Infinite SMG rounds (after the checkpoint race)

How To:
When Chan gets stuck, waiting for the rescue helicopter, go all out and destroy
the Spanish Lords. Head to the nearest one first (Look in your GPS) because the
rest will come closer later. Chan's boat also has an SMG, so he can take one or
two on his own. Try to spin around to the side from which they are coming to
eliminate the most in a single pass. Waste off extra bullets when no Spanish
Lord boat are in sight. Also don’t eliminate too fast, otherwise another extra
wave will come. Time your last wave to be about below 2:50.

B6. Counterfeit Gangster
The FIB are setting up raids on Chan's business, who's scared to crap that they
will find evidence against him. So your job is to run around the 3 evidence
areas (Excluding the goods right outside Chan's warehouse) to dismantle and
demolish the evidence.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
First thing first, whip out your Pistol and shoot the crates to the right clear
through. As you do this, run to the 12 Molotovs in the corner and throw them.
If you throw them right they will get in between the crates and blow up both
of  the ones on the left side (thanks to light_rock_zz for the Molotov tip).
Run back and grab the Comet parked by Chan's garage.

Race to the nearest location (check the GPS) and kill the boxes by running your
car into them, this is the fastest way. Doing so will wreck the car completely,
but that's okay as you won't do it again. On the way there cut through the
train greens. You might realize that one of the crates. is out of the way and
you need to reverse. Instead of doind this, throw a Molotov at that last crate.
Just before you hit the first box slow down a little so you can buck the second
one from the recoil of the first. If you speed full in you will jump back a bit
and lose a few, granted, milliseconds :P But also it saves your car from
burning out because if your car dies you will have to walk-unacceptable.

The next compound is close by, but is locked in and you can't access it. Get in
the crane and drop them into the water. Do this efficiently to finish it
quickly. Irritatingly, the space to grab the car is very small (that is, there
are only a few degrees in the rotation that will get a car). For the last one,
just slam the crane to its maximum extent to save effort. Also, as you reach
the compound, be sure to slam R and spin counter clockwise so that it faces the
road. Easier to get outa there this way. (I kinda missed that part in putting
it here but light_rock_zz corrected me :D)

The last area is a bunch of cut 'n' shuts by the water. Grab the nearby
bulldozer and start plunging them into the water. The best way to do it is to
hit them just so that they plunge themselves in the water, and you don't have
to waste extra effort and valuable time. Ignore the shotgun rounds, they're
just a distraction. There are two bulldozers, but still don't flip yours into
the water. This section is the biggest time-waster, and the Cognoscenti parked
in front of a car and between two crates is the hardest one because it almost
always turns one way or another, so practice on that one if you can't seem to
get it. The Bulldozer is definitely not the most maneuverable thing around-
frankly it turns horribly-so you have to reverse and then go forward to get to
the next car most of the time. Finish the task to finish the mission.

B7. Slaying With Fire
Chan doesn't trust his free loading entourage anymore, so he got them all to
meet up on Happiness Island. Chan got a helicopter and some Molotovs, and
together you and him chuck burning gas at his former allies.

-> Infinite Molotovs

How To:
This one's real simple, but also real difficult. You have infinite Molotovs, so
use them like no tomorrow. You open up by tossing a molotov at the gas tank.
They come out, and you burn 'em to a crisp. Try to start fires at their
spawning points, where they appear the most; the fires will take care of em
without you having to give them much attention. Try to land direct hits,
because these will auto-kill them. Keep doing this until you advance. You need
to clear two areas.

They now go for the docks. Take them as you did before, but be mindful that
this time you sometimes hover out of molotov range of the stragglers, and they
can open up their SMGs on you. You can try indirect shots, where you fly them
to the sea. Kill enough and then burn down the boats with just one well-placed
Molotov, to prevent escape (plus the game locks until you kill the boats or
escape, which takes time, so do it quickly). You will need to practice on this.

Now you transit from the docks to the statue. There is a long delay, during
which you can kill the men running for their lives, if you want, to please
yourself. However, at intervals, there will be 3 RPG guys, so kill them
immediately otherwise they will shoot (the beeps tell you their lock-on
status), and these hits take about 50% of your health. Get to the statue and
take on the final challenger, an enemy helicopter. Chuck some well-placed
Molotovs at it to send it down to the ground, hard. It'll take two hits, and
the thing is freaking dodgy, so keep on it to take it down.

B8. Clear the Pier
The FIB papers Heston retrieved revealed that Chan and Zhou had been ratting
each other out to the FIB separately. In true Triad fashion, Huang goes to
punish them for their treason with the forfeit of their life.

-> 300 Assault Rifle rounds (Earned at the start of the mission)
-> 40 Double barreled Shotgun rounds
-> 300 Minigun rounds
-> 5 Grenades (6 more if you grab the extras at the start of the mission)

How To:
When you start the mission, grab the Assault Rifle and the grenade. Ignore
everyone, and run to the nearest parked car (Can be a Admiral or a Dukes)
that is parked horizontally. Skip the hot-wiring, and drive on. After the red
explosive barrel, keep to the extreme left (Very close to the edge, so be
careful not to fall into the water) and shortcut through small gap. After that,
avoid the crates and the obstacle a little in front of the crates. Drive
straight into the yellow arrows.

Then comes part two. Arm your shotgun and get ready for some close range
fighting. You have to fight through a warehouse, and all of the firing will be
fast and furious. Upon entrance they chuck a grenade at the fuel canisters at
the door, get away before it blows and reply in kind with a little bit of
shotgun pumping. These guys are armed with mere pistols, so shotguns and
grenades are most effective.

You get out of the door and meet Chan, who desperately tries to turn your
attack around. he escapes on his Banshee, grab the nearby car and give chase.
Ignore your henchmen, for some reason they don't fire from within the car.
If you collect SMG ammo in part one, it's much better for smoking him out of
the car with a broadside of lead then the mere pistol. When they come out chuck
a grenade or two and then open with your weapons to kill Chan and what's left
of his bodyguards. Otherwise, use your Comet to twist Chan a 180, dismount
from your car, whip out your shotgun and blast him to death. Don’t even let
get out of car!

C. Zhou Ming
C1. Stealing the Show
You first meet Zhou after you've already associated yourself with Chan.
Your first order of business is to "prove" yourself by throwing crates off a
moving vehicle unto his car.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
This one requires crate-throwing skills. No, literally. 90% of the mission is
spent throwing crates from a moving Flatbed onto Zhou's Bobcat, and the rest
is driving there and back again.

Get in the truck and drive to the gas station. Load onto the flatbed and start
throwing crates. There is an unlimited amount of crates, and in order to be
collected they must "hit" Zhou's car. It takes some practice in the art of
crate throwing to nail this part, as Zhou swerves around to avoid incoming
traffic like a police chase, biker gangs, a fire, etc. These are all scripted
events, and it may help to make a few passes just to get used to the timing of

In order to get gold you have to throw crates like mad without missing more
then a few times. The best times to throw the crates is when he's up close to
the truck or otherwise moving regularly. Finish all fifteen and then press X
to jump off. Run to his Bobcat and drive back into his garage and complete
the mission.

C2. Flatliner
A criminal friend of Zhou's is in Liberty City under medical dress. Zhou wants
to meet him, so you must go to the airport and steal his ambulance and bring
the guy to Zhou.

-> 34 Pistol Rounds

How To:
This is one of the easiest gold medal obtainable missions. Grab the
Hellenbach outside Zhou's place and zoom to the airport. From there, drive
around the parked jets and grab Uri's ambulance. Be very careful, the cops
nearby will attempt to pull you out of the ambulance. However, they won’t
bust you. Get in the right side of the ambulance as if you get in from the left
side, you’ll leave the driver door open and there’s a higher chance of the
pulling you out. Shortly after, the police will be alerted once you get out of
the airport terminal, slapping you with a 3-star wanted level, but this is easy
to evade. Drive as quickly as possible back to the lock-up to ace the mission.

C3. Bomb Disposal
In his final months as boss, Hsin is losing the respect of several business
associates. To discipline them, he is going to blow up several of their stash
cars parked around the city. Zhou doesn't intend for this to happen; he wants
you to diffuse the bombs and take out the threats so that he can steal the
cars and the drugs within. and he says "their respect for their leader should
be absolute." Jerk.

-> 100 Assault Rifle rounds
-> 200 Micro SMG rounds
-> 2 Molotovs

How To:
There are three stash cars located in the city. Use your GPS to navigate to
them as quickly as possible. grab the Hellenbach parked outside for a smooth
ride. Go into each van and disable the bombs, and then drive your Hellenbach
out of there as Hsin's men, armed with SMGs, come out to kill you.

Once you do this, one of the stash cars will come under attack from a bunch of
grunts. Run over a few, and then finish up the rest with your Micro SMG.
Speed is key. After this, another bomb van appears and heads for one of the
cars. You have no intention of letting it get there, and intercept it. Open up
with a well-placed Molotov and then spray lead, as I found this to be the
fastest method. You can also dismount and do this from the ground if you wish,
this gives you access to your powerful assault rifle to finish them off even

C4. Driven to Destruction
Zhou thinks that the dealers that had been "disciplined" by Hsin still deserved
a slice of justice - Or is it that they simply refused to a lot him a share of
their profits? Anyway, Zhou gets in a Bobcat and arms his minigun. You have to
drive through gang territory and fill up the "Carnage Meter" by slaughtering
whole masses of gang dealers.

-> 50 Revolver rounds

How To:
Drive as fast as you can towards the dealers, taking any shortcuts you can.
Open up the slaughter by smashing into their ranks, and then wind around for
another go, this time with your revolver and Zhou's minigun in full blaze. Wind
around to clean up, which should be minimal if you want the medal, and then go
for the next group. This happens four times. There's nothing else to really
tell you, except don't leave any of the survivors behind because you'll have to
wind around again to kill them, wasting valuable time.

C5. Cash And Burn
Your persistent attacks on the Korean Midtown Gangsters, under the eye of the
corrupt cop Heston, have caused them to lose a protection racket in a
construction yard to the Irish Killers, a fact Zhou doesn't like. His solution
is to burn down the building supplies in the yard, to teach them a valuable
lesson about refuting the Triads, who are allied with the Mid-Town Gangsters.

-> 34 Pistol rounds
-> 3000 Flamethrower rounds (Obtained upon entering the car)

How To:
This is not that hard of a mission to achieve. Zhou left you a flamethrower
with maximum armament in a nearby Hellenbach. Grab the car and race like heck
to the yard. Smash down on the lock like crazy to open it in 1 second flat,
giving you access to the yard. Go in and start burning supplies-the weapon will
automatically aim towards the piles of wood, and after a few seconds they will

Burn through the stacks, springing from one set to another. Often they are
arranged in groups, so as you burn one lock onto it and move towards another
one. This way, once the first one is burned out, you'll automatically start on
the second, and so on. the flamethrower has a good amount of range as
proportional to the task, so knowing its range is key to leaping from one
group to the next. Also, try un-equipping and sprinting between far-away piles,
and then re-equipping it when you come close; it saves time from walking there
with the heavy flamethrower.

There are 18 piles to ignite, and after the first few the sites protection
appears. The Irish killers come in groups on vans, and small bursts, using R
to disengage from one and get to the other, should suffice. Should you catch
fire roll and it will be out. Towards the end they start to appear in large
numbers, but go around killing the piles and pay as little attention to them
as possible, because killing them doesn't count towards the mission.

C6. Dragon Haul Z
Zhou is going to rob the Bank of Liberty using an "ingenious" disguise-a dragon
during the Chinese New Year celebration. As the head of the dragon, you direct
its movements so as to avoid being spotted as a fake.

-> 100 SMG rounds

How To:
As soon as you get outside grab a car. Do this without attracting cop
attention, you can't deal with that right now because of time concerns. It
doesn't actually matter what you steal, the distance to the costume isn't that

Drive to the Flatbed and then run up and yank the driver out. He doesn't put
up a fight, so drive to the back of the bank. Right now is why you don't want
any police attention, because before you advance you have to get rid of your
wanted level, and this wastes a huge chunk of time and forfeits any medal.

After this you go into the crowd in the dragon costume. Basically, head for the
yellow markers. when there's a spinning thingy, spin with your stylus to do a
"special move." The coolest move is the flame thingy, where you have to tap
the fire icon on the lower screen as quickly as possible to breathe fire.

I don't really have any tips to give you, besides tap the fire icon as quickly
as possible. The dragon moves at a set speed, so don't worry about losing time
in transition.

C7. The Fandom Menace
Zhou seems to be the only Triad who hasn't been hit by the FIB. However, the
press has been showing a lot of interest in him, as evident by the large mass
of paparazzi outside his quarters. Meanwhile, you have to drive Zhou to
meetings with two of his associates, while avoiding the poparrazi. Any
reporters who get an incriminating photo of Zhou are to be dealt with in the
harshest manner.

-> 100 SMG rounds
-> 5 Grenades

How To:
This one is based partially on luck. When you get in the car and drive out of
the garage, the paparazzi immediately grab their motorcycles and go for you.
Before they could get on their motorbike, fill them with lead. What happens
at the exit varies by luck; sometimes one of them gets out of the pack and get
a bad photo almost out of the gate, sometimes you get away before they get to
you, and sometimes two of them collectively collide and stop right there. You
can force the latter though by driving on the very left of the left lane,
meaning half on the sidewalk. Its best to open up as you're exiting with your
SMG or, if you can manage it, a grenade. :O

As you drive through the streets, the paparazzi will pop up and drive by with
their motorcycles. If they get in line with you they snap a photo, and your
immediate objective is to kill them. The only way to do it effectively is to
prop up the SMG and fill them with lead.

Now, here's where luck comes in. Sometimes they run into a nice, solid object
and never make it to you, or get stuck in traffic while you speed away. If
they get a photo, your SMG should take care of it, but if they get on foot and
run away you're out of luck, because then you have to swerve around, kill them,
and swerve back again. It's a good thing it's easy to kill someone off a
motorcycle. To get a medal you have to avoid swerving altogether, just a smooth
ride the whole way. The grenades are useless unless you have ridiculously good
aim, as you're going at high speed through traffic and those things are timed.

In the construction yard there's a ramp out of the place, If you get up some
speed (drive into the yellow marker so as to face the ramp) you can use it to
jump the fence and cut a good 3 seconds off your trip. Just before you hit the
checkpoint slam R and spin the vehicle into position.

Here's a tip for you. If you drive in the opposite lane the paparazzi will
spawn directly behind you. This means that there is a high chance that they
will smack into a car or your fender and bump off. Great!

DO NOT follow the GPS route given to you. On the ride to the construction yard,
turn left after you turn out, and drive straight from there, without the GPS,
as the usual one takes you on an arc. On the way from the construction yard,
turn left instead of right. To best do this on the ramp turn left as you are
beginning to jump, about halfway through. After the GPS corrects itself this
will avoid the D the GPS gives you. For the third trip (Where you have to bring
everyone back), because you already turned a 90, continue straight and turn
right to the main road. This is easier than making a 180 to follow the GPS
route. (thanks again to light_rock_zz for these shortcut tips)

Also, be very careful, for those impatient people out there. If you press start
to skip the cutscenes even before they come out, A Zhou will come out of the
car. When you are coming back after the two meetings, that Zhou will still be
there. If you run over him and kill him, you WILL fail the mission, wasting
your efforts.

C8. So Near, Yet So Sonar
Zhou is angry that some of his men let a shipment of his go down to the sea
floor. Not knowing of Huang's role in this, he sends Huang to retrieve the same
packages he had sent to the bottom of the sea in a mission before.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
Board the salvage boat and speed to the area. Use the sonar to retrieve the
cargo. It doesn't seem to matter what order you salvage them in, you always get
the same series. Use the sonar to find it, speed straight for it, and then ping
again when near it to start salvaging.

After a few pings the Coast Guard will appear, and you will have to time your
pings so as to avoid their attention. This isn't a problem, and you should
soon get the crates. No matter what, don’t get close to the Coast Guard boats
or they will chase you and when that happens, you can’t retrieve any crates.
Speed down to the jetty and transfer the boat to Zhou's men, and you are free
to go. I'm not sure what you have to do to cut to the medals, I did my best and
after a few tries got silver. Just try to practice retrieving the crates very
quickly, when it gets to mini-game of retrieving items, do it quickly.

C9. Hit from the Tong
The FIB papers Heston retrieved revealed that Chan and Zhou had been ratting
each other out to the FIB separately. In true Triad fashion, Huang goes to
punish them for their treason with the forfeit of their life.

-> 200 Assault Rifle rounds
-> 24 Double-Barreled Shotgun rounds
-> 5 Proximity Mines

How To:
Smash the lock on the gate and enter. When you enter concentrate on getting to
the yellow marker, where Zhou is, just run and gun anyone in your way, don't
worry about them too much. This will take you to Zhou, who escapes on his
helicopter while you get smashed by a hell of a lot of bodyguards. Kill them as
fast as you can, use the proximity mines to blow them out of their cover, and
then Assault rifle them to death. Climb up the elevator to confront the

On top of the building is an RPG, grab it and fire at the helicopter. Hit it
twice to push it away. And don’t try to RPG it when it’s heading for you
its minigun. When Zhou’s helicopter runs away, get to the marker spot quickly
before it even appears. After that, slaughter another group of bodyguards; this
one requires killing skills, as the key is to destroy the guards as quickly as
possible. Repeat again for a second encounter. Then slaughter the last group of
guards; don't worry about ammo, just keep your finger on the trigger. When the
car comes over drop a mine on it to quickly blow the guards inside and nearby
to kingdom come, or RPG it if it so pleases you (Try not to use it as you will
need it for Zhou’s helicopter, although it will spawn at the top of the
buildings, but you waste time collecting it)

The last group of guards is the hardest, because they spawn and surround you,
and they are armed with Assault Rifles. Fight to the nearest piece of cover and
kill them from there.

light_rock_zz told me that you can also try to chainsaw, obtainable at the
beginning of the mission, to achieve your means. I found that it's faster then
guns, but you'll be wasted VERY quickly, especially with the last group. If you
use the chainsaw go for the body armors because you'll REALLY need them,
especially with the last group. It's slightly faster but much harder to pull
off. You've been warned.

D. Hsin Jaoming

D1. Trail Blazer
You finally get to meet the big boss, Hsin Jaoming, and he's pissed off because
his son, Chan, blamed a recent ambush on himself on you. so you have to drive
a burning Oil Tanker into the asshole's gambling den for him.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
Grab a car and drive to the nearby gas station. Grab the truck, bypassing the
hot-wiring since you're going to attract cop attention anyway, and drive it
out. Then some stupid cop gets the bright idea of putting a few bullet holes in
the tanker, spilling the oil. Dumb-ass. Basically, you have to drive your
tanker through traffic without slowing down for too long (that can ignite the
fuel within). This is a cool mission because the leaking oil catches fire a bit
away from the vehicle, and ignites any cars-or people-it touches! It's good the
Oil Tanker has one of the highest pursuing capacities in the game, it really
comes in handy for clearing traffic here. It's made a bit more difficult by
the pre-positioned traffic accident before the second bridge, but just
circumnavigate these by going down the right pavement to get it clear.

D2. The Offshore Offload
Feds are crawling all over triad operations, and it's obvious we have a rat
here. Chan got arrested, but Hsin was more worried about getting his dirty
money out of the country, and instructs you to secure his offshore offload.


How To:
When you get out, get into any car. Ignore the orders for a "4-seater car" as
you'll get one later.

Drive to the GPS location to discover that Hsin's men have been locked up in a
NOOSE van in an alleyway. Drive your car around to the back of the alley and
exit. This will allow you to get to the back of the van and set the charges
undetected. Once you do so, get out of the blast area. The back will blow up
and two men will jump out. Make a beeline for the Police Patrol parked nearby;
ignore the commands not to leave Hsin's men behind. Get in and drive up to
them, they'll automatically enter it.

Now the Police Patrol is perhaps the best choice for the next part. That's
because you have to drive to another one of his men, an accountant out in the
open, and then drive the hole gang to the heliport for extraction, all this
under 3 stars. The key here lies in getting to the heliport in one piece.
Get to the accountant and then drive like mad to the heliport. If your car
survives, you're golden.

D3. One Shot, One Kill
Chan made bail, and Hsin wants you to impress upon the informant how much he
disapproves of the trechary. So you go to the hotel and get a sniper, to make
sure the only other thing he's ever witnessing is a bullet to the brain.

-> 34 Pistol rounds
-> Sniper Rifle (acquired during the mission)

How To:
Grab a fast car (avoid the police because they will force you to lose your
wanted level before continuing) and get to the hotel. Get up on the balcony
and assemble the sniper. Scan the area for the guy-he's wearing a white shirt
and blue jeans, a distinct uniform-and shoot him through the skull.

After you do this, you get slapped with a three star wanted level, get rid of
this quick. Grab the Cognoscenti parked below, it's a fast, durable car good at
bashing cops, and let loose. it's very annoying, the cops are everywhere and
you can't lose 'em even after clearing your police car threshold, so go to a
private place and hope they leave you alone. This last part is extremely
difficult, and even if you completes the first part this will most often bug
you down. Try to crash into the cop cars or lead them to the hot dog stands.

D4. By Myriads of Swords
Hsin wants justice to be done on the Midtown Gangsters, so he gives you a sword
and the instructions to "honorably" slice their heads off.

-> 68 twin Pistol rounds
-> Sword (acquired early in the mission, where you dig out for it in a
-> 10 Flashbangs

How To:
Rush to that dumpster just nearby and turn it upside-down for that sword. Grab
a fast car and head to the nearest stronghold. As soon as you get close
they try to run, and your instructions are to use the sword on the leader, so
open up with a flashbang to stun the leader, and then take his head off. Take
out the remaining guards and collect his ID before going for the next one. The
second one is a bit more complex. He will run in his Banshee before you can
even get close, so ignore the guards in the complex and chase him down. Well,
actually you can let him go to the destination as you still have enough time to
get gold, but you could PIT him and then spray with lead, and hen he gets out
use a flashbang and then a sword. Drive to the amusement park in Firefly Island
to complete the mission once you’re done collecting the traitors’ ID.

D5. A Shadow of Doubt
After a change of leadership the Midtown gangsters moved their base of
operations. To see if they are still loyal to the Triads, Hsin instructs you to
follow one of them to their base of operations.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
First, follow the gangster by his distinctive, erm, umbrella. Run to cover when
he stops, but really you should be there beforehand so as not to waste time, so
here they are: Truck, Building, Gate, Truck, Truck, Building Corner. When you
get to their car quickly plant the bug and move away. Get into the Sultan and
follow the signal right to 'em. The bug updates intermediately, which makes it
a pain to follow, but flank around the initial building and chase the signal
like mad to achieve it. Don't be afraid of overrunning the signal, it's

D6. Friend or Foe?
Hsin wants absolute assurance that the Midtown Gangsters are loyal, so he sends
you and some goons to bomb an opening in their safehouse and steal a safe
containing valuable documents.

-> 68 Twin Pistol rounds
-> 150 Assault Rifle rounds

How To:
Get in the van, drive to the explosives (go right down the alley, it's not that
narrow, but drive on the right side to avoid the trash cars and dumpster), get
out to collect and then back in again. Drive to the area and into the yellow
marker. You'll automatically get out, and are instructed to plant the
explosives on the door. Press on the bomb icon when near it to do the 3
sequence arming range (quite easy). Get into the van while the goons run in,
and then get out to guard the entrance from the coming onslaught. Grab the
armor and kill the first two cars, they shouldn't put up a fight. But now run
back to take a large cluster coming from the other side while another group
plugs the gap from behind. Kill them all, don't worry about them getting in or
anything. The Assault Rifle ammo soon proves to be inadequate, so you switch to
twin pistols to finish the job. Once the men have toe safe, get back into the
van and drive back like there's no tomorrow. As usual Koreans on cars come to
intercept, but you're armed to the teeth with two buddies with SMGs, so it's
not a problem. Play the safe unlocking mini-game, it's pretty fun, to finish
the mission - and thankfully the last part doesn't count towards the time.

D7. Arms Out of Harm's Way
The files and ledgers recovered during the raid detailed a large shipment of
arms coming in for the gang. Hsin wanted to make sure they never got them, and
details you to the task.

-> 200 Assault Rifle rounds
-> 250 SMG rounds

How To:

METHOD 1 (jimmythesnowman)
Grab a car, any car, and drive through the hole in the fence to the port where
they are receiving the arms. Get through fence, ignoring the SMG rounds (you
have enough for the task already) and go. Fire right through the fence, grab
the body armor, and then run while shooting the rest, don't stop running even
to finish someone behind you. Ignoring the grenades rush to the docks, it might
take some luck not to get killed. The weapons are on a boat, so vault the
fence, grab the SMG ammo, grab the wet Ski, and give chase. Get close enough
and broadside it with your SMG to get your medal. The key here is to
practically ignore the guards.

METHOD 2 (light_rock_zz)
The above is just for reference. I never did get gold with it. However, in his
endless experimentation and tinkering with homebrew solutions, light_rock_zz
has come up with a gold-en homebrew way that pretty much ignores most of what
I fought through:

Hi-jack a car, and make sure that car is a taxi or any other vehicle faster
then that. A good way to do this is to not skip the cutscenes first. Look at
the road to find for a fast vehicle. When you see one, press Start to begin
and steal that vehicle immediately. Then, go to the docks. Now here is

At the very end of the pier, get out of your vehicle and make sure it is
against the gate. Make sure you are behind your vehicle as it will act as your
cover. Carefully drop into the water. If everything is done correctly, you
should end up in the sea, really close to the edge. This is important as if you
are too far out, the Korean with a minigun will fire at you and
push you further out, killing you on the way.

Now once you made it, swim to the Koreans' boat, filled with the weapons. Keep
really close to the edge at all times. Once you reach there, the boat will run
away, so quickly swim to the Wet Ski. Don't worry about the Korean with the
minigun anymore, he will somehow mysteriously disappear. Gold should be below
48 seconds.

D8. The Wages of Hsin
Hsin knows now that the Koreans are no longer a threat, but to teach them a
valuable lesson about daring independence, he had you hit them one last time-
by delivering the cu de gra and blowing their entire safehouse open.

-> 24 Double-Barreled Shotgun rounds
-> 200 Twin Pistol rounds
-> 10 Grenades

How To:
Pick up the explosives behind the house and enter the random vehicle, ignoring
the hot-wiring because it doesn't matter. Get there and drive in, blasting out
the initial guards. The rail at the entrance has spiked your wheels, so the car
is practically useless after that. Run around, killing guards, and blowing open
the structures weak points, three of them. The guards drop all sorts of
weapons, Pistols, SMGs, Micro SMG, even Assault Rifles, and these are useful.
Open up contact with a well placed grenade, and then another while shooting off
their asses. Then go for the final point, the main structure, and blow it up,
too. Escape down the water. Speed is key-so kill the enemies quickly. This is a
fairly difficult mission and will take several goes.

D9. A Rude Awakening
It seems that everyone but you knows that the "evidence" D'Avanzo has against
Capra is bullshit. Those two morons have been fighting one another for the
longest time. It seems that Rudy is just using you as his muscle against Capra.
Hsin orders you to kill him by searching all the previous locations you meet

-> 34 Pistol rounds
-> 5 Shotgun rounds (mysteriously disappears later?)

How To:
Grab a fast and hopefully durable car, and head out. Check the locations until
you get him, you'll know because his car is there. Remember to slow down when
you reach a spot because if you don’t, the game will not recognize you’ve
to that spot.

Now, here's a trick I learned. Park your car perpendicularly to the store,
between where the door and his car is. That way, when Rudy comes out, the game
will sorta glitch, and he will be stuck walking against your car, far easier
and faster to kill, even despite his two bodyguards. This trick netted me gold,

Go in and confront him, to learn that Hsin was right, and the mobster was
screwing with you-and that Rudy's a women!

E. Wade Heston
E1. The Tow Job
Wade Heston is a corrupt cop of eccentric habits. He thinks that the men who
took your sword are gang bangers of the Korean Mid-town Gangsters. Your first
mission from him is to confiscate one of the gang member's cars and stuff it
with drugs, then get the police interested in it and parking it in front of
the police station.

-> 30 Shotgun rounds
-> 200 Micro SMG rounds
-> 5 Molotovs

How To:
Grab the Duke parked outside and speed to the scene. The towing contractors are
pulling away the car, so drive in front of it, get out, and hijack the truck.
Throw a molotov to chase the damned truck driver away as quickly as possible
and then lower the car. Get in, and out again to skip hot-wiring (your current
goal is to get the police interested in the car anyway), and then get two
stars. The quick way is to bang a cop car, then stop, wait for the cop to get
out, and kill him; once, when I threw the molotov, I got a two-star wanted
level so I got to skip this phase. No clue how I did it, but it was cool
nevertheless :P Drive  the car quickly to the police station to finish the
mission and claim your reward.

E2. The Tail Bagging the Dogs
Heston wants to lure out the Koreans that probably stole the sword, so you must
follow a gang banger's car and wipe out the underbosses he meets with.

-> 64 Pistol rounds
-> 10 shotgun rounds
-> 5 Grenades

How To:
For this mission, when you come outside you see a mobster fighting an
entorouge of African Americans (they must hate each other, I saw something
similar in the mission "Missed the Boat?"), so for once you get a choice
between a Turismo and the regular Dukes.

Drive to your destination and start following the car. Instead of taking the
normal route, go straight between the grassy part between the the two cross-
shaped apartment buildings directly in front of your starting point. Also, as
you reach your quarry's starting point, turn left and hit the breaks
while turning in the opposite direction to do an almost 180 and position
yourself to follow him. (thanks goes to light_rock_zz for these tips) Your
quarry starts meeting with his underbosses, and you have to kill them before
their leader gets far away. My strategy, to throw a grenade, got me gold, but
light_rock_zz suggested that you should run over them instead. Why? it's
faster. While this is liable to get your car stuck in the gate, the quarry goes
back into full-speed mode instead of hanging around during the fuse time.

After three such meeting one of the underbosses gets in and then put the pedal
to the medal, so they know they're being followed. In order to get silver or
gold you have to move in to the cars left and push it off the docks, splashing
it into the water and killing both its inhabitants.

E3. Weapons of Mass Distraction
IAD are breathing up Heston's neck, and he needs a big collar, fast. So he
wants you to distract the Koreans while he plants a bug in their base.

-> 64 Pistol rounds
-> 10 Shotgun rounds
-> 5 Grenades

How To:
After experimenting a little, I found what seems to be the fastest way to do
this mission.

Grab the Duke and follow the GPS route to the first hideout. There is a
shortcut in front of you that will cut a bit off the round trip, but it has a
bunch of old boilers in it which are hard to maneuver through and waste time,
so just take the regular route.

Your first task is to kill one of the cars. Throw a grenade at any one of them.
Position your Duke so that you can strafe the Koreans that are coming out of
the door. The Koreans come out and try to hide behind their cars, so it's very
useful if you managed to blow up two of them with the grenade by throwing it
between. Another possibility is to blow up one and badly damage another, which
allows you to blow it open later like an extra grenade to clear up whoever is
hiding behind it. Kill them as they come out the door, clean up whoever is left
and then go on.

Now they start to send Koreans in cars at you. Do your best to avoid them,
because they can kill your car, fast. When the Koreans come out they also have
those red arrows on top of them, which makes it difficult to tell who to kill
first, because only the enemies that spawn at the hideout are needed to finish
the mission.

The grenades are very valuable for this mission. The next hideout is at a
gas station, and there are initially two groups of Koreans-one in the station
by the Oil Tanker (Dumb-asses) and another on the sidewalk. Two grenades should
finish both of them. More will come from the gas station, keep inside the
Dukes and fire at them. Most likely they will pull you out, which has a plus
and a minus. The minus is that now you take damage to your health, and the plus
is that you can use that shotgun to O.D. their ass. Unfortunately it gets a
little complex as "reinforcements" in cars come, but they aren't important to
the mission, so use the GPS to find the ones you really DO need to kill.

The third one is at a Burger Shot restaurant, and they will most certainly pull
you out of your car for this one. There's a health pack in the fence, you'll
certainly need it because previous damage and what you will get here (they
finally come decently armed with SMGs) can kill you quick. Use the grenade on
the group in the street and another, your last one, whenever a group collates.
Stay in the Dukes as long as possible, although by all probability by the end
of this one it will be a burnt-up chunk.

Grab one of there lesser damaged cars and drive to the "remote location"
dictated by the mission. You're good for as long as the car doesn't blow up
from the repeated staffing. Grab the boat and head in the direction of the
marker to escape and finish the mission. This is a tall task to execute
correctly, but do it well and it will give you gold, easy.

E4. Streets of Rage
You walk into Wade's retreat to find it empty. When you leave, you get an
urgent e-mail from him-he and his unit are surrounded by gang members, and they
need you over there, NOW. Obviously the Koreans have gotten on about Wade's
intentions, big time.

-> 200 Carbine Rifle rounds
-> 20 Double-Barreled Shotgun rounds

How To:
Grab the Dukes, get the e-mail, and fly to the ambush area. There are cops and
detectives showing down with heavily armed Wonsu assassins, and for some
reason throwing a car at them doesn't work, it just pushes them aside, so your
best bet is your Carbine. Ignore the body armor, keep going, ignoring the
guards at the hole in the fence, get to where Heston is to see him on the
ground, a boot firmly planted by the last of the assassins, Minigun at hand.
The only way to kill him is wait for him to take cover, run and grab the
grenades, run to the second piece of cover and chuck it at him. If it doesn't
kill him, a Double barreled blast from short range will.

I tried killing him while he's going out, but you reduce his health to red
before he opens up and kills you completely. Shucks.

E5. Operation Northwood
The corrupt Heston is also an insane drug addict, and when his dealer decides
to sell him out to the IAD, Heston wants you to take out the evidence and the

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
This mission starts out strange. You are instructed to get a fast car, and
who-la-la, a Banshee stops for no reason right in front of you. ????? Anyway,
get in and drive it to the bomb garage. Cut through the little park area in
front of the residence to make the trip lightning fast. Inside, strap on a
bomb to your car. Do it quickly, this counts towards your time. Cut around the
corner to arrive at the bar where the dealer is. He gets in a Sabre GT and man,
they were serious when they said fast car, this guy doesn't let off the
acceleration. What's the hurry, I wonder? This guy is a crazy driver, he goes
through all these back alleys and shit, but your Banshee should be fast enough
so as not to lose him. He even goes up a ramp and does like 100 in the air, how
cool is that?

Ironically he eventually ends up back in Industrial after his cross-town drive,
park your car, get out, make sure you get a safe distance away (The game will
indicate that you are safe, if you don’t get this message and you detonate,
WILL die) and detonate to finish the mission.

E6. Torpedo Run
Heston has a FIB contact who claims he knows the name of the informant, but
only if you do some dirty work for him. So you have to grab a Destroyer and
sink a shipment of Zhou's.

-> 150 Micro SMG rounds

How To:
Run to the Police Dock, it's so near you don't need a car, and grab the boat
while avoiding flak from the surrounding officers. Speed towards Zhou's
shipment. Take it down with your torpedos and then turn around to destroy an
earlier shipment that already landed. Use your GPS to plan the wide arc needed
to reach this. Grab the Admiral parked nearby and speed to the van to hijack
the shipment. Destroy both the van and its occupants by any means necessary.

Now, wanna see something funny? When you get to the dock with the Destroyer,
the one with the already-arrived shipment, there's a copy of that boat you blew
up before sitting there. Get in to find out that it's called...don't laugh...
wait for it...the ZHOUBOAT! Holy shit, can I have a boat named after myself?

E7. Scrambled
More illegal activities for Heston's FIB contact. This time you have to destroy
a bunch of scramblers to let his illegal wiretap to pull through uninterrupted.

-> 200 Assault rifle rounds
-> 5 Grenades

How To:
The key to this mission is knowing where the scramblers are. Grab a car and
start driving straight down the road to the first one. It's in the first
alleyway you see, destroy it with a grenade. For the second one, go out the
direction of the scrambler van, onto another large street, make a left and then
keep driving, turn right after the construction area and a left again at the
gas station to see it. It's on top of a building, so this might take some

The last one is the most difficult, because it's moving. Just head towards
wherever the signal goes to find it. It'll attack automatically and run as
soon as it sees you, so you'll have to take it down the hard way, with your
guns blazing. Do a PIT and then get out and grenade and Assault Rifle it to

E8. Evidence Dash
IAD stole Heston's car, knowing it was full of incriminating evidence that
would put him and his squad out of commission. His squad is hot on their trail,
and are going to destroy the car, but the vehicle is "precious" to Heston
(Because the car belongs to his wife), so he wants you to get it back without
a scratch.

-> 150 SMG rounds

How To:
Just after you finish talking to Heston, an entourogue of cars passes by,
chasing down Heston's car. It's way to fast to intercept, so go across the
street, grab the SMG ammo and get in the Cognoscenti. Whack aside its pursuers,
as soon as the car's sorta in the clear it slows down, allowing you to take it.
Get it to Pay n' Spray without blowing it open, and then drive it to a secluded
area to search it. Go to the small compound that has a riding shotgun and a
dealer (It’s quite near the Westminister Pay n’ Spray, look in your GPS),
sandwich yourself between a small barrel and the wall of the building adjacent
to the compound.

Now you have to drive the car back to Heston. The baddies are still around, but
they've been downgraded to pistols instead of SMGs, and are no longer actively
giving chase, so don't worry about them.

E9. Wi-Find
You have to drive around, hacking the FIB mainframe to get your file.

-> 34 Pistol rounds

How To:
After playing this one multiple times I was able to write a detailed guide to
this one, which is necessary as it is one of, if not the hardest, one in the
game, because it requires you to get into a very small hacking area quickly
whilst avoiding the cops.

Grab the Black Dukes parked there. If it doesn't spawn, restart the mission!
Then, when you are a small distance away, open up your GPS. Store that
location where the Dukes is in your Favorites and continue head down the GPS
path. Once you reach a certain point it will stop giving you your GPS route but
rather the strength of the two signals you are hacking. Keep driving down the
road until you get to a slightly smaller road, then veer right into a large
alleyway to start the first of the four transfers. After you complete it you
get a one-star wanted level, as the FIB have traced your transfer.

While doing the hack, turn your vehicle so that it faces the direction you came
from, and then ready a Burnout. As soon as the transfer completes rocket out
of the alley and make a left. Drive down the road here until you get to
transfer area #2, about a block away. You get socked with a one-star wanted
level, but hey, that's nothing you can't handle.

Continue down the road and make a right, onto the big four lane road. Drive up
this road up to the triangle junction area, where it splits in two. Take the
left one and then make a left into the first alley you see to start the

Now you get socked with a TWO star wanted level, and it begins to become a
challenge. Ordinarily I would recommend getting rid of the stars, but as this
is a timed challenge that obviously won't do, so make the best of it.

Drive out of the left or right wing of the alley, it doesn't matter which, but
for the purpose of simplicity I will use the right exit. Make a left upon
exiting, and then another left as soon as you reach a junction. Drive to the
large alleyway on the right to start the transfer.

Now you get socked with a THREE wanted level stars. Thankfully, there are no
more transfers, but unfortunately, you have to eliminate your wanted levels
whilst driving to Heston. Remember the location you stored as Favorites in your
GPS? Head down to that spot whilst disabling cops. Do your best to take out the
cops while driving there. It may not be too difficult, as cops are everywhere.

E10. Salt in the Wound
The files that you obtained from Heston in the mission before? Yeah, they were
false. Nuhouh, looks like we just killed two gang bosses for nothing. Anyway,
you meet with Heston, who says that his FIB contact had given them falsified
information, and that he was meeting with the real traitor at the desalination

-> 150 Assault rifle rounds
-> 128 Twin Pistol rounds

How To:
Take the Dukes and drive the plant to unlock the finishing story. You see them
meet...So, who is it? Kenny! He was behind everything so that he could seize
power. As he calls his guards, the IAD come in, armed to the teeth. Just as
they finish their lines the FIB arrive, flanking the whole group. Holy shit
how did all of them know about this? Your uncle flees, and you are left to
destroy the initial enemies crowding over you. Actually, you don’t need to
bother about destroying these enemies as they don't count towards the mission.
Ignore everybody and just chase after Kenny.

Now, the next part is hard. You have to fight through the desalination plant.
First you hide behind some crates that protect you from two grunts armed with
Assault Rifles. Kill them, and then engage the three across the bend. And then
open up on the soldiers around the bend while they are busy engaging Heston.

Now comes a grid area, guarded by a grunt with an RPG. Run towards him, come
out, go back to cover when he comes out to fire, and then Assault Rifle him to
the next dimension.

The next area is a bunch of walls with pipes. Run forward, wait for them to
come out and fire, and then open fire; you can also flank them and kill them.

Check on Heston, who will be tinkering with the controls to open the gate. You
have to guard him for a bit from hoards of enemies coming down, thankfully
they're armed with measly SMGs. Go all the way down to the entrance and open
fire as soon as you see any with your Assault Rifle (you can use your SMG,
but it's slower to kill and you have enough ammo for the rifle anyway, and
that both gives them a bigger chance to duck behind cover and fire back, and
wastes times).

Run out the gate and to the dock to see him escaping on a speedboat. Get to
the next dock and into the cruiser with Heston. He drives while you "nail any
scum that get in our way." Basically, you arm your Infinite Ammo Minigun and
fire away.

Although Huang automatically locks on and aims, you still have to direct the
gun into the general direction of the enemies for it to work. There are lots
of enemies, and lots of fire, so keep your finger on the trigger indefinitely.
After a while a helicopter with a ridiculous amount of Health pops up and
strafes you every now and then, disengaging whenever you fire back, so fire at
it in spare time to avoid those bullets. At the end it locks on and won't go
away, so open up on it and blow it to smithereens.

Get off from the docks and grab the Comet to chase Kenny. Now worry more
about the amount of cops generated by your four star wanted level then about
killing him however, as he will lead you to Hsin's penthouse. There you learn
that it was originally under Hsin's "test of loyalty" that Kenny was to steal
the sword, and that he had had his nephew set up so as to avoid that fate.
What fate, exactly? Well, Hsin was only going to let him lead the Triads from
behind the figurehead of his "idiot" son, Chan. Kenny then kills Hsin with
the same sword that started it all. Now you got to kill him. Use the assault
rifle or the SMG if you run out of Assault Rifle bullets. Don’t get too close
to him, he’s got a sword in hand.

Then, The FIB and regular police make a triumphant entrance, and Heston yells
like hell that it's his bust, so lay off. He says to arrest everyone in the
building, except Huang, for "he's a good kid, for a rotten rich prick." In his
last words Hsin gives the leadership over to Huang. Wow, just a few weeks and
you're already leading the Triads, nice job kid!

F. Lester Leroc

F1. Double Trouble
Lester is a fat middle-age good for nothing man, the person who Hsin assigned
to finding out if the Angels of Death were still loyal to the Triads. He needs
your help even before he's in the gang, as he's so fat and useless to pass the
initiation test himself.

-> 300 SMG rounds
-> 7 Molotovs

How To:
Basically, in this mission you have to impress the riders by riding with style
through their territory and chasing their rivals, the Lost, off the Angels’
territory. You have to go through the markers as fast as possible on the crappy
Chopper you are supplied with.

Grab the Chopper in front of the restaurant. Follow the GPS route to the
starting location. Do a burnout up the ramp, and then follow the markers. Use
the GPS for general guidance. The Chopper has crappy turning, so in order to
make some of the very sharp turns you have to either brake or handbrake. After
following it for a while it will direct you into an alley, which just so
happens to be full of "Lost" bikers on Angels territory. Teach them the error
of their ways by opening up with the SMG, and getting off the Molotovs in the

Grab you bike again and ride onward through the markers. You meet four Lost
bikers revving up the street, kill them (it says to kill them, but leave one to
"tell the tale," but the game doesn't seem to care if you kill all of them,
actually. follow the GPS back to the rendezvous with Lester. He will give you
explosives to plant at the base of the Monoglobe to disrupt a Lost meeting in
the park. Take them and get back on your ride. Follow the markers onto a ramp
into the park, and then plant the explosives. Watch the cutscene of them
getting blown up, and after that you finish the mission.

F2. Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
Again you have to fill in for Lester due to his incompetence. Lester was wasted
after partying night and day with the Angels, so you have to sell the Coke that
constitutes the final part of the initiation test for him.

-> 150 SMG rounds

How To:
First thing first. Grab the Chopper parked outside the Burger Shot hangout and
go; its high acceleration makes it ideal for the mission. Start dealing your
stuff with the customers scattered throughout, whenever you complete a deal
another one spawns randomly somewhere nearby. After two deals rival dealers
will appear, and you basically have to beat first one, then two dealers in
sales. This is easy enough, but the problem is compounded when you start to get
hounded by the Mananas and Cognoscentis that always spawn near the
customers. You should be able to pull the Chopper through almost all of or all
of the chain, but once it dies, you will have to hijack one of their gang cars,
preferably the Cognoscenti, to carry you to your meet-up with Lester. If you
can pull through the whole thing on one Chopper or hijack another one, you will
save a few seconds, which is vital for getting gold.

Remember that to transfer the coke to your customers, you have to touch the
coke before you transfer it.

F3. Convoy Conflict
Lester is accepted into the gang. In order to raise his respect, he agrees to
solve some sort of serious problem for the gang by escorting a convoy of drugs.
He is doing this because he wants to get closer to the boss' girl, and he'd be
able to find out from her if there is a rat in their ranks.

-> 90 Twin Pistol rounds

How To:
Lester is an annoying driver, constantly braking at intervals, so don't get too
close to him because if you smack him aside he'll take some time to get back on
the road, which wastes time. Just follow the deadbeat on his spare bike.

Once you get there, he gets in a van, and you are left to protect them. They're
going down a relatively long road, and can't take TOO much damage, but both
vans are armed to the teeth with pistols, so it's OK for Lost to get close,
they'll be ripped to shreds, but not too much because the vans will blow up.
Whatever you do, always be on a vehicle during the journey, otherwise the vans
will move like slow pokes.

The Lost are armed with SMGs, OK but you have only 100 rounds picked up at the
dock, not enough. So when they spawn in front drive way ahead of the vans and
kill them, get off the bike and grab the ammo, then back on in time to get back
to your duty. In the park they form a roadblock, blow up the explosive oil
canister and then clean up to clear the way.

F4. See No Evil
The Bikers are coming after Lester, as they suspect something between Lester
and Meredith. Well, they were right about "screwing behind the old man's back."
You arm your guns and keep back the bikers so that Meredith doesn't figure out
the situation.

-> 68 Twin Pistol rounds
-> 150 SMG rounds

How To:
METHOD ONE (jimmythesnowman)
Grab any decently maneuverable car and follow the car, but at a distance so as
to shoot down any bikers that try to come close. Stay back a degree and let the
bikes catch up with you, then slam into them or otherwise arrange things so
that they meet your back fender. Using the greater mussle of your car you
should dash them off their bikes. The bikers are pretty stupid, and
several spawn in the wrong side of the road, get stuck in alleys, crash, etc.

Next you have to defend the apartment from a few waves of bikers. Now you
should use the SMG ammo you conserved from before. Drive your car up to where
they will be and then open up on them. They will come in 3 waves, and all are
pretty easy to dispel. However, it's difficult to get a decent medal here.

METHOD TWO (light_rock_zz)
Of course you can always opt to use the motorbike. When you use the motorbike,
conserving ammo is critical. To do this, fire off 5 shots into each biker.
That's it. When the car stops, don't wait for the bikers to come; drive to
them and then tail them while riddling them with bullet holes. By the next wave
you will probably run out of SMG ammo however; so wait the second needed to
switch then keep firing with your Twin Pistols blazing. Unfortunately, the
waves come on opposite sides, so you have to drive across to the next one.

Rudy D'Avanzo
G1. Grave Situation
You get an e-mail out of nowhere from the Italian mobster, Rudy D'Avanzo. When
you meet him he claims that the snitch is another mobster, Jimmy Capra. He may
be  right, because you guys are immediately surrounded by Capra's men, and must
fight out of this 'grave situation'.

-> 200 Assault Rifle rounds
-> 200 SMG rounds
-> 20 Double-Barreled Shotgun rounds

How To:
This is a fast, fun, furious mission that's actually pretty hard to beat. As
soon as the attack starts start running to the exit, and never stop. To get a
medal you must not stop running, yet clear all the enemies at, behind, and in
front of you, a difficult task to say the least.

Ignore the grenades and arm the Assault Rifle. The enemy is equipped with the
discrete SMG, no match for the Assault Rifle, but there are so many of them
it's evened out.

Here's what light_rock_zz had to say:
"Okay, this one is partially on luck. That's because the targeting system is
crap and sometimes aims at the wrong things. Anyway, at the beginning, quickly
run out and kill the first idiot with flying kicks.

Also, I realized the goon standing at the end of a long rectangular block is
most irritating as when you fire at him, he goes into hiding. Therefore, go
right up to him and assault rifle him to death. This makes one round but you
can't kill him after he hides if you are standing at the other side."

That's two more tips for you.

G2. Steal the Wheels
You need evidence against Capra before approaching Hsin about him. Fortunately,
Rudy has a recording of him talking to the Feds planted in Capra's car, but you
must retrieve it.

-> 150 Assault rifle rounds
-> 250 Twin Pistol rounds

How To:
Grab any fast car and drive to the compound. As you get close one of the gang
cars is driving out, this is the only time the gate is open so drive in as fast
as possible so the gate doesn't lock. Now ordinarily you unlock it by blowing
open the gate with grenade tossed at the Oil Tanker parked inside, but you get
no grenades on this mission, which really sucks. As you are driving in don't
fire at the guards, but at the Oil Tanker, it will ignite, explode, and open
the gate. Ignoring the grenades in the corner or the guards, get into the car,
bypass the hot-wiring by getting in and out again, and drive your car out the
gate. You're going to be under heavy fire the whole way, and if you skipped
hot-wiring you get slapped with a two star wanted level too, but thankfully the
trip is too short for it too matter. There's a shortcut that lets you skip
making a U down the road from Rudy's place, Just drive into a yard, put the
gate and into another to skimp a quite a few seconds off your round trip.

G3. The World's A Stooge
Rudy has the recording, and will give it you AFTER you whack some of the rats
named on it.

-> 250 Assault Rifle rounds

How To:
Three rats, three separate challenges. Head for the lone one first (The one to
your south from the GPS) as he is the easiest. He's not actually where the GPS
plots him but on the curb across from that location, so run over the curb to
kill him without incident. Plotting a GPS route to him will take you to the
correct side, but just for clarification he's on the left side, as seen on the

Head for the one in the park next. Don't go for him, rather get him to spot you
by driving by one of his guards, and then drive over to the broken down area of
the outer gate on the left side and wait for him to come there. He's too
slippery to run over, unfortunately, so don't try it.

The last one isn't even on land, drive over to the dock and run your car
through the guards. Evacuate, grab the SMG ammo and then get onto the Wet Ski.
Use the SMG to kill the last traitor, ignoring his guards, to finish the

G4. Oversights
Capra has asked for "Peace talks" with Rudy, but D'Avanzo is taking you there
to make sure that Capra gets the peace HE has in mind. Unfortunately Capra was
thinking along the same lines, so you have to fend off Capra's goons with your
sniper, one of only two sniper missions in the game.

-> Sniper Rifle (Infinite Ammo)

How To:
Your first task is to drive Rudy, in his car, to the meeting place. Grab the
Cognoscenti, one of my favorite cars, and drive there quickly. However, DON'T
FOLLOW THE GPS. As it many times has, the GPS is bad. Instead, hold left until
you do a 180 and then drive until you reach a straight 4-lane road. Turn right
and drive on to the checkpoint from here. You should be able to reach the
compound within 18 seconds and the suitcase by 40. (thanks goes, again, to
light_rock_zz for these tips) Unlock the compound by short-circuiting the
wires, and then climb up the stairs and through the many roofs to your
destination on the last rooftop. Assemble the sniper and let the meeting begin.
That is, until Capra interludes with his goon fest.

Contrary to the usual situation, D'Avanzo isn't a useless carry-on, but a
highly capable fighter. The mobsters come in on all sides in waves, which makes
the radar highly useful for figuring out where your enemies are coming from.
When they come in a car, open up your sniper on it to blow it and its occupants
up before they have a chance to join the fight.

To get gold on this mission you have to efficiently snipe the enemies without
missing more then a handful of shots, like a skilled sniper. Rudy is a good guy
surprisingly, he'll blow open a few goons with some rifle fire and chuck a
grenade or two to wipe out whole groups of them. Just don't expect him to
survive an onslaught from units on all side, which you are supposed to prevent.
One part I should warn you about, near the end two groups come in, one from the
top and one from the bottom, eliminate the ones coming from top because Rudy
kills all of the bottomers with a well-tossed grenade. Told you he's cool.

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