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Kuro/Turo DLC Mission?

On the kuro/turo mission for dlc, I don't know how to get past the laser gates after that long conversation between kuro/turo, right after u meet the white cat-thing, idk which is which.

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Kuro-> Black

You need to use gestures to pass. 1st one is applaud, 2nd one later in the mission is apologize?
Press square & bring up the gesture menu during the event...

The black cat will say the gesture itself (it'll end the text with "by ....") that you have to perform...

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What if you cant read Japanese?

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The black cat will say the gesture itself that you have to perform.
Or you could just trial and error. Theres no mission rank penalty I think.

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I think the gesture was on the first page, i think 3rd or fourth gesture. to use them, just hold O down until u have no weapons, then you can do your gesture.

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For the first trap use the emote cheer (male) or clap (female).
For the second trap use the emote bow down (male) or apologize (female).

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