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Guys can you help me where can i find crazy galactis knuckles, brandish twin dagger, fenrir claw, obsidian twin handgun? 0
.How would i know? 1
Any other way to get bikini swimwear for female cast? 4
Are there and bottoms with striped stocking? 2
Are there MAGs in this one? 1
Can I get Puyo Pop Fists again? 1
Costume Guardian Unlock how ? 6
Does anyone have a list of all the weapons? 4
Does using the same Module Unit multiple times stack? 1
earliest in the game to find 1H claw and evilfang? 3
Extend Codes?? 6
Finding a twin saber help? 3
How can i equip the Akahara Reisou costume? 6
How can I get photon boosters? 1
How can you get every weapon in the game and how can you get the costumes that everyone else has? 1
How do I use techniques? 3
How to use the redecoration tickets? 5
How To Use The Withill Wings? On CASTs. 5
I need help finding Special Badge, Can anyone help? 1
I need help finding the 13 star rod Ryuhojidoh. Can anyone Help? 1
Is there a likelihood of more passwords coming up soon? 2
Is there a saber or sword that get +10 power? 1
Is there an easy way to get morning glory? 2
Is there any passwords for the visual phone in the english demo? 5
More than one? 2
R-mags? 1
Shield wave madness? 1
Swords/Axes? 2
Title skills?? 1
Trade mission help? 1
What does extend code do? 3
What missions usually drop rainbow drops??? 3
Where can I find ( Denish Mari)? 1
Where can I find (Deband)? 1
Where can I find (Ethan's portrait 1 and 2)? 1
Where can I find (Holy Elsydeon)? 1
Where can I find (Kamui)? 1
Where can I find (Leus Innocente)? 1
Where can I find (shippujinlai)? 2
Where can I find (steam burst)? 1
Where can I find (weapon gold badge)? 2
Where can I find a Platinum Leaf on demo??? 3
Where can I find an S Rank mirage blast? 2
Where can I find bronze weapon badges? 1
Where can I find class B twin sabers? 1
Where can I find Holy Elsydeon? 2
Where can I find Hyakka Ryouran? 2
Where can I find Iluminus coat? 2
Where can I find more auras? 1
Where can I find Ollaka? 1
Where can I find Rengokuto Ensa?? 2
Where can I find Rengokuto Gren and Tumikiri Hyori? 2
Where can I find sword type weapon-scythe? 1
Where can I find Ten'imuso? 1
Where Can I find the best grade S saber? 1
Where can I find the guld-milla twin handgun? 1
Where can I find the most powerfuls doble saber ? 2
Where can I find the Neo-Magashi Replica? 1
Where can I find the soul eater (longsword class)? 2
Where can I find the twin claws that the beast was holding in the opening movie? 1
Where can I find Two-headed Ragnus ? 5
Where can I find Vivienne's Dual Saber, if available? 1
Where do I access my DLC? 1
Where do you find the Longbow, Kohibumiteri? 1
Where i can find lambdacalibre ? 1
Why i cant use a code 2 times ??????? 2
A-Photongenerator? 1
Anyone plays Hatsune Miku? How to get her costume? 4
Are there saber type weapons that can hit more than one enemy? 2
Can hunters pick up double sabers??? 2
Can I find a sword that looks like Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga in this game ? 1
Can I find an remodeling ticket other that the private bar and the childish one in the demo? 2
Can I get a second dragon MySynth? 1
Can i get the Valkyria Chronlcles 2 Set? 1
Can vanguards get double saber drops? 5
Challenge Missions and Extend Codes? 2
Claws 2? 1
Claws? 1
Do I only have to S rank the story mission for the wings? 1
Does anyone know where to find Tsumikiri Hyouri? 2
Ending items? 1
Energy wings?? 1
Every items? 2
Extra information on obtaining Crimson Wings?? 1
Fastest way to collect Ivory Concert tickets? 1
Finding better Photon Arts? 1
Hard mode rewards? 2
Help Using Light Mirage Blast? 1
How can I get (Magashi Portrait)? 1
How can I get wings and auras? 1
How can you get a nanoblast for a human? 2
How do I change the color of my clothes? 1
How do I get my Little Wing license if I bought this via the Playstation Store? 1
How do i get Viviene Ethan Lou & Karen Partner cards? 1
How do I upgrade my synth? 1
How do you get Shu's weapons? 1
How many MS (MySynth) devices are there in this game? 1
How many PA fragments do u need to make a Photon Art? 2
How to get ALL the songs? More rooms? 1
How to use photon art disks? 1
I need help finding GUARDIANS Badge, Can anyone help? 2
I need help finding Little Wing Badge, Can anyone help? 3
Is there a faster way to get rare drops? 1
Is there a katana in this game? 1
Is there any way to increase Photon Arts weapon? 2
Kasch test tickets, what are they for? 1
PSIV poster codes? 1
Sange and Zamba (US ver.)? 1
There are a few items that I dont understand how to get, where are they? 1
Unsealing? 1
Valkyiria Chronicles 2 dlc? 2
Visiphone ? 1
Weapon Drops? 2
What are Spellstones for? 1
what do i do with Heart Key Spellstone? 6
What does a "Weapons Badge" do? 1
What is a good mission the get Photon Spheres? 1
What is the best place to farm all 4 spellstones? 2
What is the greatest weapon in psp2? 2
What mission can i get S rank mission? 1
what weapon types are there in PSP2? 2
Where can I find (Ancient Quartz)? 1
Where can I find (Blackheart)? 1
Where can I find (Carriguine-Rucar)? 1
Where can I find (Extend Codes)? 1
Where can I find (Extension Code)? 1
Where can I find (Glaring De Ragnus,De Ragan Room Decoration?)? 1
Where can I find (Opa-Opa)? Does it still exist? 1
Where can I find (Sharp Twins)? 1
Where can I find (Weapon Badge: Gold)? 1
Where can I find (wings)? 2
Where can I find a G Flyer blue? 2
Where can I find A-Photon reactor? 1
Where can I find Cross Scar Knuckles? 1
Where can I find cushion jaggo? 1
Where can I find Double Agito? 1
Where can I find Double sabers in the beginning of the game? 3
Where can I find Extend Code? 2
Where can I find Lavis Blades? 1
Where can I find rappy doll? 1
Where can I find S rank armor? 2
Where can i find Sizuru's weapon ???? 4
Where can I find the Dunas Fluge? 1
Where can I find the extension code? 1
Where can I find the item listed below? 2
Where can I find the sword Caelum Fluge? 2
Where can I find twin claws? 1
Where can I find....??? 2
Where can i get a Little Wing License???? 1
Where can I get Magana Slayer? 2
Where can you find Shippujinlai 14* saber? 1
Where do i get wings? 2
Where or how can i get sh*zuru P.Card? 3
Where to find the drill weapons(knuckle)? 1
Why can't i wear this? 1
Wing item??? 1
You level up discs in this game? 2

Technical Help Answers
.Questions??? 1
Can i get all of Sh*zuru's weapons from 9-2 n' 10-2 hard mode?? 2
Can i still get the bad ending if i got the normal ending? 2
Can someone please translate the dlc mission? 1
Can't get online, WHY? 2
Cannot import PSP1 save file? 3
Does Phantasy Star Portable 2 allow headset usage for online multiplayer? 2
Download game saves? 1
Game help? 1
Help Getting PSP2 Online? 1
How can I go online?pls. tell me 1
How can I install this game on my Apple Macintosh computer? 1
How to activate the auto text in story mode? 3
How to get the speech bubbles to work ? 3
How to use the DL mission? 2
Import character? 1
Import Data?? 1
Import Help?! 1
Just want to clear sumtin about the online multiplayer? 2
Please im new i need help with online? 1
What do the ancient girl want to do in this game? 3
Where can i find the "SERPENTES" gun..?? 2
Why can't i get online? 1
Why can't i press the START button in beggining? 1
Can you download items using CFW 5.50 GEN-D3? 2
Do humans get a lvl10 race specific item/ability? 2
Glitch help!???? 2
How can I evolve the beast? 5
How do I find specific people online and how can they find me? 1
How to get partner cards? 2
How To Go Online Without Wifi? 3
Is it possible to bypass the system software update with a CFW? 1
Japanese vs Us? 1
Jobs availability? 1
Sg4001 onlie problem? 1
Well I tried to get online today 1/21/11 but it keep saying network error with game server? 1
Why can't I get my char from psp1 to be fully imported to psp2 ?? 3
Why does the game not load? 1

Other Help Answers
Achievements? (^.^) 2
Ad hoc help? 1
ahm u guys know me as Mistgun but....? 4
Are the english game has released? 1
Are there more than Universe 1 when you play online? 2
Are you able to redo the virual forest mission in Phantasy star portable 2? 1
Beast character nano blast question? 1
Beast Nano Blast? 3
Can a cast transform if so when? 2
Can any 1 give me the code so i can play online plz? 1
Can I erase character data? 1
Can I get "Crouch" for the jukebox? 1
Can someone mod a lv 200 ? 1
Can you talk to people online with text bubbles or with a mic? 4
Can you trade online? 1
Changing characters type? 1
Changing types? 1
Character creation what dose the size and shape scale do? 1
Character stats? 1
Cheat??? 1
City to city ? 2
Copy/delete/transfer character slots? 2
CWCheat download??? 1
CWCheat?? 2
Destroyable objects on map? 1
Do I actually NEED the Little Wing License? 1
Do I have to play the first PSPortable to get this one? 3
Does any one..? 1
Does Any1 from xbox 360 play Phantasy Star Portable 2? 1
Does the Gemaga Mission corrupt any PSP2 data? 1
Does the job type influence the way the character levels up? 1
Does wearing a title affect anything in the game? 2
English DLC? 1
First person wiew and battle commands??? 1
Gemaga Tickets? 1
Has any problems in downloading and playing Her Secret Mission been reported? 1
Help i can't defeat any leader (( big monsters )) and the mysterios boy T_T ? 3
Help? 1
How can I play Download Missions? 1
How do I download PSP1 save data into my PSP system? 2
How do i enter cheats into the vision phone? 1
How do i find the saber Demonic Laevateinn for a monster drop? 1
How do i hack to be a level 200? 2
How do u do client orders (misions) ? 2
How do you gain ranks? 3
How do you get the password option to appear in the visionphone in your room? 2
How many title I can acquire...? 1
How much is PSP2 through Japanese PSN? 1
How to get the suv weapon? 1
How will a vanguard summon a pet? 1
How/Where can i get the.................................? 2
I have a question?? 2
I need Infinity HP code for CWCheat,Can anyone help me? 3
Import? 1
Is it possible to get best ending at the very start? 1
Is newman good for hunter class? 3
Is there a point to importing? 2
Is there a specific patter.......? 1
Is there a way to rename your characters? 2
Is there gunblades? 7
Is there other badge or its just a blast budge? 2
Is this game co op? 1
Is this game worth it? 1
Just out of curiosity, does anyone still play this game? 1
Just want to know? 2
Length of Game? 3
Mirage Blasts? 1
Neutral Weapon? help? 1
Online mode? 1
Orga Angelus? and Weapons? 2
Other Beast Form??? 1
Palette? 1
PSP Go and being a guardian? 3
Question about beast and weapons? 1
Race Exclusive Mirage Blasts? 4
Ranger or vanguard??? 1
Save data problem? 1
The best way to earn money ? 3
The SaveData For Phantasy Star Portable 2? 1
Transferring Over? 2
True ending??? 2
What all partner characters are there??? 1
What does Pilika, the light beast, do? 1
What exactly does the Dark Embrace do? 1
What is the meaning of subspace research? 2
What titles are available in the demo version? 3
What was the human character in the opening using? 1
What We Get From Demo? 3
Whats the point of stamina? 1
Where can i download this game? 3
Where can i find a good b or a rank dual saber? 1
Where can I find extend codes? 3
Where can I find the Naval and Naval Ludda? 3
Where can you find the seven Challenge Missions? 2
Where do i get gamega jap dlc?? 1
Where do you fight vivvian in phantasy star portable 2? 1
Where i get Nanoblast i am lvl 41? 4
Where to get the best info for this game on everything? 2
Which is better for Longbow? Newman/Ranger, Newman/Force, Cast/Ranger or Cast/Force? 1
Why aren't my party characters leveling up? 2
Why cant i connect online on psp2, is the server down? 4
Why cant i trade an A type and S type weapon to my friend? 1
Why does my character stay blue when I wear Akahara Reisou (black x black) ? 2
Will online play cost anything? 4
Will shops increase with new inventory on hard mode? 1
Will there be any walkthrough of phantasy star portable 2 about weapons, items, skills, etc? 1
(Summon skill for human, how to use?) 1
Activating Beast mode? 1
Any Additional Bonuses? 1
Are there unlimited extend points available? 1
Beast accuracy? 1
Beast Form??? 1
Best Ending and Crimson Wings? 1
By the time you have maxed out your class, around how many extend points will you have? 2
Can a Japanese version of Phantasy Star portable connect with an English version? 1
Can I ever change the job again? 1
Can i get my charcter to look like magashi? 2
Can i get the costumes of all the characters? 1
Can I play downloaded missions in the demo? 2
Can some one tell me how to increase your pp meter ? 2
Can the game be paused mid-mission? 2
Can u replay story mode missions? 1
Can visiphone passwords only be used one for all files? 1
can we import a PSP 1 save to PSP 2? 1
Can you finish the story missions without finishing the game? 2
Can you get a Little Wing License if you get a pe-owned version of the game? 1
Can you overwrite the time record in Challenge missions? 1
Can you save and restock heal items in chapter 10 (for 10-1, 10-2 and 10-3)? 1
Challenge Mode alone? 1
Do you get to re-create your character when importing from the second game? 1
Does Anyone Have phantasy star portable 1 savedata? 1
Does Photon Art Level Up?? 3
Does the 'auto text' - 'auto words' function work in the singleplayer missions? 3
Download Mission???!!! 1
Elements weapons against same element? 1
Face, eyes, hairstyle options? 1
Faster way to lvl up for a human hunter lvl 94...?? 1
Floating animal MACHINES? 3
Floating small machines? 1
Gameshark codes?? 1
Getting Lou? 1
Hello guys, Need Help? 1
Help data corrupted!!?? 2
How can i create Bow-master? 1
How can I play online? 1
How can I use mirage blast??? 1
How do elements work on shields? 2
How do i defend? 1
How do i download missions? 1
How do I play multyplayer mode? how do I make it work? 1
How do you turn into those big monster things? 1
How many character slots do you get? 2
How many saves...? 1
How tall (in cm) is the shortest and tallest you can be in PSP2? 1
How to use mirage blast? 1
I cant find the module for the beast? 1
If i beat the game how would i get the other endings? 2
Importing?? 2
Is anybody making a walkthrough? 1
Is the DLC required? 1
Is there infrastructure mode in this game? 2
Is this on the Playstation Network store in JP? 1
Just a question....? 1
Locked saves? 2
Mission Areas??? 2
Names and don't give me what awnsers please!? 6
Non-standart Jobs? 1
Partner Card? 1
Phantasy Star for PSP GO? 1
Play PSP2 from one PSN download on two different PSN accounts? 2
Problems during online play? 2
PSO creatures and bosses? 1
S rank armor??? 1
Save Data Characters? 1
Save date transfer? 3
Should I get this game? 1
Stats help - What's STA for? 1
Stats on weapons, proton arts, etc. in parentheses--> ( )? 1
Theres a whilte fluffy ring around my character? 2
This game is fun to play? 1
Tournament? 1
Trading Help: Is There A Way To Trade Class A-S Weapon? 1
True Ending on Hard Mode? 1
True Ending...? (May Contain Ending Spoilers) 3
US version of the game? 2
Vision phone passwords?-demo version 3
What do i equip with single guns? 1
What does light and Dark attributes do? 4
What is DL? 2
What's up with the timer? 1
Whats Gemaga? 2
Whats the difference between Phantasy Star 2 and 1? 3
When do I receive various partners? 1
Where can I trade in tickets? 1
Wil there be a sequel for the game? 1
Will i be able to get better items in the battle and stylist stores? 1
Will the game be avialable in the playstation store or will it be UMD only? 2

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