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How to refine weapons/armour that gives bonus to attributes?

I noticed there 3 signs there, but I don't know wihich affects the stats? I know that combining blue items sometimes iget a yellow one with some stat bonus. E , O , /\ these are hte runes which one gives strenght bonus to items?

Accepted Answer

Rictos answered:

Each of those give a different stat, E gives STR, O gives VIT and /\ gives END, once you refine an item and all three symbols are the same, you get that stat on your weapon/armor , you can increase it even more by refining over and over to a max of 50, and the normal stats [ATK DEF WGT] to 99.

If you try to refine an item that already have 50 on END/VIT/STR and the result is beyond 50 , it won't let you refine the item, so chose which itens you are going to use before that happens.
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