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P3 vs P3P ?

I mean is P3 on PS2 more free to walk around I mean not just cursor, and more animation not only picture and dialogue ?

in other words is P3 better to play than P3P ? let's talk about the make character only !! I know the female character exclusive for PSP P3P

thank you in advance !!


Ijustplaythegam answered:

What do you mean by that? If you're asking character-wise then play P3P for it's female path. I also recommend P3P for it's P4 great gameplay. But if you want challenge and graphic/cutscene, then I recommend P3Fes, which has the super HARD "The Answer", kinda like a sequel to P3's main story.

Hope that should cover whatever you're asking. :P
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YumeriaYumi answered:

Not only did they add a female side to the game but they fixed up so many things but i must agree that this game would have been better on a ps2(or ps3 if they could). It is much better and because they could not show what happenes they tell you in words(which is better than seeing sometimes) but still i like the high tense moments from fes. So in short you need to try both to find which you like more. I say P3P cause all the fixes.
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AlphaMarth answered:

If you want to play Persona 3 with the feeling of playing Persona 4, stick with Persona 3 Portable. If you play the Persona 3 for the PS2 you'll have more of a challenge becuase you can't directly control your party members. I prefer P3P because I can continue it anywhere and it's easier becuase you can control your party members.
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