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How do I solve (Gourmet King S. Link)?

I'm guessing that the guy in front of the paulownia mall is the gourmet king. I have passed his first 3 quizzes, but now he is asking for a type of food that he has never eaten before. I'm guessing that this is another S. Link yet to be established, can anyone tell me what's this food he's talking about and how to get it?


Kiera_ answered:

It's the Moon arcana social link. You have to give him an odd morsel. You get them from Tartarus. Try talking to him again. You may already have some.
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yukia666 answered:

The food he is asking for is the "Odd Morsel" or something like that, which is an item found in chest in Tartarus, you usually have to open all of them. You can usually find it on the lower levels of Tartarus.

Hope this helps.
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vipre07 answered:

You can find the Odd Morsel in the chests of Tartarus 1st block
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