Question from evil_arcadia

How do i make King Frost?

None of the ones on the fusion list seem to work, any one got a combination that will work?

logan0724 asked for clarification:

I keep getting Naga Raja, what should I do?

megaomega0 asked for clarification:

What date will ill be able to take on request 22 or do i need to fill her other request first?

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TiffD44 answered:

Did you complete the request # 22 (create Vetala w/ Maragi) in the Velvet Room to receive the Sugar Key? Without that item, you can't fuse King Frost.
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Silveron714 answered:

As TiffD44 said you need to complete request #22 and get the sugar key.
Think used Orpheus and Oumitsunu. If not Orpheus try a higher level at start fool like Legion. Oumitsunu should be a Chariot.
Also can use Naga and Clotho. Hermit and Fortune.
For a three way fusion do Hua Po with Narcissus and Takemikazuchi, think they were Magician, Lovers and Emperor.
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krissmadeline answered:

TiffD44, Silveron714 , are correct and i need to remind you that once you fuse a quest persona, do not update thier stats and skills because you will need them on your second play through. That is you get in touch with your persona compedium.
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NKPKMAnIA answered:

Try Jack Frost And Orpheus
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ROxASisaliv3 answered:

I did was orpheus and thor king frost came out easiily first try
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Loke_Leo answered:

I dont see quest #22 in request i think i finished it? what do you fuse to get king frost
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ArthurMcFly answered:

Why there is no Request #22 in my game?
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beelzebublover2 answered:

Request 22 is a hidden request
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