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How To Fuse Nata Taishi?


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Tanooki1992 answered:

You have to do some of the Elizabeth / Theodore quests to unlock Nata Taishi (Quest number 29, to be exactly), the quests are all related to create a certain Persona and then unlocking another one.

If you did the quests, you can fuse Nata Taishi by fusioning those:

Magicia Orobas + Hermit Mothman
Lovers Queen Mab + Justice Dominion / or Emperor Naga Raja / or Emperor Kingu
Justice Virtue + Fortune Kusi Mitama
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tha_kun answered:

Clear quest number 6,8,15,22,23 and 29 from elizabeth or theodore

6 : fuse jack frost with dia skill - unicorn x pixie
8 : valkrie with tarujaka - forneus x yomotsu shikome
15 : oberon level 17+ - zouchouten x tam lin, more easier if the match more higher
22 : vetala wiz maragi - pyro jack x eligor x lilim
23 : Orthrus with Dodge Slash - rakshasa x yamatano orochi (rakshasa = naga x unicorn, yamatano orochi = vetala x takeminakata)
29 : ooumitsunu level 33+ - ares x tamlin x oberon

*nata taishi : nebiros x pyro jack (nebiros : decarabia x pazuzu)

*if you can get nata taishi with megido, you can clear quest 48 more easier
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