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It's my second plythrough and i'm trying to walk koromaru, but for the first 2 slink it only says he looks tired of his food and i should give him homemade food and if there is a place to cook it,,,, Is there a way to give him food?
BTW this is the NG+


noobtoober666 answered:

The only way you can get the food is by if your a guy getting the bad*** status on courage and taking cooking class with fuuka or taking cooking class with her as a girl with if i am correct the 3rd courage bar filled im on my 5th playthrough
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PlasticStar answered:

Start Fuuka's S.Link to get the dog food.
For Male MC, your courage needs to be at the second to last or last bar. For Female MC your courage needs to be at the second bar.
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