Question from twilightrayne7

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I fuse vetela with maragi?

I need to fuse thanatos for messiah, but before that i need alice, and before that, nata taishi, and even before that! vetala with maragi for that stupid machine core. So anyway, i went to the list of FES fuses for the game on PS2, all the ones in the list are giving me Mokoi. I"m also on 12/10, so is there anyway around this or am i stuck trying to get messiah in new game plus?

Accepted Answer

From: Silmina 4 years ago

If you use higher level Persona of the same Arcana as all the FES formulas, you'll get Vetala. I seem to recall Jack Frost + Pyro Jack + Narcissus being a working combination, and that would get you Maragi. But if you end up using another formula that doesn't involve Maragi, you can get the skill card from Slime.

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