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Fusion Chart?

This is just a general question, but is the Arcana Fusion chart in the P3 FES FAQ section also valid for P3P?

I know that there are new Personae in P3P but I'm assuming that the Arcana combinations remain the same.

I'm asking because I'm using data from Arthenellius's Mechanics/Persona Database FAQ to write a C++ program to calculate fusion results. It uses a list of Persona by Arcana and the fusion chart to calculate results, and can even work backwards to extrapolate possible ingredients for a target Persona. It's supposed to work for all of the games from FES onward. I've already written the chart for FES, but I just want to make sure there were no changes made for P3P. If so I can just re-use the one I have.

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@MoogleSummoner ok good idea. I can probably write a short version that will give me the resulting Arcana from a fusion, then compare the results with what I get in the Velvet Room.

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I think so, I don't think any new arcana were introduced. You might want to do a few test fusions to check, to be sure.

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