Question from kemadevil

Asked: 4 years ago

Unable to initiate Junpei S-link anymore after Chidori appears?

Ok. I'm using the Girl MC. I've been focusing my S-links on Yukari and others but not Junpei. When Chidori appears, after the Hermit full-moon Shadow, I can't seem to initiate the S-link for Junpei anymore. Is this how it is going to be throughout the game now?

Accepted Answer

From: opfer_gv 4 years ago

Yes, not just that he only have limited days (only 10) from 2nd term and later. If you are not careful, Magician S-link will be end without knowing what was going on.
It is recommend to finish up Magician in first term before summer break starts or at least reach rank 5 and focus on him when school start again in September.

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