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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
.Date? 4
.Help 4/28? 3
.Hermit Arcana? 4
.How do i date mitsuru? 1
.How do i get mitsuri? 4
.What is the use of courage,academics,charm? 2
Are Death and Reaper the same ? 4
Death, Orpheus, Chained-coffin monster? 5
Elizabeth battle? 1
Full moon 7/7 Boss? 2
Gold shadows stalking and fighting? 1
How do I beat 'The Reaper'? 1
How do I beat (Death the Reaper)? 2
How do I beat (Elizabeth) ? 3
How do I beat (Margaret)? 1
How do I beat Death? 3
How do I beat Elizabeth (Igor's assistant)? 2
How do I beat Elizabeth? 1
How do I beat emperor and empress? 5
How do I beat Hanged man and three statues? 1
How do I beat hanged man? 3
How do I beat Nyx when im at lvl 42? 2
How do I beat Nyx? 2
How do I beat Sleeping Table (Floor 135)? 4
How do I beat the 2nd guardian(sleeping table) in the 4th block? 3
How do I beat the last full moon boss? 2
How do I beat The Reaper without Thunder Reign or Armageddon? 2
How do I beat The Reaper? 1
How do i kick death's ass? 1
How do II beat Nyx? 1
How to beat the Reaper? 2
Is it possible to beat Elizabeth with this Orpheus(NOT TELOS)? 2
Is it possible to defeat Margaret/Elizabeth without using Armageddon ? 1
Is it possible to defeat Theodore in good condition? (Maniac Difficulty) 1
Is Metis in this game ? How to get her ? 5
Killing Death with reflect magic and physical skill?! 1
Margaret? boss battle 1
My party average level is 24 and I'm on the 68th floor in Yabbashah. Amidoinitrite? 2
Skills for orpheus telos to fight against elizabeth? 2
Vision quest help? 1
What are dos/don'ts for Margaret and Elizabeth/Theo? 2
Where is the reaper? 3

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Alilat fusion? 2
Can i get Magic Skill Up skill card? 1
Can I still get Orpheus-Telos? 2
Can you still do Elizabeth/Theo requests on the deadline days ? 1
Creating messiah with ragnarok, niflheim, thunder reign, panta rhei and morning star? 1
Disappear after max sl? 3
Easier way to do it? 2
Failed to Rescue... T_T?? 2
Female MC - Yukari SL missed forever? 1
FeMC - Missed joining a culture club on 6/17? 1
Find missing person in the 6th block? 2
Fusing Second Susano-o? 1
Help 5/24...hermit!!lv5? 2
How can I fuse a Lilith with Mabufudyne? 1
how can I fuse Alice with megido? 1
How can i fuse the Ultimate Form of Fortune arcana?? 1
How can you choose to become friends? 1
How do I complete the "clean the bathroom" quest? 3
How do I create a bond with Aigis? 1
How do I create girimehkala by fusion?? 1
How do I form Kohryu? 1
How do I fuse and create Hua Po? 2
How do I fuse Arahabaki (the ultimate of the hermit arcana)? 4
How do I fuse Samael? 1
How do I fuse valkyrie with tarukaja skill? 1
How do I fuse vetela with maragi? 1
How do I get a Vetala with Maragi Spell faster? 3
How do I get an Aeon ? 1
How do I make a Lilith? 2
How do I make messiah and norn? 4
How do I solve 'Bring me pine resin' quest? 7
How do I solve (Black Frost Fusion)? 2
How do I solve (Create Girimehkala)? 1
How do I solve (Create Orthrus with Dodge Slash)? 1
How do I solve quest (98) after the day of avalibilty ? 1
How do you perform armageddon without using item? 1
How many floors are ther in tartarus? 1
How to max out moon social link? 3
Is additional Elizabeth quest in 2nd playthrough if complete quests in 1st still there? 1
It is possible to max all the in one game? 1
Missing Quests 8 and 29. Methods of acquiring them? 1
Pine resin? 1
What are the max fusions for each social link? 1
What happens if I complete all Elizabeth's/Theo's quests? 1
What's the drink with the same name as Theo's sister? 1
Where is Fuuka?! 2
Where is mitsuru? 2
Who is the Devil Slink in Male Character? 2
Who is this guy?! 6

Item Location Help Answers
?About the Persona Compedium 1
About the armor of light? 1
Alice? 1
Armageddon? WTH? 4
Bookmark? 1
Can make a copy of Megidoloan in Nanagaki Shrine? 1
Can persona heart items be gained more than once? 1
Can someone give me a list of all outfits for everyone? 1
Can you sell items?? 1
Do Skill Cards save over into New Game + ? 1
Empress mask and wealth coins?? 1
How acquire items that teach spells other than copying and doing Elizabeth's request? 4
How can i create Nigi Mitama? 1
How can I fuse Masakado with great physical skills? 1
How can I get the persona Nata Taishi ? 1
How can I get the persona Oukuninushi ? 1
How can I get the persona Thanatos ? 1
How can I harvest multiple Malachite? 2
How do I fuse a normal Orpheus with Ragnarok? 1
How do I get fusion spells? 4
How do I use the small cheongsam? 3
How do make the release arcana when you max out a S. Link? 1
How to get handheld game aside from the desired day? 1
How to reveal Opheus telos fusion and what is he's arcana? 2
I recently started playing P3P, so how do I find Garu,Agi, and Bufu Skill Cards? 1
Is it still possible to fuse Personas into a powerful weapon? 1
Is there a list of rescue rewards? 1
Is there even a better option for MC's SP regen than "Cool Breeze"? 1
Maid Outfit for Yukari? 2
Male MC Tuxedo? 2
Mokoi? 1
Money cap? 1
Music Box? 1
Myohou Muramasa,how do i get them? 2
Omniponent Orb? 2
Request item help? 1
Selling weapons ? 1
Special Drink, Mega Protein, Mind Supplement? 1
Sushi? 1
Ultimate Weapon for each Character? 1
Ultimate weapons? 1
What are the best armors and accesories? 2
What are the ultimate equipments(weapon,armor and accessory) that i can equip on the chars. and how to get them? 1
What is the Best Persona and How do you make It? 1
What is the strongest skill? 5
What will happen to Male Protagonists weapons if I start a New Cycle as female? 1
What's the easiest way to get 99 malachites ? 1
Where can I find "Protien not for pros"? 2
Where can I find (Fizzy Drinks)? 2
Where can I find (New BGM)? 1
Where can I find armor of light & shoes of light? 1
Where can I find handheld gaming system" on May 14? 2
Where can I find Muramasa sword, rare chests in Monad? 1
Where can I find Myohou Muramasa? 1
Where can I find Outenta Mitsuyo ? Quest 71 1
Where can I find Platinum Watch? 2
Where can I find Shinjiro's watch? 1
Where can I find the food the shrine girl wants? 5
Where can I find the Kansai Drink? 1
Where can i get pralaya skill? (fused persona) 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Are the Persona 4 skills Debilitate and/or Hassou Tobi in P3P? 1
Best way to finish request 6 > 8 > 15 > 22 > 23 > 29? 1
Can characters Ultimate Persona's miss out on learning moves? 1
Effects of auto-ma_ _ _ _kaja skills?? 1
Female social links? 1
Fusion? 4
Helel!? 1
Hermit Rank 8? (Female Story 1
How did i fuse lilim to make alice? 1
How did you guys complete the three important things in the game? 1
How do i make King Frost? 8
How do I use the combo Armageddon with Satan & Helel? 1
How do you start S.links w/ Yukari, Mitsuru, Fuuka or any SEES members? 1
How does one go about creating Satan? 2
How to check who comes next after a turn in battle? 1
How to fuse ghoul,pale rider,loa,samael,mot, and alice?? i need it for fusing thanatos 2
How to Summon Gurr? 1
Is it possible to create Messiah with Victory Cry? 2
Is it true 'Die For Me!' is a skill only Alice can use? Card List? 1
Is there anybody writing a guide for this game? Like, right now? 3
Lover + ending clarification pls? 1
Made it to Floor 254, Best way to level up? 2
Male social links? 1
Max Social Link and Dating Consqunces? 1
Mudo/hama boost? 1
Okay I have some more than 1 question : / ?? 1
Orpheus Telos for New Game +? 1
Orpheus Telos on NG+? 1
Power/Speed/Resistance Doors? 1
Skills? 1
Social link? 1
What is the best way to max out courage, charm and academics? 12
What Persona nulls both light and dark moves? 1
What personas i need to make nata-taishi? 1
What's needed to fuse Skadi, Kartikeya, and Chi You? 1
When load New Game+ do you keep any money and items still held? 2
Where to get fusion fusion list? 1
which persona should I make? 1
Would the 100% Social Link Guide from P3FES work for P3P? 4

Other Help Answers
.What arcana is this? 1
.What is the fastest way to get money? 3
.Where can i find links for downloading musics for this game? 2
2 Susano-os?? 1
About the character endings? 2
Academic, Charm and Courage stats in new game+? 1
After i defeat the boss on 7/7 there are three question? 1
Am I playing slowly or am I just worying about nothing? 2
Any cheats for the game? 2
Any new personas? 3
Arcana's meaning? 1
Are Social Link points cumulative or do they reset with each Rank Up? 1
Are the fusion formulas from the PS2 version the same as P3P? 1
Are the stat increase cards from persona 3 Fes still in the game? 1
Are there any features exclusive to either protagonists? 1
Are there any games that are similar to Persona 3? (for psp!) 4
Are there difficulty settings for this game (Easy, Normal, Hard)? 1
Are there still different costumes in P3P? 7
At what part of Naganaki Shrine do I pray for a Social Link? 2
Authentication of Penguin Knights' guide? 1
Beating the ultimate opponent with a physical persona? 2
Best Persona? 5
Best place for social stats? 1
Best skills for persona? 1
Can I use persona with the " Unshaken Will " ability to face Elizabeth ? 1
Can Male MC Choose between Elizabeth or Theo? 1
Can u transfer male save data to female save data? 1
Can we use Male and Female MC both together? 3
Can you change persona more than once in Battle? 1
Can you choose to remain just friends with social link characters in the male MC's path? 2
Can you create Orpheus Telos in New Game +? 1
Can you help me fill in the missing phrases? 2
Can you help me with this? 1
Can you retrieve Orpheus Telos from the Compendium in a New Game+? 2
Can you reuse the old persona? 1
Can you save Shinjiro using male MC? 1
Can you save your progress at anytime you want? 2
Character Levels? 2
Chidori? 1
Compendium prices? 1
Consequences for mutiple girlfriends? 1
Dating Akihiko? 1
Declining social link meeting/invitation (Kenji)? 1
Demon Comendium 100% Save File? 4
Did the made thanatos unable to inherit the skill "Die for Me!"? 1
Do Boost, Amp skills, and Item boosts stack like they did in P3Fes or P4? 1
Do the social links and compedium still remain in new game+? 1
Do you get to control party members in the game? 1
Do you have to date the guys with female MC? 3
Dodge Slash???? 2
Does Apt Pupil stack with a High-Critical fusion weapon? 1
Does the portable version as the same disease of the console version? 1
Does the reaper still chase you if you stay in tartarus too long in persona 3 portable? 2
Does there will be a Persona 4 Portable ? 6
Does this game include Answer? 3
Does this have new game+? If so, what exactly does the game start over with? Also, What present should I give Yuko? 1
English? 2
Finshed playthrough, new game? 1
Fuse Problem?? 3
Givving a command question?? 1
Graphics of P3P? 1
Hanging out vs oracles? 1
Help me with these things!? 1
Hey put the answer in it? 1
How can I get Mithra persona? 1
How can I get or where can i get the persona Thor ?:) 1
How can i get the Lovers S-link? 2
How do i unlock request 22? 1
How do you know if the Moon S Link person is in love with you? 2
How do you manually control your party members in battle? 2
How do you save Shinji? 2
How fast do Personas Level? 2
How high of a level does Inugami and Pyro Jack need to be to make Vetala? 1
How many and who can i form SLink with? 1
How many Persona in a 100% Compendium? 2
How many Social Links? 2
How many times can you new game plus one continuous run? 1
How much space does it take up on the momory stick? 1
How often there is a permanent warp? 4
How to create inugamy? 1
How to fuse cybele? 1
How to fuse eligor??? 1
How to fuse Kohryu? 1
How To Fuse Nata Taishi? 2
How to fuse norn?? 1
How to fuse Orthrus with Dodge Slash? 1
How to get a juzumaru?? 3
How to get Akihiko as a lover? 8
How to get HP of 999 and SP of 999 for the party members??? 1
How to get Junpei as Lover? 1
How to get Lucifer's Blade? 3
How to get Persona Mara? 1
How to get Samael? 5
How to make a pale rider? 1
How to max the magician social link? (Male MC) 2
How to overcome Margareth's first phase ? 1
I need a list of all the S.Links and where i can find them? 1
I need help for skill cards....? 1
Identify this song, please? 1
Is it available? 1
Is it possible if we cannot make all social links max until January 2010 ? 1
Is it possible to disable (hack) the evokation? 2
Is it possible to rearrange a Persona's skills? 1
Is the persona Mokoi in this game? 1
Is the story the same as Persona 3 PS2? 1
Is there any 'ultimate' persona to create if you max all of your social links, like in P3/FES and P4? 1
Is there any item or equipment to prevent enemy from escaping ? 2
Is this a port? 1
Is this game worth buying? 2
Is this the original P3 system, story, and personas as the first P3, or is it the P3 FES version? 2
Late on 1
Male social links and when to activate? 1
Man Drinking Alone? 3
Mix raid of satan and lucifer or hellel not available in portable version? 1
Multiple question? 2
New Game + difficulty change? 1
New game + my last persona compedium and sl gone? 2
New game + persona help? 1
once you complete the game with the male MC is it possable for us to start a new game + with the female MC? 1
Opening Screen Music? 1
Opening song from this game? 1
Orpehus Has 2 Form? 1
Orpheus Telos problem? 2
Orpheus Telos? 1
Penguin? 2
Persona 3 fes vs. persona 3 portable? 2
Persona 3 PS2, FES and P3P? 1
Personas? 2
Pralaya Fear Effect & Ailment boosters? 1
Quest number 28??? 3
Quest? 1
Quest??? 1
Question about Knockdown tactic? 1
Question about maniac mode and NG+..? 1
Shinjiro? 2
Should I start from Persona 1? 1
Skill hacks? 1
So what if I level the characters to 99 before they upgrade their skills? 1
So...where are the fusion spells? 3
Social Links? 2
The other characters? 1
There's a level which personas turn into special equipment? 1
Thor no thunder reign LOL. how to make thor w/ thunder reign? 4
Trick to getting tired? 1
Two sides of the story? 1
Ultimate Persona for male characters as the male MC? 1
Ultimate Thanatos? 2
Vision Quest? 1
Weapon Mastery Skills and multiple weapon usage? 2
What are formulas to create top personas in each group? 1
What are the rewards for saving people in tartarus? 2
What does Fuuka's Oracle ability do? 2
What does MC means? :) 1
What happens when you complete all the requests? 1
What is the best set of skill for Orpheus Telos needed to face Elizabeth ? 1
What is the differece between Tired, Good and Great Conditions? 1
What is the difference between minor arcana and major arcana? 1
What is the skill to fight Margareth ? 1
What Personas Should I fuse to get Oukuninushi? 1
What S. Links Can Be Broken? 1
What ver. of the PSP is needed to play the P3P? 12
What was that persona????????? 3
What will happen if we didn't rescue the missing people in Tartarus? 2
When can i start Hermit SLink..? 1
When is the last day you can max out the Fortune S Link for the FMC? 1
Where can i find the gourmet i cant find him anywhere? 2
Where can you cook? 5
Where do you go to increase your charm ? 2
Where is Hidetoshi? 2
Where is Shiji? 1
Which persona do i have to fuse to get thantos? 2
Which personas learn each element's severe? 1
Who are the strongest persona/s that i can get and how to obtain it..? 1
Who Can I Form Social Links With???? 2
Why does it hang whenever i talk to akihiko? 2
Why is P3P in visual novel form? 1
Why is this game rated M?? 2
Will this game be released in the us? 2
Will this game have a data install to make it load faster? 3
Would you recommend the psp version rather then the ps2 fes version? 2

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