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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Alright so I maxed hermit S.Link, do I date Mayas char?(i know the char whos the teach.) 3
Can any one help me figure out how to make a king frost? 1
Can Chariot S.Link still be maxed after 8/2? 2
Does it matter which enemies you fight? 5
Empusa fusion help?? 1
Even if you didn't start a Social Link in one playthrough, can you still start in a NG+? 1
For the hangged man Flag..? 2
Fusing Orpheus Telos with Niflheim, Ragnarok and Thunder Reign? 5
Guys, i need help! I need to create Black frost. I have the other 3 except for queen mab. how do you get her? 4
Help me solve this ones to please? 3
How and What do you need to make orpheus telos? 2
How Can I Fuse Attis?? 2
How do i complete Quest 13? 1
How do I Create (Nebiros)? 1
How do I Create tamlin? 1
How do I do Junpei after Chidori Died? 2
How do I get Nata Taisha? 1
How do i get the lovers arcane?? 3
How do I make a Succubus? 1
How do I solve (Gourmet King S. Link)? 3
How do I solve fusing valkyrie with tarukaja skill? 1
How do I start the event for Fu.ko? 1
How to unlock request no.65? 1
I cannot find the Tower Social Link? 1
I'm playing Male MC.. HELP? 3
Is it possible to max all social links in one run WITHOUT a guide? TIPS?? 2
Is there any way to get Nata Taishi without "Machine Core"? 1
Mot fusion? 2
Nata Taishi and lilim? 2
Need a combo to make Nata Taishi? 2
Oden juice? 2
Question about requests? 1
Staring Ken Amada's social link after... ~SPOILERS~? 1
Stuck on Star Rank Up Help? 1
Unlocking Elizabeth's "date" requests? 4
What's the use of the items the characters give you after you max out their S. Link?? 1
Where can I find the floors for the personas used to make alice? 1
Where can I find the oil for Elizabeth's request? I want the Railgun :/ 4
Where is the girl in the Pessimon Tree(Oden Juice quest)? 2
Who has the S.Link for judgement? 5
Why can't I create Nebiros? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Mitsuru's Monad Weapon? 0
Where can I find Scrub Brush for Ken? 0
About reward in Vision Quest (Maniac Mode) ? 2
Best accessory after orb? 1
Book of ancients? 2
Can i get colourless mask in newgame+? 2
Can i still fuse orpheus telos? 2
Can you keep your personas for new game+? 1
Character's default accessories? 4
Could you tell me all rare item at Monad? 2
Golden Crusher? 1
Hanged man S.Link trigger problem? 1
How Can I get Black Frost? 1
How do i complete Quest 31? 1
How do i equip bows and fist? 1
How do I get each characters ultimate weapon, armor and accessory? 2
How do I get the different costumes for all the characters? 2
How Do You Get The Devil Arcana? 1
How to create Oberon lvl 17+? 5
How to fuse Yatagarasu, Quetzalcoatl , Jatayu , Horus, Suparna, Vishnu? need them to fuse asura 1
How to get Tetrakarn and Makarakarn skill cards? 1
I need lots of onyxs??? 1
Infinity? 1
Is it possible to get Infinity x10 from the door on the first playthrough but second time fighting? 1
Is there a limit to how much your inventory can hold? 2
Personas with a skill card (Mabufudyne)? 2
Rare Hand shadow drops? 7
Rubies? 1
Secret Boss Fight (Spoiler) ? 2
The Strongest persona? 2
Thunder Reign? 1
Ultimate Weapon (both with the name and personae used) for Shinjiro, Ken, Akihiko and Junpei? 3
What is a matching persona? 1
What is the function of omnipotent orb? 1
Where can I find an opal? 3
Where Can I Find Plume Of Darkness? 2
Where can I find The Machine Core? 1
Where can I find The Personas Needed To Make Thatanos? 1
Where can I find the special item for getting a good exam grade? 2
Where can I find the tile with the design peacock? 2
Which floors have the portal between current floor and first floor? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Can I use the Persona 3 FES walkthrough for the Male MC playthrough? 0
Help With Making a Healing Persona? 0
How i get tired on P3P? *new* 0
Am I good to go againts Nyx? 11
Anyone experience the change of sick to tired status after go to toilet? 1
Can I get Orpheus back if I give him away before the compendium is available? 2
Can I have multiple girlfriends? 5
Can my MC beat Nyx? Or should I kill Pharos\Ryoji? 2
Fusing Nata taishi? 3
Fusion Chart? 1
How can i use armageddon in persona 3??(not an item) 2
How can you MAX the Male Social Links? 2
How do i beat the boss on the 244th floor? 1
How Do i Date Yukari? 1
How do i unlock the 8th request? 1
How do i use Manuel control in this game? 2
How do you explore Tartarus? 2
How to get to fatigue? 2
How to pass magic door?? 1
I have 2 questions, can anyone please answer them? 1
In Boy mode do girls still get jelous and reverse on you? 1
Is it possible for me to defeat nyx..? 1
Is this dumb luck...? 1
JunPei S-Link problem? (Urgent ) 2
Lvl 64 or under personas with -dyne and Ma-dyne skill cards? 1
Megidolaon or Morning Star? 3
Metatron help? 2
Name of shortcuts? 2
Need help figuring out a party? (Spoilers) 1
New to Persona and need help with What to do and when, which is a good walkthrough? 1
Number of skills inherited in Normal Fusion? 1
Orpheus Telos ? 3
P3F and P3P are completely different right ? 2
P3F and P3P they are more different then they just appear to be right? 2
Persona Compendium prices NG+? 2
Rewards in Margaret's Boss Quest? 1
So still can I fill my social link? (male route) 2
Social Links: Yukari and Akihiko not available after november? 2
Something wrong with my persona fusion? 3
Strategy on maxing all slink? 3
The best persona for Male MC? 2
What and how to get all male social links? 2
What is the best Persona by the 2nd Full Moon? 1
What is the best strategy for getting Armageddon? 3
What is the best strategy for leveling up before Nyx? 1
What is the best strategy for the team?? 4
What is the right gift for mitsuru and fuuka? 9
What's a good mid-game Persona? 2
What's the eassiest way to lvl grind? 3
What's the most you can get paid for doing the part-time jobs? 1
When and how do you get shinji social link as mc? 2
When is the best day to train in tartarus? 3
Where can I find Monad? 2
Where do I find a Persona Fusion chart? 1
Which character is the best magic user in the game? 1
Who should be in my team for final fight? 1
Yata-garusa? 1

Other Help Answers
?About the maniac mode? 0
Fusion Accident 100% Cheat Code? 0
How to get new game+?? 0
Ken As Lover? 0
Late on 0
Why is P3P in visual novel form? 0
Will I like the rest of the series? 0
Will the Persona Compendium disappear? 0
[ROMSL] Why won't Justice Social Link level up from rank 4 to 5? 0
(Male Ver.) During the Christmas date (Dec. 24) which girl will give me a better gift? 1
..... Why? 2
About The MC StoryLine? 2
Are all the events bumped up a day? 3
Are the Sunday/ Holiday dates useless? 3
Battle System and How to Fight? 2
Best Persona for my level? 2
Bounds cards (the cards u get to chose after winning a battle) which is worth more weapon cards or the fortune cards? 1
Can I play as a lesbian in this game? 2
Can i select the personas of other chars jumpei enz? 1
Can sociallink angry if we walk with a different type of sociallink especially with the main character ? 1
can someone share his P3P savedata? 3
Can u answer this? 1
Can you change fighting styles like in the PS2 version and if so how? 1
Can you go into someones dorm? 1
Can you hide the dialog box? 1
Can you only date one person(guy) at a time like in Persona 4? 3
Can you play the game more than 2 times? 2
Can't create Satan?? 1
Chance of Fusion Accident? 1
Compendium help ? 1
Dlc!? 1
Do I need to have Orpheus with me until the end of the game ? 3
Do partners get drops? 1
Does anyone know if they will make FES (Answers), an add-on? 1
Does my progress with the vision quest doors and elizabeth's quests carry over to the NG+? 1
Does the Reaper appear in Monad also? 3
Elizabeth Request? 1
European save file? 2
Fusion after learned all the skills? 3
Great Condition?? 3
Help me!!!? 1
Hi may i ask? 3
Hierophant Social Link? 1
How can i accept theo 29 quest? 1
How can I create Beelzebub? 1
How can I make Hell biker? :D 3
how do I evolve or whatever everyone besides me? 2
How do I fuse a Quezacoatl and a Suparna? 1
How do i fuse ORPHEUS TELOS!? 2
How do I get Orthus with Dodge slash? 2
How do I get Thor , Surt , etc. ? 1
How do I make an Asura with ragnarok? 1
How do I make/create Personas? 2
How do i start the star S.Link for male MC? 1
How do you get friends route for Ken Amada? 1
How long is this game? 1
How to create ghoul? 1
How to create Helel? 3
How to fuse or get slime please help me ?? 1
How to fuse satan? 3
How/ where do I sell items? 1
I cant make atiis i cant i see atiis in 5 combo? 1
Is elizabeth request in p3 same in p3p?? 6
Is it okay for me to equip my character and party with their final weapons and armors before I fight Nyx? 1
Is it possible to complete the " clean the bathroom " quest without the brush weapon ? 2
Is it possible to create helel? 4
Is it possible to get great health in 31/1? 1
Is it possible to go out with yukari after the summer vacation? 1
Is there a chance this could go in the way of Silent Hill Origins? 4
Is there a point in making Lucifer's Blade? 2
Is there a way? 1
June 15 Schedule Evening at the dorm? 1
Just wonderin (?) 1
Level 4 Magic Skills? 2
Lost my data any one got any kind of saves for the us version of this game? 1
Male MC social link ??? 3
Maniac Mode Theo/Eliz? 1
Maxed Social link from MC to FMC to NG+? 2
MC levels vs Number of Personae? 1
Nata Taishi? 1
Natural Fusion Accident? 1
New game + back to lvl 1? 2
New Game+ Questions ? 1
Orpheus Telos Fusion? 2
Orpheus Telos Question (Yeah, question about his build)? 1
P3 vs P3P ? 3
Persona 3 portable max social link guide with max stats? 1
Pitch Black Floor--WHAT DOES IT MEAN? 2
Priestess (Fuuka) social link - from rank 7 to 8? 1
Regarding January 31...? 1
Shiva? 2
Social Link differences between MMC and FMC? 1
Social Link LOVERS ? 2
Special attacks all items now? 4
Star social link help? 1
The Main Characters' Names? 2
U.S. game save? 1
Vision quest and new game? 1
Vita downloadable version stripped back? 1
Washroom not working for FeMC? 4
Weapons? 3
What are all the possible dates for the male MC? 1
What days are volleyball practise on? (FeMC) 1
What do I do during night? Second playthrough 1
What do I need to create "Pale Rider" and "Alice" personas? 4
What does magic skill up do? 5
What firmware/s is it compatible on? 1
What game/s have a similarity to Persona 3? (for psp) 1
What games on PSP are similar to Persona 3? 1
What gifts are good for what characters? 1
What happen when social link maxed for the opposite sex ? 1
What is the green aura around my char means? 1
What is the real ending of this game? 3
What is the story ? 4
What is the unshaken will?? 1
What is the use of keys? 1
What level should i be for the final battles? 2
What level should my MC be and my party members be by start of September? 1
What music plays when... (Very Little Spoilers)? 1
Whem does junpei learn Vorpal Blade? 1
When i choose girl mode its not the same when i see the videos on youtube? 2
When is the persona 3 midnight summer movie available for streaming english dub online? 1
When will Persona 3 portable come to greece?? 8
Where can I usually find wealth hands? 2
Where/How to find the summer clothes for the FeMC? 1
Who voices Theodore in the p3p dub? 1
Why does it keep telling me that Akihiko needs to 'mature'? 3
Why in japan and the UK the legal age to play this game is 12 but in the US its 17? 3
Why is the save data corrupted?! 2
Why my persona 3 portable lag on 15th June? 1
Will I like this compared to Persona 4? 1

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