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How can i unlock the ex-strike freedom?

Hey guys! can you please help me on how to unlock and use the ex-strike freedom? thnx so much 4 d reply

Accepted Answer

IKAROS00 answered:

Sorry but you cannot unlock the ex-strike freedom without CW cheats
For NPJH-50107 version

_S NPJH-50107
_C0 Strike Freedom (B)
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000003A

_C0 Psycho Gundam
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000003B

_C0 Quin Mantha
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000003C

_C0 Alpha Azieru
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000003D

_C0 Zanneck
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000003E

_C0 Elmeth
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000003F

_C0 Strike Freedom Meteor
_L 0x106A5794 0x00000040

_C0 Rafflesia
_L 0x106A5794 0x00000049

_C0 Apsalus III
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000004A

_C0 WaDom
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000004B

_C0 Gundam "Dendrobium Orchis"
_L 0x106A5794 0x0000004C
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