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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve get Archer's matrix level 3?

I'm in the second week and after fighting Archer with 2 days left my matrix level doesn't change. Anyone knows all the actions needed for Matrix level E?

Accepted Answer

From: Capi_duffman 4 years ago

OK I already got it.

Second Day: Pick three clues left behind by Archer: One near the tree, one in a corner in the big middle room and one near the end.
Third Day: Be ambushed by archer (Matrix level 1)
Fourth Day: at the beggining of the day you will see an event (Matrix level 2)
Fifth Day: Talk with Rani, and after that fight with Archer in the second floor of the dundeon (Matrix Level 3)
Seventh Day: answer the questions and you will get Matrix Level E

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On the last day talk to your servent in their room. Pick the top option and correctly answer the questions.

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And for the level 2? Though I killed him without level E matrix, it's still interesting.

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